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What Can You Substitute For Gruyere Cheese?

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Don’t worry if you’re missing the strong taste of gruyere cheese! Jarlsberg, Emmentaler, Fontina, and Parmesan are all excellent replacements for this cheese. Here are a few of my favorites. If you use these cheeses instead of gruyere, your meal will have a comparable taste. If you don’t have any of these cheeses on hand, keep reading to locate a suitable substitution.

What is Gruyere Cheese?

What Can You Substitute For Gruyere Cheese?

Gruyre is a hard yellow Swiss cheese. It took its name from the Swiss town of Gruyres. Gruyre is created from whole cow’s milk and is matured for at least six months. It has an unusually low number of little eyes (or holes) for a Swiss cheese. Gas bubbles during the cheesemaking process generate the big holes in most Swiss types.

It is the perfect table cheese, meaning it may be served on a cheese plate, eaten in slices, or added to a sandwich. It is also one of the two primary varieties of cheese used in the making of classic fondue. These holes or eyes are formed by bubbles generated by the microorganisms used to create the cheese.

Gruyere Cheese Nutrition Fact

What Can You Substitute For Gruyere Cheese?

Substitute for Gruyere Cheese

1. Jarlsberg

If you can’t buy a full-sized block of Gruyere, there are several acceptable substitutes. Jarlsberg cheese, for example, has a texture comparable to Gruyere but a firmer consistency. When softened, it should melt like Gruyere, however alternatives may have distinct tastes. Purchase your alternatives in modest quantities before using them in recipes.

Although it lacks the rich taste and melting character of Gruyere, it may serve as an acceptable alternative. The taste is significantly stronger, however this is tempered by the age of both types of cheese. If you can’t obtain Gruyere in your region, you may use basic grocery store Swiss cheese. American Swiss cheese, on the other hand, resembles Alpine Emmentaler; the eyes are smaller, and the cheese has a softer taste.

2. Emmentaler

If you want to prepare a genuine Swiss fondue, you may question how to replace Gruyere with Emmentaler cheese. Emmental cheese is a semi-hard, smooth Swiss cheese with wider holes than Gruyere and a buttery taste that is widely used in fondue. It is widely available in supermarkets and is an excellent alternative for Gruyere.

If you’re seeking for an excellent alternative for Gruyere, try the Kars graver, a Turkish hard cheese. It is an ideal option for any Gruyere cheese recipe since it is made from pure cow milk (and occasionally goat milk). David Moser invented this cheese and established a manufacturing plant in Bogatepe, Turkey.

Don’t worry if you’re not in the mood for Gruyere! There are plenty excellent Gruyere replacements accessible online. In taste, texture, and look, these cheeses are comparable to Gruyere, but they are gentler and sweeter. Emmentaler cheese is also excellent in recipes when the original cheese is not present. It may be used in nearly any dish in lieu of Gruyere cheese and is certain to be delicious.

3. Fontina

While some people favor Gruyere, there are many different cheeses that may be used in its place. Fontina is a versatile cheese that complements a wide range of recipes. It has a strong taste, making it great for mixing with roasted meats, truffle dishes, and even andouille sausage. Fontina is also known to pair nicely with full-bodied wines like Madeira.

Comte cheese, a French cow’s milk variation with a similar taste to Gruyere, may also be substituted for Gruyere. This cheese is best used young since it melts fast in sandwiches. Alternatively, if you’re seeking for an alternative for Gruyere cheese, try Fontina, an Alpine-regional Italian cow’s milk cheese. It melts well and may be used with Parmesan cheese to make a near replacement.

Raclette is another excellent substitute for Gruyere. This semi-hard cheese has been matured for about two years. Raclette’s tastes vary depending on its age, and it may be used in any dish that calls for gruyere. The texture is quite gritty. Fontina will taste similar to Gruyere depending on how long it has been matured.

4. Parmesan

A other cheese may be used in place of Gruyere in recipes. In baked items, Gouda is a great replacement for this cheese. It has a moderate taste comparable to Gruyere, although it becomes drier as cheese ages. Gouda is often presented on cheese platters. Its taste is stronger when melted than when baked, therefore it may not be an acceptable option. Try Jarlsberg cheese in your cookery if you want to try something new. It has a similar taste and texture to Gruyere but is excellent for grilled or broiled dishes.

Fontina and Parmesan are also good substitutes for Gruyere. These cheeses have the same rich and complex consistency as Gruyere and the same texture when melted, but they have distinct flavors. If you don’t like Fontina, try Emmentaler. Emmentaler has a similar texture to Gruyere, but it is softer and has a butterier taste. Emmentaler cheese is also a decent alternative for Gruyere.

5. Comté

Comt cheese is a Swiss cheese from the Franche-Comt area of France, close to the Swiss border, and it’s a great alternative for Gruyre.

Comt is a semi-hard raw milk cheese. This cheese is special in that it is matured in exceptional caves to produce its peculiar color, taste, and texture.

It has a dusty brown rind with a light yellow interior that has been ripened for at least 4 months and can be matured for up to 18 or 24 months.

Comt’s taste is characterized by nutty scents, which are tempered towards the end by brown butter and sweet notes. It is reported that while eating Comt cheese, you may distinguish up to 83 distinct tastes.

Comt cheese melts well, making it great for fondues or the traditional French Croque Monsieur.

6. Raclette

We’ve returned to Switzerland in search of a new Gruyre. Raclette cheese is named after the Swiss canton of Valais, as is the classic raclette meal. Raclette is derived from the French word racler, which means to scrape. Raclette is traditionally made by scraping hot, melted cheese onto your dish.

Raclette cheese is semi-hard and manufactured from raw cow’s milk. It is normally aged for 3 to 6 months. The orange-brown rind of raclette cheese, unlike that of Jarlsberg, is edible. The taste of raclette cheese varies depending on where it is prepared, but it is often fruity, nutty, milky, and spicy. It also has a somewhat flowery aroma.

This cheese has outstanding melting capabilities due to its traditional processing. As a consequence, if you need a melty cheese to replace Gruyre, this is another great alternative! As a result, it is great for fondues and toppings for hot foods such as lasagne and pizza. It’s also delicious in sandwiches and on a cheeseboard.

Recipe with Gruyere Cheese

1. Onion Soup (French)

One of the most famous Gruyere cheese dishes is Classic French Onion Soup. The soup’s warm, peppery taste is enhanced with caramelized onions, crisp baguettes, and fresh thyme sprigs.

In this dish, the Gruyere cheese melts on top of the soup’s bread.

The gooey cheese melts into the soup-soaked bread, forming a thick layer of soft cheesy bread on top of the soup.

2. Croque-Madame

Croque Madames, with black forest ham, Gruyere cheese, dijon mustard, and sourdough bread, are the most upscale of the breakfast sandwiches.

For a crispy and moist exterior, the whole sandwich is cooked in an egg and milk combination akin to french toast.

A sunny-side egg slides on top of the sandwich to complete the breakfast vibes, resulting in a beautifully runny egg that soaks your sandwich in the delicious yellow yolk.

3. Strata of Vegetables

Vegetable Strata is a great breakfast meal that comes together quickly and feeds a large number of people.

Any cheese and veggies will do, but Gruyere lends a deep, earthy richness to the meal that will have your family and guests salivating.

Get creative with your ingredients for this easy tiered casserole meal.

4. Grilled Cheese with Mushrooms and Gruyere

Replace the cheddar or American cheese in your grilled cheese with Gruyere cheese for a unique taste.

The mushrooms give the grilled cheese sandwiches a savory, strong taste that makes them more comfortable and gratifying.

5. Macaroni and Cheese Baked

Cooking with Gruyere cheese may take you down a variety of routes, but if you want to go back to fundamentals, prepare a nutty and savory macaroni and cheese.

If you’re at a loss for what to create with Gruyere cheese, don’t overthink it; instead, stick to tried-and-true cheesy meals.

6. Apple Gruyere Pear Pie

Because many home chefs underestimate how wonderfully cheese goes with honeyed tastes, we included at least one dessert.

The apple and pear filling is tossed in vanilla brown butter, which enhances the taste of the fruits without adding sugar.

Typically, Gruyere is used to garnish foods, but this recipe bakes the gooey cheese right into the pie crust for a surprising buttery taste.

7. Biscuits with Herb-Gruyere

If you’re seeking for Gruyere cheese recipes to create an exceptional side dish, you must try these herb-Gruyere biscuits.

The biscuits are delicate and fluffy, with a golden coating, and taste unexpectedly cheesy and seasoned.

8. Bread Pudding with Gruyere

Bread pudding is commonly said to be the lazy man’s dessert, but only you can determine whether or not that is correct.

To vary up the tastes of conventional bread pudding, try this savory variation as a morning or afternoon snack.

The nuttiness of the Gruyere cheese adds flavor and turns it into a gooey, stringy, delectable mess in a bowl.

9. Cheez-Its from scratch

If you’re stuck on what to do with Gruyere cheese, try these DIY Cheez-Its instead of heading to the store for a salty snack.

This recipe’s directions are straightforward: mix all ingredients to produce a dough, cut into crack size, and bake until golden crackers are achieved.

Cookies and brownies may grow old during festive or informal get-togethers, so jazz up the buffet table with these buttery, delicate Cheez-It knock-offs.

Can I Substitute Cheddar for Gruyère?

No, Cheddar is not a suitable alternative for Gruyre since its melting qualities and taste are so dissimilar. To use a less costly cheese, we propose Emmental, Jarlsberg, Raclette, Comt, or Beaufort from the list above.

Although extra mature cheddar has a nuttier taste, it is not as hard as Gruyre and does not melt completely. Cheddar is a versatile cheese that may be used in a variety of recipes. It really depends on the recipe, but we suggest using one of the other varieties of cheese we covered in further detail above.

In a Quiche, What can I Use Instead of Gruyère Cheese?

Emmental, Jarlsberg, or Raclette cheese may be substituted for Gruyre in a quiche. These Swiss cheeses will suffice since their taste profiles are quite close to Gruyre’s. It also depends on the kind of quiche you’re trying to cook.

Emmental is a great replacement for Gruyre, and you may choose the appropriate age for your quiche depending on the flavor you wish to add. If you like a softer taste, use a younger Emmental cheese. Choose a more mature Emmental for a more fruity, full-flavored cheese.

Jarlsberg has a stronger taste than Emmental, so use it in your quiche if you want it to be savory.

Raclette cheese taste differs depending on where it is manufactured. If you pick this cheese, keep in mind that it will alter the taste of your quiche.


Recipes for Gruyere cheese are significantly more versatile than most people believe. When you’re wondering what to cook with Gruyere cheese, try one of our recipes; you’ll be astonished at how versatile this nutty, creamy cheese is.

Consider the age of the cheese as well as any distinctive tastes or qualities when choosing the right cheese for your dish. This might help you find the greatest fit for your substitute needs!Whether you’re searching for a less expensive option or just haven’t had a chance to visit your local grocery shop, these cheeses have you covered. This delicious cheese goes well with bread, fondue, cheese puffs, baking, French onion soup, or just on a cheese board with dried fruit. Animals given non-GMO feed often make Gruyere or Gruyere cheese. You might enjoy Kasseri Cheese Substitute


What can I use if I don’t have Gruyere cheese?

There are several different premium cheeses that may be used in place of Gruyère. Depending on whether you’re melting cheese or adding diversity to your charcuterie board, Beaufort, Comté, Jarlsberg, Emmental, or Fontina are all options.

What cheese is similar in taste to Gruyere?

Emmental, Jarlsberg, and Raclette are excellent gruyere alternatives. These Swiss cheeses have tastes that are extremely close to Gruyere and will work nicely. It will also depend on the quiche recipe you choose. Emmental is a fantastic alternative to Gruyere.

Is Swiss cheese similar to Gruyere?

The look, taste, and texture of American swiss cheese and gruyère are comparable. American swiss is distinguished by big holes, or eyes, while gruyère is distinguished by much smaller fractures throughout. Because of compression during the cheesemaking process, both are semi-hard cheeses.

Is provolone similar to Gruyere?

Can I Substitute Provolone for the Gruyere? Yes, gruyere cheese may be used in place of provolone cheese, and vice versa. It has been matured for at least 6 months and has a creamy texture. Depending on how long it is kept, this Swiss cheese might have a creamy and nutty flavor or an earthy flavor.

Is Gouda similar to Gruyère?

Gouda. Gouda cheese is a semi-hard cheese from the Netherlands. It has a distinct flavor that is distinct from Gruyere. However, it has a comparable creamy texture (particularly when melted) and a mild and nutty taste that complements many of the meals that Gruyere is used in.

What cheese is best for Gruyère?

Swiss, Emmental, Comte, Beaufort, and Appenzeller are the finest cheeses to combine with gruyere. Pair it with blue cheeses like Roquefort or Gorgonzola for a more robust taste combination. You may also add some parmesan cheese for an added nutty taste.

Can you substitute cheddar cheese for Gruyere?

Can I use cheddar instead of Gruyere? Despite the fact that cheddar has a totally different flavor and texture than Gruyere, it may be used in baked foods. It is a fantastic melting cheese and would be ideal for a mac and cheese dish.

Can I use Parmesan instead of Gruyere?

5 – Parmigiano-Reggiano

This is another strong-flavored Gruyere alternative that melts beautifully without turning greasy. Because Parmesan cheese is dry and hard, it melts wonderfully. This cheese has a bright, pungent, and acidic taste. You’ll definitely notice it in your soups or stews.

What’s the difference between Gouda and Gruyere cheese?

Gouda has a mildly sweet, mild fruity taste that gets more powerful with age. It is often likened to Edam. Gruyere has a somewhat fruity flavor, but it has a nutty aftertaste and is significantly saltier since it is brine-cured for eight days.

Is Baby Swiss the same as gruyère?

Swiss is often prepared from part-skim milk, resulting in a firmer, more durable body than baby Swiss, which is typically made from whole milk. Baby Swiss is available in smaller sizes, with fewer and smaller eyes. Gruyère is the family’s washed-rind member, with a thick body and rare pea-sized holes.

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