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Substitute for Milk in Meatloaf

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Meatloaf is a traditional meal that blends comfort cuisine with a nostalgic feel. The earliest known recipe for meatloaf was published in the 1870s, according to research, and it has since proved to be a popular meal among Americans.

Meatloaf is often cooked with beef and pig, but alternatives include chicken, turkey, and anything in between.

when you can make meatloaf with any beef, a milk substitution meatloaf recipe is ideal for children and people who are lactose intolerant or otherwise unable to ingest milk when eating meat.

Furthermore, a dairy-free version of the traditional home-cooking staple is a hit, particularly when served with dairy-free creamy mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy.

Continue reading to discover more about milk in meatloaf recipes and the wonderful replacements you may use in its stead.

MilkNutrition Facts

Substitute for Milk in Meatloaf

What is Milk

Substitute for Milk in Meatloaf

Milk is a nutrient-rich fluid produced by the mammary glands of female animals. It is a cooking ingredient that may provide protein, color, and taste to baked goods while also moistening the batter or dough. The most common form of milk used in baking is nonfat dry milk (NFDM), often known as dried skim milk.

Meatloaf commonly contains milk. It is customary to moisten the breadcrumbs with milk before mixing them into the meat. Furthermore, milk is utilized in the manufacture of certain breadcrumbs. Of course, certain recipes call for cheese.

The milk adds richness and moisture to the meatloaf, while the bread retains the fluid within and the texture soft. Leaving out the milk results in a loss of creaminess and wetness, which no one likes. Many additional ingredients, such as chicken stock, cream, and butter, may be replaced.

Milk Uses in Recipes

Milk is used to soak the bread crumbs in meatloaf to give it the moisture it needs. See some delicious recipes and foods that use it:

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Substitutes for Milk in Meatloaf

If you’re searching for a milk alternative for meatloaf, you have a few possibilities. I believe that any solutions would be wonderful to investigate, whether you are lactose intolerant or just want to reduce your daily consumption.

Allow me to offer my favored methods for making meatloaf without milk.

Chicken Stock

In my view, chicken stock is the best milk alternative for meatloaf. Yes, the final taste may differ little, but the meal will still be delicious.

To begin, substitute 1 cup of milk for 1 cup of chicken stock and adjust as required.

Notably, bones are boiled for an extended period of time to produce stock. As the bones boil longer, more beneficial substances will emerge.

Furthermore, several chemicals may be utilized to manufacture stock. This implies that the vitamins and minerals in stock vary depending on the ingredients employed in their manufacture.

You may, however, increase the quantity of nutrients in your stock by adding extra vegetables and herbs.

Beef Stock

In meatloaf, beef stock is an excellent alternative for milk.

Beef stock, in particular, is a broth that is often used in sauces, soups, stews, and braised meat. Adding a nice splosh of your favorite broth to the dish you’re preparing brings you great delight.

If you don’t mind without using beef, try preparing your meatloaf using milk instead of beef stock. Although it does not taste like milk, it may be used in the same manner.

Contrary to common misconception, broth and stock are not the same thing. Stock is made mostly from cooked cattle bones and vegetables, while broth is made by boiling and reducing the flesh together with the animal’s bone. The stock, on the other hand, will have a less meaty taste and texture.

Vegetable Broth

Vegetable broths are one of the most popular meat stock substitutes. And, sure, it will work great in meatloaf when the recipe asks for milk.

You may add any tasty veggies, such as mushrooms, garlic, onions, carrots, and so on, to give the broth a rich taste.

While the veggies are sautéing, infuse the flavors with Italian ingredients such as bay leaf, rosemary, pepper, and thyme.

To enhance the flavor of the meal, add a splash of red wine and soy sauce. You may also add some hatch miso for a different taste profile.

Vegetables, as we all know, are quite healthy, thus vegetable broth must be as well. Vegetable broth is strong in nutrients that help our bodies function optimally. It promotes nutrition absorption and enhances brain and body function.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the key to getting moist meatloaf?

Stale bread is essential in meatloaf because it helps keep the meat together. Before mixing it with a more moist meatloaf, soak the bread in milk until it gets thick and mushy.

Why is milk used in meatloaf?

Milk is used in meatloaf because it soaks the bread crumbs, providing moisture to the meatloaf. If you do not wish to use milk, use reduced sodium beef stock, chicken stock, water, or a nondairy milk alternative.

What happens if you make meatloaf with too much milk?

Of course, the beef will firm up while it cooks, but a sloppy, watery combination will result in a mushy, loose meatloaf. If the meatloaf is really thick and tight, it will be like this. If you used too much milk and the meat mixture is too loose, shred up additional bread and throw it in.


The basic components in most American meatloaf recipes are ground beef, onion, eggs, breadcrumbs, ketchup, and, of course, milk. This traditional meal is so wonderful and satisfying that it may be featured as an entree on many restaurant menus.

If you need to make a fast meatloaf meal and don’t have any milk on hand, you may use any of the alternatives listed below. Don’t be concerned. They will have no effect on the texture or taste of your delicious meatloaf.


What can I use instead of milk in a meatloaf?

Milk is used in meatloaf because it soaks the bread crumbs, which adds moisture to the meatloaf. If you don’t want to use milk, consider reduced salt beef stock, chicken stock, water, or a nondairy milk alternative.

What happens if you don’t put milk in meatloaf?

The milk provides richness and moisture, while the bread keeps the meatloaf tender. So, leaving out the milk would mean losing some creaminess and wetness. Many additional components, such as chicken stock, milk, butter, and so on, may readily replace them.

What can I substitute if I don’t have milk?

Milk hydrates the dry ingredients and provides flavor in most recipes, and there are lots of replacements that may accomplish the same without harming the final product.
It’s half and half.
The cream is thick.
Nondairy milks such as soy and almond.
The sour cream.
Milk that has been evaporated.
Coconut milk in a can.

Can you substitute broth for milk in meatloaf?

WHAT CAN I USE IN PLACE OF MILK IN MEATLOAF? As previously stated, milk may be substituted with almost any liquid. Broth made from chicken, beef, or vegetables works well. You may also add water if you choose, but it will not enhance taste.

What keeps meatloaf moist?

At each stage, add moisture.

Don’t leave out the eggs, ketchup, tomato paste, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, barbecue sauce, or any other wet spices. They not only provide taste and texture, but they also aid to keep the meat moist.

What ingredient keeps meatloaf from falling apart?

Eggs: Like breadcrumbs and milk, eggs serve as a binding agent in the meatloaf.

Can I use mayo instead of milk in meatloaf?

Can I use mayonnaise for milk in meatloaf? You may use mayonnaise instead of milk in your meatloaf recipe since it provides moisture and richness to your meal in the same way that yogurt and sour cream do.

Why put eggs in meatloaf?

Eggs provide structure.

Egg yolks, which are mainly water but have a high protein and fat content, give taste, richness, and moisture. They also aid in the binding of the meat and the formation of a sturdy loaf without the need to overwork the meat.

Can I use butter instead of milk?

Particular Considerations. If the recipe asks for extra milk, add a tablespoon of melted butter per cup of water to maintain the same fat level.

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