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Substitutes For Red Bell Pepper

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Bell peppers, also known as capsicums, are a tasty form of bell-shaped peppers that feature in many cuisines. Bell peppers are a popular non-spicy pepper that may be used to bring color and brightness to a number of meals, and they are especially liked for their sweetness.

Red Bell Pepper Nutrition Facts

Substitutes For Red Bell Pepper

Red bell peppers are popular, although they may not be accessible for immediate use in recipes in certain circumstances. You may also be seeking a different flavor and, as a consequence, must resort to accessible replacements as the next best thing.

There are a variety of substitutes for red bell peppers in recipes that call for them, and that is what this page is about. Learn how to appropriately substitute red bell pepper with these recommended alternatives for the greatest outcomes in your culinary adventures.

What is Red Bell Pepper?

The bell pepper, also known as sweet pepper or capsicum, is the fruit of the Capsicum annuum plant, which is a member of the Grossum cultivar group. This plant produces fruits in a variety of hues, including red, yellow, orange, and green. Despite being fruits (botanically classed as berries), bell peppers are often referred to as sweet peppers and are regularly utilized as a vegetable ingredient or side dish.

The most common hues of bell peppers are green, yellow, orange, and red, although brown, white, lavender, and dark purple are also available. Unripe fruits are often green or, in rare cases, light yellow or purple. Red bell peppers are simply matured green peppers, although mixed colored peppers may be encountered during various phases of the ripening process.

Salads and pizza toppings using bell pepper slices are popular. Many filled peppers may be created using hollowed or halved bell peppers as well. The spice paprika may also be made from bell peppers (and other Capsicum annuum species).

Uses of Red Bell Pepper in Recipes

If you want to add color to your cuisine, red bell peppers are a great place to start. These veggies are as appealing to the eye as they are to the palate. In actuality, this versatile vegetable has a broad range of uses and shines in a variety of colorful and appetizing dishes.

The following are some of the most popular dishes that incorporate bell pepper:

  • Pan-roasted peppers
  • Mediterranean-stuffed peppers
  • Roasted red pepper soup
  • Caramelized red bell pepper and onions
  • Bell pepper saute
  • Red bell pepper and kale stir fry
  • Peperonata
  • Spinach and red pepper salad
  • Roasted pepper bruschetta
  • Spinach and red pepper frittata
  • Pepper steak stir fry
  • Creamy garlic red pepper chicken
  • Chicken and bell peppers skillet
  • Creamy red pepper shells
  • Vegan roasted red pepper pasta
  • Penne pasta with peppers

Substitutes for Red Bell Pepper

Red bell peppers can be a great addition to many dishes, and there are many varieties to pick from. If you can’t use bell peppers for any reason, you may be seeking for a red bell pepper alternative.

You could go with one of the options we’ve provided below:

Red Poblano Peppers

Red poblano peppers are the best substitute for red bell peppers. They taste and look similar to large bell peppers, with a few slight changes.

Poblano peppers have an earthy, deep taste that is similar to bell peppers, yet they may be fiery. Because of these qualities, some individuals prefer poblano peppers over bell peppers.

Poblanos, like bell peppers, have large cavities and thick walls, making them perfect for stuffing. As a consequence, red poblano peppers may be substituted for red bell peppers in practically every recipe that calls for red bell peppers.

Red Anaheim Peppers

Anaheim and poblano peppers have thick walls, making them suitable for roasting and stuffing. They have a crunch comparable to bell peppers but a fruity taste. Because this pepper is named for the place that gave it fame, Anaheim, California, it is also known as the California Chili.

Red anaheim peppers are versatile and may be used in a variety of recipes. The effects of red anaheim peppers as a substitute for red bell peppers are very comparable to those of bell peppers.

Anaheim peppers are a suitable substitute for red bell peppers, although they may be much hotter. As a result, it should be used with caution as a red bell pepper substitute.

Red Cubanelle Peppers

Cubanelle peppers grow to a bright red hue, akin to red bell peppers. These peppers may also be used in lieu of red bell peppers. They’re fantastic for putting into salads or pizzas, as well as slicing and incorporating into other meals.

When not mature, Cubanelle peppers are green or yellow. Despite their thin walls, they may nevertheless be filled, as in red bell pepper recipes. They are somewhat spicy, but not as much as the poblano pepper, thus they may be used as an alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I substitute green pepper for red pepper?

Depending on the recipe (for example, in different casseroles), green bell peppers may be swapped with red, yellow, or orange bell peppers. Keep in mind, though, that green bell peppers have a strong taste.

Can I use paprika instead of bell pepper?

Yes, but only after you’ve had a taste. Paprika is ground bell pepper. However, the taste and intensity of bell peppers and paprikas are vastly different. Mild paprika is mostly used for color, but stronger varieties contain a wide range of tastes. Hungarian paprika is often more pungent than Spanish paprika.

Why do people call bell pepper paprika?

Bell peppers are the fresh fruits of the Capsicum annum plant. Paprika is a powdered spice made from dried bell peppers or other types of capsicum that comes in a range of tastes.


Red bell peppers are a great complement to many dishes, which is why some people may feel trapped when they don’t have any. However, there is no need to feel this way; just utilize accessible substitutions to get identical effects in your recipes.

You may receive more hotter results than red bell peppers depending on the choice you pick, so keep that in mind while making the switch. However, if you apply them correctly, you should be able to obtain near enough results.


What can I replace red pepper with?

If you don’t have dried peppers or powdered cayenne pepper, use chili powder instead. It’s not quite as spicy, but double the amount suggested for does the trick.

What spice can replace a bell pepper?

Poblano pepper is your best bet.

This is about as easy a bell pepper alternative as you can get. Poblano chilies have several physical characteristics in common with bell peppers. They, like bell peppers, have thick meaty walls and huge chambers, making them ideal for stuffing.

Can I sub green peppers for red?

Red peppers are gentler, sweeter, and richer than yellow peppers, although they may be used interchangeably. Because of their sweetness and robust taste, both red and yellow bell peppers are excellent alternatives for green bell peppers in recipes.

Can I use paprika instead of bell pepper?

You certainly can, but I’d sample it first. Paprika is powdered bell pepper, however the taste and intensity of bell peppers and paprikas vary greatly. Mild paprika just contributes color, while stronger types are quite tasty.

Can I substitute tomato for red pepper?

Red bell peppers are an excellent alternative for tomatoes. While no fruit or vegetable has the same taste as tomatoes, bell peppers have a comparable sweetness to tomatoes and may work well as the foundation of a sauce or stew.

What seasoning tastes like red pepper?

Paprika is one of your most easily accessible selections, since it is widely available in most grocery shops. It is also a chili powder prepared from ground chili peppers, specifically paprika. While the taste profiles are similar, paprika is notably milder than cayenne pepper.

How do you replace pepper in a recipe?

Try using papaya seeds as a replacement for peppercorns. The seeds have a similar texture and spicy taste like peppercorns. To get a comparable heat and taste to peppercorns, use chili powder, allspice, or cayenne pepper.

Can you sub celery for bell pepper?

Green Bell Pepper (10th). Green bell pepper, with its mild taste, is a basic component in the “Holy Trinity” of Cajun cookery, together with onion and celery. In a Mirepoix, you may simply substitute green pepper for celery, making the combination onion, carrot, and green pepper.

What can you substitute for peppers in fajitas?

Chicken fajitas using zucchini and carrots instead of peppers. Zucchini and carrots may also be used in lieu of the peppers. 400 grams of chicken, three courgettes and three carrots, oil, salt, pepper, and curry are always required in this instance.

Do red and green bell peppers taste the same?

Red bell peppers are the tastiest of the bell pepper kinds, but green bell peppers taste harsh since they are less developed and immature. As a result, slicing and munching on raw bell peppers may be more appealing if you choose a red bell pepper, or even a yellow or orange type.

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