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Substituting Golden Delicious Apples

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Golden Delicious is a popular apple cultivar in the United States, ranking in the top 15 varieties. The sweet, rich taste of Golden Delicious apples is well-known and popular in dishes.

Because these apples are selected when still green, a regular supermarket Golden Delicious may fall short of the variety’s full potential. A perfectly ripe Golden Delicious picked right from the farm tree, on the other hand, is a treat.

The massive golden apples were a novelty, and everyone who sampled them was blown away. Everything you need to know about Golden Delicious apples, from their interesting history to where they grow, is right here.

Continue reading to discover more about Golden Delicious, its use in recipes, and how to replace Golden Delicious in your own.

What Is Golden Delicious

Substituting Golden Delicious Apples

The Golden Delicious apple is a large cultivar with yellowish-green peel and a sweet taste. It must be handled and kept with care since it is prone to bruising and shriveling.

They taste sweet and spicy, akin to apple cider. Their taste is quite similar to that of a McIntosh apple. These apples have a honey-like sweetness and a little acidity that is not harsh. A mature Golden Delicious apple has a little gingerbread taste to it.

The Stark Brothers started cultivating and selling Golden Delicious apples in 1916. No one has ever grown such massive, delicious golden apples before. The tree had to grow from a seed, but no one knows where that seedling came from.

According to some research, Golden Delicious was created from a wayward seedling, which was most likely a crossbreed between Grimes Golden and Golden Reinette. Golden Delicious is bigger than Grimes Golden and sweeter than Golden Reinette.

Mullins Yellow Seedling and Annie apple were found on the Mullins family farm in Clay County, West Virginia. It is important to emphasize that this fruit has nothing to do with Red Delicious.

Golden Delicious Used in Recipes

Substituting Golden Delicious Apples

Golden Delicious apples give the necessary acidity and consistency for baking. They may be used to make crisps, crumbles, tarts, cakes, galettes, and bread. Apple slices may also be mixed into sauces and soups, or reduced into preserves and butter.

  • Apple Pie Cookies
  • Classic Apple Pie
  • Apple Roses
  • Grilled Apples and Ice Cream
  • Grilled Chickens and Apple Kebabs
  • Marinaded Grilled Apples
  • Apple, Sage, and Sausage Stuffing
  • Apple Muffins
  • Buttermilk Cake with Spiced Apples
  • Apple-Carrot Morning Glory Muffins
  • Apple, Pear & Prosciutto Pizza
  • Homemade Apple Pie with Chai Spices
  • Apple and Cherry Upside-Down Cake
  • Jewish Apple Cake
  • Caramel Apple Cheesecake

Golden Delicious Substitutes

We may draw broad generalizations about apples, such as the fact that they are typically delicious. Because Golden Delicious is unique, generalizations are less effective when seeking for the finest Golden Delicious substitution in your recipes.

You’ll need a certain sort of apple for each of your recipes. The following are the best Golden Delicious replacements for cooking:





Jonagolds are tart apples with a honeyed taste that bake nicely. They don’t keep well, so utilize them while they’re still fresh in the autumn.

You may give them the attention they deserve with a meal like braised and brled apples with ice cream, and the sweetness will not be hidden.

Jonagold apples are excellent for making sauces, jellies, and preserves. Their sweet-tart taste complements both savory and sweet foods.

Sauteed pieces may be served with pork or root vegetables in a salad, or mixed with strong cheeses on a sandwich, pizza, or cheese board.


Honeycrisp apples are a good replacement for Golden Delicious.

Its shatteringly crisp texture is sure to retain firm in apple dumplings or an exquisite Tarte tatin. Furthermore, if you simply ate them straight without utilizing them in any dishes, I wouldn’t blame you; they’re that amazing.

This traditional Midwestern apple is one of the best and sweetest apples available; it is ideal for cooking and baking. It has a distinct juicy crispness and is firm enough not to overcook. It also pairs nicely with practically any other apple type to make a delicious pie.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Yellow Delicious apples and Golden Delicious apples?

Yellow Delicious and Golden Delicious are the same apple. several yellow-gold apples with a gentle, sweet taste go by several names, yet they are the same apple.

Is a Golden Delicious apple the same as an opal apple?

Opal is a contemporary apple with a good, well-balanced taste that was derived from Golden Delicious in the Czech Republic. Topaz, a well-known type cultivated in the Czech Republic, provides a more acidic taste to Golden Delicious’ sweet crispness.

What makes Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples different?

The flesh of a Red Delicious is light golden and crunchy. By nature, it has a low acid content. Golden Delicious apples have a sweeter and milder taste than Red Delicious apples. The flesh of this apple is crisp and gently yellow, and it is pretty juicy.


Golden Delicious was found by chance on a family farm and has since become one of the most popular varieties available. This cultivar is also the progenitor of around 30 additional well-known cultivars.

These apples are a popular ingredient in everything from apple pie to apple juice.

If you don’t have any Golden Delicious apples on hand, you may substitute any delicious and firm-fleshed apple. No other apple, however, comes close to matching the spicy sweetness of a mature Golden Delicious.


Why are there no Golden Delicious apples anymore?

Golden Delicious apples were often harvested while still green and kept for months before being sold in commercial marketplaces, resulting in a bland, weak taste. The variety was later superseded by more flavored newer arrivals, although it is still a popular variety found globally.

What is the difference between Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples?

Granny Smith apples are a fantastic blend of acidic and tart if you want to add a tart taste to your recipe. Because of its thin peel and mellow, sweet taste, Golden Delicious is a popular baking apple. Finally, try Pink Lady apples in your baked goods.

What is the difference between yellow and Golden Delicious apples?

The “yellow delicious” apple is identical to the Golden Delicious, which is its actual name. This popular apple is one of the top ten types sold in the United States and can be found in grocery shops around the nation.

Do Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples taste the same?

Golden Delicious apples have a characteristic golden peel and a sweet-to-tart taste that makes them ideal for snacking. They’re also delicious in a fresh salad or grain bowl. Despite the identical name, there is no known link between the Golden Delicious and the Red Delicious apple varieties.

Are Golden Delicious apples out of season?

When do Golden Delicious apples go on sale? In Washington State, Golden Delicious apples are picked in September and October and are available all year.

What kind of apples are Golden Delicious?

Apple, Yellow Delicious’Yellow Delicious’ Malus domestica The yellow delicious apple tree’s huge, golden fruit ripens late, creating a superb, sweet taste. While yellow delicious apples are most known for eating fresh, they also work great in pies, applesauce, and preserves.

What are Golden Delicious apples best used for?

Golden Delicious is a big cultivar with yellowish-green skin that is particularly delicious to the flavor. Because it is prone to bruising and shriveling, it must be handled and stored with care. It is popular for eating on its own as well as in salads, apple sauce, and apple butter.

What are the best apples for apple crisp?

The Best Apple Varieties to Use for Apple Crisp

Apple pies and apple crisps are popular with the firm and crisp Granny Smith and Honeycrisp kinds. Another excellent option for a crisp is Golden Delicious.

What apples make the best pie?

Apples to Use for Apple Pie
Apples, Granny Smith.
Delicious in gold.
Apples named Jonathan or Jonagold.
Spy from the North.
Apples of several varieties.

Is Golden Delicious an all purpose apple?

Golden Delight

It is one of the greatest all-purpose cooking apples since it keeps its form after baking.

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