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Tomato Sauce may be used in place of Tomato Paste.

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To make tomato paste, simmer tomatoes for hours to minimize their water content. The seeds and skin are squeezed out, and the liquid is boiled again to produce the familiar thick crimson paste. Stews, pasta, meat, and soups may all benefit from the rich tomato taste. Tomato sauce is the closest substitute for these fatty substances. Continue reading to learn how tomato sauce may be used in place of tomato paste in a recipe.

What Does Tomato Paste Do in a Recipe

Tomato paste is used in the preparation of pasta, pasta sauce, soups, stews, and braised meat. Tomato paste adds a rich taste to many recipes. Consider preparing spaghetti sauce without using tomato paste. It will not taste like traditional spaghetti sauce. There are several additional recipes that call for tomato paste to impart a robust taste, some of which are as follows:

Sausage Roll for a Party

Legs of lamb

Parmigiana-style eggplant

Onions and Steak Braised

Stragnot de Boeuf

Bolognese Spaghetti

Tomato Sauce Nutrition Facts

Substituting Tomato Sauce for Tomato Paste

Tomato paste is useful for making spaghetti sauce or any other dish that asks for a hint of tomato flavor. So what happens if you run out of tomato paste? Since tomato paste is derived from tomatoes, your first go-to substitution should be tomato sauce, which is also made from tomatoes and has a similar taste.

When swapping one for the other, knowing the contents of tomato paste and tomato sauce is critical. Here are a few things to keep in mind: tomato paste is prepared by simmering tomatoes for hours, then draining the seeds and skins and heating the liquid again until it thickens, resulting in the concentrated red paste we use. Tomato sauce, on the other hand, is created by simmering tomatoes with olive oil and salt until they lose their fresh flavor. Tomato paste is more concentrated and flavorful than tomato sauce, which is less concentrated and less flavorful.

How to Substitute Tomato Sauce for Tomato Paste

One distinction between tomato sauce and tomato paste is their consistency. When switching tomato sauce with tomato paste, bear in mind the change in consistency. Although tomato paste has been cooked to a thick paste, making it concentrated, tomato sauce is not.

When replacing tomato sauce for tomato paste, use two teaspoons of tomato sauce for one tablespoon of tomato sauce to get the same texture and taste. This substitute ratio will preserve the integrity of your recipe. But, you may boil your tomato sauce to lower the water content and thicken it like tomato paste. This allows you to employ the one-to-one replacement ratio.

Tomato Passata

Tomato passata is a watery tomato paste that is not as consistent as tomato paste but tastes comparable. This discrepancy may or may not be an issue for your recipe. It is recommended that you cook the tomato passata until it thickens where the additional liquid will ruin your dish. After it thickens, it will resemble tomato paste, allowing for a one-to-one replacement ratio. But, if the additional wetness isn’t an issue for your recipe, you may replace one tablespoon of tomato paste with two teaspoons of tomato passata.

Tomato Puree

Tomato puree, although not as thick as tomato paste, may be used in place of tomato paste in your recipe to obtain the same result. It will lack the precise taste, but it may be remedied with the proper replacement ratio. Substitute two teaspoons tomato puree for one tablespoon tomato paste.


Tomato ketchup has a sweeter flavor than tomato paste. It has additional tastes from the vinegar, sugar, and other spices used in its preparation. Since the consistency is identical to tomato paste, a one-to-one replacement ratio may be utilized. One tablespoon ketchup equals one tablespoon tomato paste.

Canned Tomatoes

Canned tomatoes are tomatoes that have been packaged in a can with a lot of liquid. They may be used in place of tomato paste because, when handled correctly, they can give the taste and thickness of tomato paste. You just need to filter the juice that comes with it. Since canned tomatoes are not as concentrated as tomato paste, you must use twice the quantity when replacing. Use two teaspoons canned tomatoes for each tablespoon tomato paste.

Fresh Tomatoes

Even if you can’t obtain the same item, making your own tomato paste from fresh tomatoes isn’t such a horrible idea. Fresh tomatoes may be used in place of tomato paste. Fresh tomatoes include both the seeds and the skin. Both must be removed by cutting and boiling them until they thicken like tomato paste. If you don’t simmer it, you’ll have to deal with the liquid, which will ruin your dish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What can I use if I don’t have tomato paste?

If you don’t have tomato paste, you may use tomato sauce. Substitute 2 tablespoons tomato sauce for 1 tablespoon tomato paste to get this.

What is the difference between tomato paste and tomato sauce?

Cooking tomatoes with olive oil and salt yields tomato sauce. The resulting result is less uniform and concentrated than tomato paste. While tomato paste is created by boiling tomatoes and removing the seeds till a thick crimson paste is formed.

Can I use tomato paste instead of tomato sauce in chili?

Sure, you may use tomato paste instead of tomato sauce in chili, albeit the consistency would be different. To make your tomato paste have the same texture as tomato sauce, add water to it.


When used as a replacement, these alternatives will have a taste similar to tomato paste. It is important to highlight that there is a need to use caution while replacing since they have varying degrees of consistency. As compared to tomato paste, ketchup, canned tomatoes, tomato puree, and tomato passata all contain more liquid. You won’t have to worry about running out of tomato paste with these inexpensive and simple replacements.


What can I substitute for 6 oz tomato paste?

What Can I Use in Instead of Tomato Paste?
Tomato sauce or puree is an option. When you want to add tomato flavor to a meal without thickening it, these canned goods are the simplest tomato paste alternatives.
Tomatoes, canned and fresh, ketchup, and tomato soup.
Jun 28, 2019

How do I substitute 1 cup tomato sauce for tomato paste?

Tomato sauce

David Joachim, author of The Food Substitutions Bible, suggests using 12 cup tomato paste and 12 cup water to replace 1 cup tomato sauce—just remember to season your alternative to taste.

How much tomato paste equals 8 oz of tomato sauce?

To make 8 ounces of tomato sauce, use 2 cup of water as indicated above. 2 cup tomato paste plus 1 How do I make 8 ounces of tomato sauce out of tomato paste? Since an 8-ounce can of tomato sauce equals 1 cup, you may combine 1

How to make tomato paste from tomato sauce?

Just heat tomato sauce in a skillet to turn it into a paste. Let it to boil and regularly stir until it has been reduced by half. It should take around 10 minutes to make 7 ounces of paste from a 15-ounce can of sauce.

How much tomato paste equals 1 can tomato sauce?

2 tablespoons sugar. It will be runny when “raw,” but it will thicken as it cooks in a meal like Bolognese (it only takes 3 minutes to thicken). This yields 400 grams (14 oz), or one standard can of tomato. 1 1Mix 2 tablespoons flour and 1 12 cup water 4 tbsp tomato paste with 1 tbsp

Are tomato sauce and paste interchangeable?

No, tomato sauce has a thinner consistency and is seasoned with spices and flavoring. Tomato paste is made from thick, simple (but powerful) cooked-for-hours-and-hours tomatoes with the skins and seeds removed. Straight from the can or jar, the two items taste extremely different.

What’s the difference between tomato paste and tomato sauce?

Tomato paste is prepared by cooking tomatoes until they reach a thick consistency. Tomato sauce has a thinner consistency than tomato paste and is created from crushed tomatoes. Try with various methods to use tomato paste vs. sauce in your recipes to bring rich tomato flavor to your meals.

How do I substitute tomato sauce?

Tomato puree. Tomato paste, which is simply a concentrated tomato sauce, is a great substitute for tomato sauce in most recipes.
Tomato Soup. Tomato Ketchup. Pureed Eggplant. Pureed Bell Peppers. Canned Stewed Tomatoes. Canned Diced Tomatoes. Fresh Tomatoes.
More to come…

How many tablespoons of tomato paste are in a 6 oz can of tomato paste?

A 6 ounce can of tomato paste contains around 12 teaspoons.

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