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Substitutes for Hanger Steak

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Exploring diverse flavours and experimenting with different cooking methods is a fun fact about cooking. Steak is one of those dishes that comes in a variety of cuts, allowing you to choose the best option for you; one of these popular cuts is Hanger steak.

Hang steak is a juicy, soft, and flavorful beef cut that is primarily available in restaurants; most grocery shops don’t even carry it in big amounts, making it tough to locate. Apart from its rarity, Hanger steak is both pricey and heavy in fat.

Because of the difficulties associated with hanger steak, many individuals seek other alternatives. Thus, if you want to try a different steak for flavor or to reduce your fat consumption, you could want to opt for cheaper steaks, and if it is just because it is difficult to locate, stay around as we show you some of the finest replacements.

Hanger Steak

Hanger Steak Substitutes

Hanger steak, also known as Butchers Steak, is a delicious and appetizing dish obtained from the cow’s diaphragm as well as the plate or lower body. This portion of the animal performs relatively little effort, thus it is full of beef taste and highly soft. This steak comprises full-fat beef and may be prepared in a variety of ways.

Although some people love to marinade the steak, it is really unnecessary since it is already tender and requires no effort to cook. Grilling and pan searing are two methods for preparing hanger steak.

For cooking hanger steak, allow 3 to 4 minutes on each side and place the steak on the hottest portion of the grill, but not so close that it is devoured by fire. A cast-iron skillet is required for pan-searing your hanger steak. Let the steak to cook for 3-4 minutes in each portion in the pan with warmed oil, and always allow it to rest for at least 10 minutes after cooking.

Internal temperature of 145F is ideal for hanger steak. You may serve your hanger steak with salad or your favorite sauce; just remember not to slice any meat with the grains. Hanger steak is high in vitamin B12, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc, as well as protein, fat, and calories.

Hanger Steak Substitutes

Shoulder Steak

Shoulder steak, as the name indicates, is a section of the shoulder clod that is not utilized by the animal as much as the other part of the shoulder. Shoulder steak has a flavorful, meaty texture.

Shoulder steak, like hanger steak, is juicy, delicate, and high in fat. Shoulder steak may be used in a variety of recipes since it has a gritty and soft texture but does not melt in your mouth.

Shoulder steak works well in slow-cook dishes that include stir-fries and chopped meat. It stays together nicely in a stew or casserole because to its connective tissues, making it a good option for stew and sauce meals.

Shoulder steak is widely accessible in supermarkets and is not as scarce or costly as hanger steak, making it the perfect alternative for those looking for a less expensive option. Shoulder steak may be grilled or smoked; in either case, cook for 3-4 minutes on each side and rest for at least 10 minutes after cooking.

Niacin, vitamin B6 and B12, zinc, selenium, iron, riboflavin, phosphorus, and choline are all found in shoulder steak. Moreover, it includes calories, saturated fat, salt, and protein.

Flank Steak

Flank steak is derived from the cow’s lower chest and abdominal muscles, and it is the greatest choice if you are concerned about your fat consumption since it is incredibly lean. It takes some time to marinate, but it is one of the healthiest beef cuts available.

Flank steak is a breeze to prepare; it’s quick to cook and tasty. Flank steak has less calories and more protein than other types of steak. Even though it is rough, when served correctly, it is flavorful and tender. Flank steak is also widely available at supermarkets.

Flanking steak does not need trimming due to its low fat content. It is either cooked or raw. You may cook it either hot and quick or slow and lengthy by braising. To tear down the connective tissues, cut it into lines. Quick grilling makes it tender, while braising adds flavor. Remember to set it aside for at least 5 minutes after cooking.

Skirt Steak

This steak is comparable to hanger steak in that it has the same meaty taste and rich grain; it is a fibrous cut that divides the belly from the chest, and the grain runs across the meat’s breadth. Skirt steak is divided into two parts: the exterior skirt and the interior skirt.

The outer skirt has a finer grain and a softer feel, while the interior skirt is rougher and coarser. You may choose which one you like, but I believe the former is much superior. Skirt steaks are best marinated, grilled, or pan-fried, and may also be cooked in a cast-iron skillet. Skirt steak should never be cooked beyond medium-rare; it will be much too rough.

Skirt steak is high in saturated fat, cholesterol, salt, potassium, and protein, as well as cobalamin, iron, vitamin B6, and magnesium.

Always slice steaks across the grain; this is a typical slicing error while making steaks. When you don’t cut against the grain, the steak becomes rough and stringy. Remember to let all steaks rest for at least 10 minutes after cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I preserve cooked steak?

Freezing has been used for preservation since ancient times and may also be used to preserve your steak. Since steak is not a typical leftover, there is no need to waste it if you prepare too much, thus freezing is the best solution.

Is flat iron steak the same as hanger steak?

Flat iron steak is sometimes called as flank steak, hanger steak, or skirt steak, although they are all different kinds of cattle.

What is the difference between hanger steak and skirt steak?

While coming from the same section of the cow, hanger steaks are thicker than skirt steaks, and skirt steaks are thinner and longer than hanger steaks.

Is hanger steak lean?

Since hanger steaks include a lot of fat, they can never be lean.


There may be a reason or reasons why you want to try a different steak that is not hanger steak, whether due to fat content or because it is not widely accessible, but you still want something that can provide you with that great tasty flavor. These Substitutes will provide you with the greatest options.


What can I use instead of hanger or skirt steak?

Flap Sirloin Steak (Sirloin Tips)

Sirloin flap steak is made from the sirloin’s underside and is also known as “sirloin tips,” “flap steak,” or “faux hanger.” It’s quite adaptable and is a good substitute for quick cooking or braising (which skirt is rarely used for).

Is a flank steak the same as a hanger steak?

Since it absorbs marinades readily and cooks rapidly, flank steak is often used in Mexican fajitas and Asian stir-fry dishes. Hanger steak “hangs” from the cow’s diaphragm, beneath its lower belly. It’s also flat, similar to a flank steak, and soft and juicy, similar to a filet.

Is hanger steak similar to sirloin?

Apart from the tenderloin, which contains no fat, the hanger steak is generally the most tender cut on an animal. It is sometimes wrongly referred to as flap steak or flap meat, which is an unique cut from the bottom sirloin in the animal’s hind quarter.

Is hanger steak the same as a ribeye?

The hanger steak is derived from the plate, which is the animal’s lower belly, and literally ‘hangs’ from the diaphragm. It’s rich and filling, with a substantial, meaty taste akin to a ribeye, but without the price tag.

Is hanger steak hard to find?

Since there is only one hanger steak per animal, it is difficult to find in supermarkets. For each hanger steak sold, the retailer would have to purchase hundreds of pounds of beef. It belongs to the flat steak family of meats.

Is hanger steak like filet mignon?

Hanger steak is less well-known than filet mignon, yet it has a comparable texture. Filet mignon is well-known for being delicate enough that each piece requires little chewing. But, hanger steak comes in a close second for melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.

Is a flat iron steak the same as a hanger steak?

What exactly is Flat Iron Steak? Flat iron steak is a kind of chuck cut that originates from a cow’s shoulder. It’s sometimes known as flank steak, hanger steak, or skirt steak, although these are all unique (albeit similar) cuts of cattle.

Why is hanger steak so expensive?

The cut derives its name from the fact that it ‘hangs down’ between the tenderloin and the rib. It has historically been popular in Europe, particularly in French bistros. The cut is becoming more popular, and since there is only one hanger steak per cow, it is also a more expensive cut.

What is skirt steak called in grocery store?

Skirt steak is also known as Romanian tenderloin, Romanian steak, Philadelphia steak, or Arrachera, however these terms are mostly used outside of the United States.

What cut is the poor man’s filet?

Petite Tender Shoulder

Butcher’s steak is so called because it needs some expertise to remove, and it is (deservedly) popular among real beef connoisseurs. This lean, juicy cut looks and tastes like a little tenderloin, hence it’s also known as the poor man’s tenderloin.

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