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Substitute for Braeburn Apples

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Braeburn apples were initially found in 1952 by O.Moran. He was a farmer from New Zealand’s Moutiere Hills area. O.Moran discovered a strange-looking accidental seedling on the side of the road. He chose one apple and delivered it to the Williams Brothers nursery. The apple was studied and determined to be a probable hybrid between Lady Hamilton and Granny Smith, and the Williams Brothers noticed its commercial power and excellent qualities right once. The apple was grafted and farmed for sale after that.

Apple Nutrition Facts

Substitute for Braeburn Apples

Braeburn apples have a red color with a yellow to light green undertone and a cream to golden interior. Many people like them because of their taste and texture. Theyre among the top 15 most common apple variants in the United States and one of the best-tasting apples available. They taste like rich spiced apple cider and are ideal for producing apple juice.


Substitute for Braeburn Apples

The taste of Braeburn apples is exquisite. It has a typical apple flavor, similar to McIntosh apple, but with a cinnamon and nutmeg accent that reminds you of eating apple pie from a tree. In a perfectly ripe Braeburn apple, youd realize a sweet and tart flavor with a hint of melon or pear. They’re juicy, firm, and crispy, making them ideal as a snacking apple. They go well with a variety of cheeses. It has enough acid to keep its form when baked and is often used to create pies. Braeburn apples may also be used to produce juices, sauces, and apple cider. Braeburn apples are quite adaptable and may be used in a variety of foods and methods, including baking, desserts, grilling, topping, jams, jellies, beverages, preserves, salads, sauces, butter, sides, on a stick, and dipping. They are a mainstay in numerous dishes from throughout the globe, including;

  • Cheesy vegetable patties
  • Rose tarts
  • Apple pie
  • Braeburn apple butter
  • Maple sweetened apple crisp
  • German apple cake
  • Toffee apple cinnamon buns
  • Slow cooker sausage
  • Vegan apple spice muffins
  • Caramel apple skillet cake
  • Apple cranberry rosemary stuffing
  • Herbed chicken salad
  • Braeburn apple and walnut haroseth
  • Sauted fish sticks with chips and slaw
  • Salted caramel apple tart
  • Pork tenderloin
  • Roasted trout with Braeburn apples
  • Tarte tartan

Substitutes for Braeburn  Apples

Braeburn apples are plentiful, delicious, and good for almost everything apples are used for. However, if you find it unavailable, unsuitable for you or your audience, or want to try something different, there are other apples you may try. One or more characteristics of Braeburn apples may be present in another apple, which is why your recipe calls for it. Choose an apple-based meal from the list below and enjoy.

Granny Smith Apples


This is the most creative alternative for Braeburn apples in any dish. They are the most often used apples in all recipes. They are common and readily accessible. Granny Smith apples are solid with a moderately tart taste. They are high-quality apples that are excellent for creating pies, particularly apple pies. They’re convenient solutions that keep their shape and green hue even after cooking.

Fuji Apples

This is another great alternative to Braeburn apples. They are apples with a tart and sweet taste mix. Fiji apples, which are native to Japan, have been around since the 1930s. They work nicely as a substitute for Braeburn apples in muffins, tarts, and galettes. They may also keep their taste and texture even after baking.

Gala Apples

These apples are another excellent option for Braeburn apples in salads. Gala apples offer excellent attributes, such as a mild taste and creamy flesh. You may dice them and use them in any dish without fear of their becoming brown.

Jonamac Apples

When looking for an alternative for Braeburn apples, Jonamac apples are another excellent and cost-effective choice. They are classified as hybrid apples and are accessible in the early autumn season. Jonamac apples have a crisp texture and a moderately peppery taste. Although their tastes are not universally liked, they are a great replacement for Braeburn apples. It’s good for snacking.

Honeycrisp Apples


This is another great alternative to Braeburn apples. Crisp apples have a firm texture and are often referred to as such. When baked or cooked, honey apples will not break down or become mushy, and they will retain their look. These apples are widely accessible and adaptable. They have a crisp and juicy texture and may be eaten on their own. They are also a fantastic baking ingredient, with a sweet and honey-like taste that complements a variety of cuisines. Regardless of how wonderful this taste profile is, it is light and will not overshadow the overall flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What apple is similar to Braeburn?

Some apple trees look like Braeburn apples. Theyre Winter gem, Red Falstaff, Meridian, Chivers delight, and Rajka.

Do Braeburn apples have another name?

Braeburn apples are named after the first commercially farmed orchard in New Zealand, near Motueka.

How can you tell a Braeburn apple?

When recognizing Braeburn apples, there are a few characteristics to look for. To begin, the flesh varies in color from white to greenish-yellow. It is medium to big in size, conical or oblong in form, with flat edges and a few medium-sized seeds.


Braeburn apples are a gift from nature since they were created to stand out and be unique. They’re jam-packed with taste, wonderful juice, and nutrients. They’re also incredibly flexible ingredients, utilized in a variety of dishes across the globe for a variety of reasons. These apples are widely accessible in certain areas, but not in others. So, what do you do if a recipe asks for Braeburn apples and you’re in Japan, where Fuji apples abound? This post has assisted you in listing additional fantastic apples and sufficient alternatives for Braeburn apples in your recipes. They will take your recipes and make them extremely similar to what you get when you use Braeburn apples in your dishes.


Why can’t i find Braeburn apples?

If you can’t locate Braeburn apples in your area, its progeny varieties may have taken their place on the market. As an alternative to traditional Braeburn Apples, try a newer offspring variety like as Jazz Apples, Envy Apples, or Kanzi Apples.

What is the difference between Gala and Braeburn apples?

Braeburn: Sweet, tangy, and juicy, this apple will add flavor, fragrance, and smoothness to your applesauce. Galatia: Galatia Apples have a mild taste, yet they are sweet and crunchy. Make applesauce with Galas when you are looking for a mild flavor.

What do Braeburn apples taste like?

Braeburn apples have a taste that is both sweet and acidic. They are accessible in the northern hemisphere from October to April and range in size from medium to giant. Because of their capacity to preserve well when refrigerated, they are a favorite fruit among farmers.

Are Braeburn apples good for baking?

Braeburn. This apple has a strong flavor and bakes up juicy but not mushy. In this yeasted apple coffee cake, they’ll fare well beneath gobs of streusel, with a strong taste to stand up to a boatload of cinnamon.

When can you buy Braeburn apples?

Braeburn Apples Are Available

Braeburn apples are one of the later-harvesting types, generally harvested around October. While they are at their finest immediately after harvesting, they keep well and are available throughout the spring.

Are Braeburn apples seasonal?

Braeburn apples are picked in late March and early April and are available until the end of the year.

What is the best tasting apple in the world?

Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, Fuji, Ambrosia, and Cox’s Orange Pippin are among the best-tasting apple cultivars. These kinds taste best when collected at their height of ripeness and consumed within a few months after harvest.

What are the best apples for apple crisp?

The Best Apple Varieties to Use for Apple Crisp

Apple pies and apple crisps are popular with the firm and crisp Granny Smith and Honeycrisp kinds. Another excellent option for a crisp is Golden Delicious.

What apples are a cross between Royal Gala and Braeburn?

Envy is a Scilate apple variety that has a trademarked name. Scilate is the offspring of a Royal Gala and a Braeburn cross.

What is the sweetest best tasting apple?

1. The Fuji apple. Fuji apples are very sweet and are sometimes the sweetest apple available in supermarket shops. Fuji apples have a flowery scent that tastes nearly like honey.

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