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Substitute For Tomato Sauce To Avoid Allergies?

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Tomatoes are very adaptable; they have the right blend of sweet and acidic tastes, and I won’t even begin to mention the health advantages since the list is endless. Because tomatoes spoil rapidly, it makes sense to process them into a paste to lengthen their shelf life, which is why we have tomato paste.

Tomato paste is used in many dishes due to the flexibility of tomatoes, but not everyone can appreciate this sweet and acidic paste due to allergies. Some individuals are allergic to nightshade plants and so cannot eat tomatoes in any form. As a result, a substitution is required.

In this post, I will discuss some of the finest tomato paste replacements to use in your recipes without jeopardizing your health. But first, let us examine what tomato paste is all about.

Tomato Sauce Nutrition Facts

Substitute For Tomato Sauce To Avoid Allergies?

What is Tomato Paste?

Tomato paste is a thick tomato paste produced from crushed tomatoes. To make this paste, tomatoes are cooked for an extended amount of time to eliminate extra water. After removing the seeds and skins, the tomatoes are cooked a second time until the base becomes a concentrated paste.

Tomato paste differs from tomato puree and tomato sauce in that they have thinner consistency, with tomato sauce being the thinnest.

Tomatoes belong to the nightshade family. It also includes alkaloids, which are poisonous chemicals. When people with nightshade allergies consume tomatoes, they may develop respiratory issues, dermatitis, or rashes.

Uses of Tomato Paste in Recipes

Tomato paste adds a natural umami taste to braised meats, soups, stews, and sauces, as well as a great tomato flavor. This paste may be used in a variety of recipes. It may be used to balance the acidity and sweetness in your cuisine, as well as to provide depth to sauces and to replace fresh tomatoes in many recipes.

Caramelizing your tomato paste before cooking is the best method to get its maximum flavor. To eliminate the metallic taste associated with canned goods, sauté the paste in some butter or oil for a few seconds or a couple of minutes. This procedure will change your brilliant red tomato paste into a deeper brown colour, and the flavor will be a more concentrated tomato paste rich with umami flavor.

Here are a few dishes that you may make using tomato paste.

  • Meatballs in Curried Sauce
  • Low-Fat Butter Chicken
  • Party Sausage Rolls
  • Zoodles with Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella
  • Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Casserole
  • Pepperoni Pasta Bake
  • Easy Ratatouille
  • Rigatoni Pasta Pie
  • Eggplant Parm Casserole
  • Three-Ingredients Creamy Tomato Shells
  • Baked Zucchini Ziti Spiral with Mozzarella
  • Chicken Parmesan Baked Ziti
  • Slow-Cooker Turkey Chili
  • Polenta and Meatballs
  • Pepperoni Pizza Sliders

Substitutes for Tomato Paste

Tomato paste is a multi-purpose ingredient. I mean, tomatoes are in practically every dish, and if you eat a lot of Italian cuisine, tomatoes may be something you’re already used to. If you have a tomato or nightshade allergy, you should avoid eating tomatoes, which may mean missing out on many great meals.

To solve this issue, you must eliminate tomatoes from your diet totally, yet certain meals need the taste and depth that tomatoes provide. The best option is to utilize a tomato-like alternative that will not cause your allergies.

Do you know that you may acquire a tomato-like taste from other vegetables? Continue reading to learn more about these vegetables.

Pomegranate Powder


In terms of taste and texture, beets are the most similar to tomatoes. You may breathe a sigh of relief since this vegetable does not belong to the nightshade family.

Because beets are tougher than tomatoes, they take longer to cook, which may be an issue if you need to use it quickly. Cook raw beets in a pressure cooker to get a thick paste-like tomato paste. After cooking the beets in a pressure cooker, they will become much softer; next, place them in a blender and process until you get a paste similar to tomato paste. The flavor may not be a perfect match, but it is quite near.

When substituting tomato paste in a recipe, use this paste in a 1 to 1 ratio.

Prego Garden Harvest Mushroom & Green Pepper Italian Sauce


Carrots may also be used in place of tomatoes in your dish. It lacks the acidity of tomatoes and does not have the same tastes as tomato paste. To correct this, cook some diced carrots with chopped onions and garlic in vinegar with a little water (you don’t want the paste to be too thin). The vinegar would mimic the acidity of tomatoes, while the other components would contribute to a rich taste that should be comparable to tomato paste. To get the red hue of tomato paste, add some red food coloring or beets.

Use this paste in place of tomato paste in your recipes.

Fruit-Based Sauce


With only a few ingredients, you could create your own tomato sauce at home. To prepare the basis for this tomato sauce, you’ll need some cranberries and cherries.

2 cup of water, add roughly a teaspoon each of garlic and onion powder.2 cup pumpkin pure, add 13 cup cranberries, and 14 cup cherries,11 cup water in a pressure cooker

Next, add approximately an inch of cinnamon stick and some sea salt to the mixture and whisk to combine everything. Everything should be pressure cooked for 5 minutes and cooled before being blended.

This sauce may also be used in a 1 to 1 ratio anytime you require tomato paste. Keep in mind that this sauce may be a little thinner than regular tomato paste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long can tomato paste be kept?

Unopened tomato paste may be stored in the pantry for approximately six months, opened canned paste for up to seven days, and one in a glass jar for up to ten days. However, if you have tomato paste in a tube, it may be stored for up to 45 days.

Can you get sick from old tomato paste?

There is no reason to be concerned if there was no mold, odor, or foul taste. However, for health concerns, you should still consult with a skilled medical practitioner.

How can you replace tomato paste with tomato purée?

Tomato paste and tomato pure are almost identical; the main difference is that tomato pure is thinner in consistency. To get the finest results, replace tomato sauce with three tablespoons of tomato pure.


Tomatoes are a culinary mainstay; even if you have a tomato allergy, you may come across a dish that calls for them. There’s no need to avoid tomato dishes when you can replace tomato paste for any of these nightshade-free alternatives.


What is a good substitute for tomato sauce if you are allergic to tomatoes?

If tomato isn’t a key flavor in your recipe or you’re sensitive to it, roasted red peppers are a great substitute. Open a container or roast your own and blend in a food processor. They will provide a splash of color and taste but will lack the thickness of tomato paste.

What can I use in place of tomato sauce?

What can I use in place of tomato sauce?
Tomato sauce. “I think of tomato paste as the garlic powder equivalent of fresh garlic,” Xie says, pointing out that it’s extremely concentrated and dried.
Tomatoes from a can.
Soup with tomatoes.
Tomatoes, fresh.
Tomatoes that have been sun-dried.

What is a tomato substitute for nightshade allergies?

For people who must avoid nightshades or have dietary allergies, nomato sauce is a tomato-free alternative to marinara sauce. It’s an excellent addition to pasta, pizza, and other dishes.

Can you be allergic to tomato sauce but not tomatoes?

Allergies to Sauce

A response to store-bought tomato sauce does not necessarily indicate a tomato allergy. Check the ingredient list; certain tomato sauces, particularly flavored pasta sauces, may include items derived from milk or soy, two of the most frequent allergy sources.

Why am I suddenly allergic to tomato sauce?

Tomato Allergy Causes

OAS responses to tomatoes are induced by a grass pollen allergy that interacts with tomatoes. Profilins are proteins found in both. While not identical, the profilins are near enough to cause an allergic reaction. Pollen allergies are a seasonal occurrence.

How do you counteract tomato allergy?

Although avoidance is the best choice, tomato allergies may typically be effectively treated with antihistamines, and topical steroidal ointment can be beneficial for treating an allergic rash.

What is the same as tomato sauce?

Tomato sauce

Tomato paste is an excellent alternative for tomato sauce since it is, well, tomato sauce—albeit in a highly concentrated form.

Can I use salsa instead of tomato sauce?

The thinner consistency is an excellent substitute for marinara sauce. And, as salsa is made mostly of summer ingredients, it makes perfect sense to pair it with this Summer Salad Pasta, don’t you think? The majority of pasta meals that revolve on a tomato-based sauce are marinara.

Is tomato paste a nightshade?

Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and potatoes are all members of the “nightshade” family of vegetables.

What are people with tomato allergies also allergic to?

Tomato allergens have substantial cross-reactivity with birch pollen, grass pollens, bell peppers, cherry, pineapple, banana, almonds, rubber latex, apple, celery, yellow mustard, Japanese cedar pollen, peach, and Rosaceae family members.

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