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Substitutes for Anaheim Peppers

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The Anaheim pepper is a versatile chili pepper named for the location where it first gained popularity, Anaheim, California. It has a moderate taste and heat level of 500-2,500 Scoville Heat Units. This makes them moderate on the low end, but at 2,500 SHU, they are close to mild jalapeño pepper heat. As compared to the regular jalapeño pepper, which has a SHU range of 2,500 to 8,000, the Anaheim is definitely milder, yet it may have a bit of a kick.

The Anaheim pepper is a medium-sized, mild chili pepper that develops to be 6-10 inches long. It is often used in cooking and recipes while green, but it may also be utilized when red.

It may be purchased fresh, roasted, dried, or tinned. The Anaheim chile becomes vivid red as it ripens. When dried, the Anaheim chile develops a rich maroon hue. It is often called the New Mexico chile, although the real New Mexico chillies are much hotter. When canned, this pepper is often referred to as green chiles. Anaheim chiles enhance egg dishes, stews, and vegetable dishes well.

Some Anaheim Pepper Recipes

Anaheim Peppers Stuffed with Chicken and Cheese

Anaheim Peppers Stuffed with Cajun Cream Cheese

Anaheim Peppers Stuffed with Turkey and Cheese

Anaheim Peppers Stuffed with Italian Sausage

Anaheim Pepper Substitutes

The mild Anaheim pepper is becoming more widely accessible across the globe, but if you can’t get them for your recipe. Or maybe you’re looking for something with a touch more spice that won’t overpower a meal’s overall taste. What are your options? This is a list of the top Anaheim pepper replacements.

Poblano pepper

Yes, the poblano appears more like a bell pepper than the highly chili-pepper-looking Anaheim, but dig behind the skin and you’ll find a lot more in common than you would think. They each have only a smidgeon of heat, with Anaheim’s potential for more being significantly larger.

In terms of flavor, the poblano is somewhat more earthy than the crisper-tasting Anaheim, but the difference isn’t significant enough to affect most meals. If you’re looking for a substitute for stuffed Anaheim peppers, the poblano is a fantastic option. Because of its wider cavity, the poblano makes an even better stuffing pepper.

Bell pepper

Choosing the bell pepper is like turning down the heat entirely, although it is often replaced for the Anaheim pepper. And, of course, bell peppers are everywhere; no searching is necessary. The bell may work if you are prepared to replace the one primary component that makes chillies so unique (or if you have no other alternative). It’s also a great stuffing pepper.

When you don’t want any spice, bell peppers are a great replacement for Anaheim peppers. They’re also delicious and healthful.

One of the nicest things about bell peppers is that they are widely accessible. You may also use them in a number of cuisines, such as stuffing.

Moreover, they may be consumed raw or cooked.

Jalapeno pepper

The jalapeno pepper originated in Mexico, although it is currently grown all around the globe. It has an unique taste and flavor and, because to its comparable taste and ease of availability, makes an excellent Anaheim pepper alternative.

The heat level of jalapeno peppers is low. While they are green, they taste a little spicy, but after a while, they become red and taste a little sweet!

In terms of application, you can utilize it almost anyplace. But, take in mind that this pepper is far hotter than the Anaheim pepper. They may, however, go nicely with a variety of foods. You may roast them, add them to meals, or even drink lemonade with them.

Hungarian wax pepper

The Hungarian wax is at least twice as spicy as an Anaheim pepper and may be up to 20 times hotter. Consider it to be similar to the heat of some of the hottest jalapeo peppers you’ve ever eaten. There’s even more in the Hungarian wax’s gas tank, approaching the levels of milder serrano pepper, so be prepared.

Hungarian Wax Peppers, as the name implies, are from Hungary. Since they are so adaptable, they are an excellent alternative for Anaheim peppers.

Keep in mind, though, that Hungarian Wax Peppers are spicy (almost 20 times hotter than Anaheim pepper). So you can picture the entire temperature. As a result, we suggest this pepper to those with a strong tolerance for heat.

Apart from the heat differential, these peppers are somewhat acidic towards the end, unlike Anaheim peppers. As a result, you may notice a significant change towards the conclusion. When it comes to use, Hungarian Wax Peppers are ideal for stuffing. You may also choose to bake, fry, or pickle them.

Serrano Peppers

Serrano peppers are another great alternative to Anaheim peppers. They’re spicier and hotter than Anaheim peppers, yet they have a comparable smokey taste.

If you want to make salsa or any form of flavour, use Serrano peppers. Also, they may be eaten after roasting or seasoning!

Chilaca pepper

Chilaca peppers are excellent if you want a pepper variety with the same spice or intensity as Anaheim peppers.

Chilaca pepper has a heat level of around 1000 SHU, which is comparable to Anaheim pepper. Moreover, it has the same deep, earthy, and sweet taste as Anaheim pepper.

Chilaca pepper may be used in place of Anaheim pepper for roasting, grilling, and baking!

Frequently Asked Question [FAQs]

Is Anaheim pepper the same as Serrano?

Serrano peppers are similar to Anaheim peppers, but they are milder and mature to an orange-red color, while Anaheim peppers become red.

Can you substitute Anaheim peppers for Jalapenos?

Absolutely, Anaheim peppers may be substituted for Jalapenos. They’re not as spicy or fiery as jalapenos. They may, however, become as fiery as jalapenos in many meals.

Can you substitute Poblano for Anaheim peppers?

Sure, you may use Poblano instead of Anaheim peppers. They may be used in a variety of dishes. When using Poblano peppers, though, anticipate some added heat.


If you don’t have Anaheim chiles, any of the components mentioned above may be substituted. Keep in mind that some of the replacements offered have a different level of heat than Anaheim pepper. Check for this and change the substitute amount as appropriate.


What can be substituted for an Anaheim pepper?

Finest Anaheim Peppers Substitutes.
Bell peppers. If you don’t have a strong tolerance for heat, bell peppers are the ideal anaheim pepper replacement. Poblano Peppers. Jalapeno Peppers. Hungarian Wax Peppers. Chilaca Peppers. Fresno Peppers. Guajillo Peppers. Shishito Peppers.
Additional details…•November 1, 2022

Is Anaheim pepper same as Serrano?

Serrano peppers are a kind of chili pepper that has a spicy and intense taste and normally registers between 10,000 and 25,000 heat units on the Scoville Scale. Anaheim peppers are a mild chili pepper that usually registers between 500 to 2,500 Scoville heat units on the Scoville Scale.

Do Anaheim peppers taste like jalapenos?

Jalapeno peppers taste less fiery when pickled, making them more suited for persons with softer palates. Anaheim peppers are much milder than jalapeos, with a mildly fruity, mellow taste. People often use stuffed Anaheims as a main meal since they are bigger peppers with a softer taste profile.

What flavor is Anaheim pepper?

An Anaheim pepper’s flavor may be characterized as smoky, sweet, and tangy. It does have some heat, but not the type that lingers as in hot peppers.

Can I substitute poblano for Anaheim?

Anaheim peppers may be used in place of poblano peppers. They have a similar flavor profile, however the flavor is significantly sweeter. They may be utilized similarly to poblano peppers and are a wonderful alternative for foods that need a bit extra sweetness.

Which is hotter Anaheim or poblano?

Green Poblano Chiles

It is normally hotter than Anaheim, however its pungency fluctuates and it may be relatively mild at times. Poblanos are frequently utilized in a variety of dishes across Mexico, and they are the most often used peppers in the creation of chiles rellenos and chiles en nogada.

Are poblano and Anaheim peppers similar?

These are two distinct types of peppers. The Poblano is a mild chili pepper that is hotter than the Anaheim. Poblano is distinguished by its long, somewhat twisted heart form, pointy tip, and dark green hue. Anaheim is longer, skinnier, and lighter green in hue.

Are Anaheim peppers the same as long hots?

Anaheim peppers are another option for Long Hots.

Are Big Jim and Anaheim peppers the same?

The Big Jim Chile Pepper, developed in 1975 at New Mexico State University, is the biggest of the New Mexican pod kinds, formerly known as Anaheim, California, or green Chiles.

Are Anaheim peppers similar to bell peppers?

Poblanos resemble bell peppers, although Anaheim chilies are thinner and longer. They have a more spicy pepper-like look, thus the cavity for stuffing is not as large as that of bell peppers or poblanos. These chiles are also great for salsa.

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