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Substitute for Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

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Thai sweet chili sauce has increased usage in the kitchen, from sweetening hot Asian cuisine to igniting delectable desserts.

Thai sweet chili sauce appears to be an unanswered question in the kitchen. But one thing is certain. It is an excellent spice to your recipe one you would get stuck on for sure.

Usually, sweet chili sauce is supposed to be easy to find for purchase at your local store you may have to search in the international section.

But then, in cases where you cant seem to lay your hands on any, or maybe you want to switch up your recipe to hit something different but still quite similar. So I have highlighted a few choices for your benefit.

Read this interesting piece to learn more about the Thai sweet chili sauce, how it is used in recipes, and yes! excellent substitutes you replace the sauce with.

What is Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

Substitute for Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

Thai sweet chili sauce is a delightful sauce well used in Thai, Afghan, Malaysian, and even Western cuisines. Notably, these ingredients constitute the sauce: red chili peppers, rice vinegar, garlic, fish sauce, and either sugar or honey.

Thai sweet chili sauce can be made at home or purchased from supermarkets.

Do you want to produce your own sweet Thai chili sauce at home? To prepare this wonderful sauce, red peppers, frequently Thai, Fresno, or red jalapenos, are cooked with water, sugar, rice wine vinegar, and sometimes garlic or a dash of Asian fish sauce.

The amount of heat in the sauce is regulated by the pepper used and the number of seeds incorporated. The sauce is further thickened with cornstarch, and the color ranges from pinkish to red based on the quantity of pepper used.

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce Uses in Recipes

Substitute for Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

The sweet-hot contrast of Thai sweet chili sauce can be used to brighten up a variety of lightly seasoned meals. However, your taste is most likely geared to fiery sensations with spicy or savory spice dishes.

Nonetheless, start incorporating it with some basic pairings and then you can explore and try out new things.

  • Pineapple ghost chili sauce
  • Sweet chili chicken
  • Sweet chili mayo with veggie burgers
  • Pasta with Thai sweet chili sauce and cream cheese
  • Grilling with cheese on toast
  • Cooking potatoes
  • Glaze pork loin
  • Honey, garlic, and Thai sweet chili marinade
  • Carrot dip
  • Eggs and dairy
  • Chicken burgers
  • Baked chicken
  • Seafood and fish
  • Egg rolls
  • Spring rolls

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce Substitutes

When it comes to Thai cuisine, sweet chili sauce is unquestionably one of the most important components. However, this sauce is not available everywhere, and it may be too spicy for some people.

Regardless of the circumstances, there are several options to consider.

Hot Sauce & Honey

When youre out of Thai sweet chili sauce, this is the best option for a flavor and texture that is fairly similar to it. Notably, we know that the thick and sticky viscosity of Thai sweet chili sauce makes it ideal for dipping spring rolls and other similar items.

Therefore, to get a comparable flavor without getting or making your own Thai sweet chili sauce. You may pick up two culinary essentials: spicy sauce and honey.

You can combine a teaspoon of hot sauce with a tablespoon of fine honey to make a sweet chili sauce-like combination. Moreover, you can use whichever hot sauce you choose, but be careful to taste it first, as it may overpower the other flavors in your recipe. Again, though, I will personally recommend a tomato-based hot sauce as a good fit.

Plum Sauce & Hot Sauce


Plum sauce will provide enough sweetness to balance the heat and can be approached the same way as the honey + hot sauce approach. You can start the combination with a tablespoon of plum sauce and a teaspoon of hot sauce, then go on to modify the ratio to achieve your desired consistency.

Moreover, I will recommend the same hot sauce principle choose a hot sauce that is mostly tomato-based, something like Sriracha will do.

Plum sauce can be found at any supermarket, usually around the international food aisle or Asian food department. So whenever you are cooking some wings, coconut shrimp, salmon, or noodles, you can utilize this sauce mixture.

Remember that plum sauce has a deep burgundy color that can influence the appearance of your dish. Regardless, it tastes excellent.

Hot Soy Sauce

Instead, you can make a hot version of soy sauce if you cant procure some Thai sweet chili sauce. This sauce might not give you the same super-sweet taste, but it will suffice when your recipe needs that sweet chili sauce.

Notably, this is a healthy version of sweet chili sauce that you can prepare in just a few minutes by yourself at home. You follow this ratio in your recipe combine one tablespoon apple cider vinegar, tablespoon of soy sauce, teaspoon of red pepper flakes, And tablespoon of honey in a mixing bowl.

You can also introduce other ingredients ginger, garlic, etc. to match your preferred taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Sriracha the same sauce as Thai sweet chili sauce?

The flavors of Sriracha and sweet chili sauce are not the same. Sweet chili sauce is dominated by a sweet garlic flavor, whereas Sriracha offers a punch of heat. Moreover, sweet chili sauce is significantly thicker, with a strong garlic and sugar flavor.

Is Thai sweet chili sauce the same as Thai chili paste?

No, there is a fine distinction between them. A chili paste has a fairly thick consistency and typically contains more chili peppers as its main ingredient. Meanwhile, Thai sweet chili sauce has a thinner consistency and frequently contains additional seasonings.

Can I use Thai sweet chili sauce instead of chili paste?

To substitute Thai sweet chile sauce with a paste, pick a paste with a similar flavor profile and add moisture to turn it into a sauce. Thai sweet chili sauces can also be refined to maintain a much thicker consistency to make them suitable alternatives for chili pastes.


Yes, Thai sweet chili sauce is a popular condiment used in several Asian dishes because it has a good mix of warm and spicy characteristics.

Nonetheless, on some days when you cant seem to find it in any local store around you, you will need to consider these options so you can proceed to cook a simple Thai sweet chili sauce substitute to enjoy in your dish.

The alternatives, however, may not give the same delicious sweet heat as an actual Thai sweet chili sauce unless you try to spice it up to perfection yourself.


What can replace Thai sweet chili sauce?

If you’re looking for a dipping sauce replacement, some good options include soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and plum sauce. All of these sauces are common in Asian cuisine and will provide a similar flavor profile to Thai sweet chili sauce.

Is Thai sweet chili sauce the same as sriracha?

Sweet chili sauce, also known as Thai chili sauce, is made using dried chili flakes and is primarily a sweet condiment that also has sour and spicy notes. Sriracha is a spicy, bright red chili sauce made with peppers, vinegar, garlic, and a few other ingredients.

Can I use sriracha instead of sweet chili sauce?

Sriracha Sauce

That’s why it makes a fantastic replacement for chili sauce. It’s spicy, a little sweet, and sort of tangy. Sriracha is made with red jalapeños, garlic, sugar, and vinegar. It actually has very similar ingredients to that of chili sauce.

Is sweet and Sour the same as sweet chili sauce?

Sweet and sour sauce is pineapple-based, with no heat (spice). It is naturally brown in color, and red food coloring is added to give it the distinctive color you might be used to seeing in restaurants or in bottles at the store. Sweet chili sauce, on the other hand, incorporates red chilis and does have hint of spice.

Can you substitute sweet chili sauce?

Your best bet for a quick need: A hot sauce and honey mix

If you like spicy food at all, you likely have a bottle of hot sauce sitting around. Pair a teaspoon of hot sauce with a tablespoon of honey (then adjust to your liking) to get a quick and dirty sweet chili sauce alternative.

What is Thai sweet chili sauce made of?

WHAT EXACTLY IS SWEET CHILI SAUCE? Sometimes also referred to as Thai Sweet Chili Sauce or Asian Sweet Chili Sauce, it’s a simultaneously sweet, savory, tangy and spicy sauce incorporating red chilies, garlic, ginger, sugar and vinegar.

What are other names for Thai chili sauce?

“Sriracha” is a spicy chili sauce.

It is called Sauce Phrik in Thai and a useful ingredient for Thai cooking. Sriracha sauce is a very good example for this type of Thai chili sauce.

What is the difference between chili sauce and Thai sweet chili sauce?

There is a difference between this sauce and chili sauce. Sweet Chili Sauce is made with chili peppers and sugar, which gives it a sweet flavor. Chili sauce, on the other hand, is more tomato-based, almost like ketchup.

Is Heinz chili sauce sweet chili sauce?

This sweet chili sauce has a thick texture and an excellent flavor that the entire family enjoys. Heinz Chili Sauce is made with vine ripened tomatoes, garlic and aromatic spices for a fresh and natural taste.

Is sriracha chili sauce the same as regular chili sauce?

Sriracha is a thick, tangy-sweet chili pepper sauce with a strong kick of garlic. Though it is spicy, its flavor is much more layered and complex than common hot sauces like Tabasco, which taste of heat and vinegar.

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