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Substitute: Dried Ancho Chiles

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Chiles are regarded to be a key element in many Mexican cuisine recipes. One of these varieties of chiles is dried ancho chile. Dried ancho chiles are peppers recognized for their fiery flavor, and they are filled with spicy properties that make them a treat in many kitchens throughout the globe, not just in Mexico.


Finding a substitute for dried ancho chiles seems to be difficult, thus many people are concerned about the prospect of finding an alternative. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for dried ancho chiles in the vast majority of meals. You should get acquainted with paprika and pasilla chile powder as alternatives for dried ancho chilies.

What is Dried Ancho Chiles?

Dried ancho chiles are prepared from deep green, plump poblano peppers. They have a lot of taste and are extremely spicy. They provide this to the dried ancho chiles. Dried ancho chilies have a taste profile that is thin, fruity, and cherry-like. Maybe its claim to fame stems from the fact that it gives a fantastic spice to foods.

This chile takes pleasure in its fiery nature, which may make it a popular element in dishes. It’s prepared by crushing or grinding it before adding it to a meal.

Dried Ancho Uses in Recipes

People who like pepper, particularly in Mexico and South America, would almost certainly use dried Ancho in the majority of their recipes. It has a smoke-like, sweet, and fruity flavor that persists long after drying. Dried ancho chiles may be used to make both sweet and savory foods, and they can heat up and add a lot of flavor to them.

If you want your dried ancho chilies to be more sensitive to your recipe, recondition them. This may be accomplished by immersing the anchos in hot water for a few minutes. Dried anchos are renowned for their taste and spiciness, which is why they are used in dishes such as:

  • Sauce with ancho chiles
  • Ancho beef stew in 20 minutes
  • Ancho guajillo paste from Chile
  • Chili with ancho, meat, and kidney beans
  • Chili paste prepared from scratch
  • Beef stew with ancho seasoning
  • Skirt steak sprinkled with ancho chile
  • Salsa de Chiles Dry
  • Chili with ancho chicken
  • Mole sauce with ancho chiles
  • Pot roast with ancho chile sauce
  • Ancho chile quesadillas
  • Escabeche stuffed ancho chilies
  • Pickled ancho chile salsa
  • Shrimp, ancho chile, and pasta

Dried Ancho Chile Substitute

There may be occasions when this well-known spice will be depleted from your home ingredient storage and you will be unable to get another. Another risk with dried ancho chiles, particularly ground ones, is that they may irritate the eyes and throat. In addition, some individuals are allergic to chile oil, which might cause a burning feeling. These are some of the numerous reasons why a replacement is required.

It is critical to consider the spicy intensity while choosing another alternative for dried ancho chile. In that light, you may swap the choices mentioned for your dried ancho chiles when preparing your recipes. These are the alternatives:


This powdered ancho chile replacement replaces dry ancho chilies. It gets its strong ruby hue from the grinding of red peppers together. Paprika has a spicy taste that is not overpowering. This makes it a good substitute for dried ancho chilies. It is made by combining the energies of red peppers, bell peppers, and chilli peppers.

Paprika is classified into two types: sweet paprika, which is less hot, and smoked paprika, which has a toasty taste. When using dried ancho chiles in a dish, it is recommended that you add paprika in the same amount as the Ancho.

Pasilla Chile Powder

This spice is produced entirely of pasilla chiles, as the name says. In terms of flavor, the pasilla chile is comparable to the dried ancho chile in its fruity, rich sensation. Another thing the pasilla has in common with the dried ancho chile is that they both have a moderate heat. Pasilla works nicely in sauces like mole because of its earthy taste.

The pasilla seems to be a star-studded spice, with black and purple as its primary hues. It also has a fruity taste to it. In your recipe, use it in lieu of the dried Ancho, and in the same quantity.

Chipotle Powder

This is another wonderful ancho chile alternative. While Chipotle is hotter than Ancho, it is a feasible alternative since it is one of the most widely available chilies on the market. In nature, it is largely powdered after being burnt and pulverized. With its earthy taste, this ancho replacement made from the jalapeño chili pepper mixes effortlessly into traditional Mexican cuisine. The amount of this pepper you may use as a replacement for the dried ancho chile depends on how spicy it is.

Mulato Pepper Powder

The Pablano pepper has just two varieties, one of which is the Mulato pepper. The distinction between the Mulato and the Ancho is that the Mulato is a mature variety of the poblano, whilst anchos are picked fresh and dried. This explains why it has more heat than the Ancho. Mulato may be used in moles, stews, and desserts. You may do the same quantity while replacing powdered Ancho for your Ancho in dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are guajillo chiles the same as ancho?

Yeah, they are the same, however they may have distinct tastes and sensations. Although one has a strong and earthy taste, the other, guajillo, has a fruity flavor.

Is chili powder the same as ancho chili powder?

The ancho chile powder is prepared by grinding the poblano pepper, while the chili powder is a blend of other spices.

How do you make ancho chiles?

Soak the ancho pepper in boiling water for 14-31 minutes. When it has softened, grind it into a powdery consistency for your usage.


The appeal of dried ancho chile as a great spice component, particularly among Mexicans, is undeniable. Yet, other individuals would like to avoid it for various reasons or because it is not accessible. We’ve included some excellent alternatives for such people, which you might peruse to get a sense of. They are a tasty and healthful option for Ancho in your meals.


What chillies are similar to ancho?

Poblano, chipotle, New Mexico chili pepper, dried Anaheim chili pepper, and pasilla are the finest Ancho Chile replacements. What exactly is this? Depending on the recipe, you may need to use more replacement peppers to get the same taste.

Can I substitute chipotle for ancho?

Chipotle is another well-known Mexican ingredient that may be used in place of ancho chili powder. Because of its smoky qualities, many chefs view chipotle as a first alternative. Chipotle powder is manufactured from nothing but dried and smoked jalapeo chilis.

Can I use regular chili powder instead of ancho?

Can you use regular chili powder instead of ancho chili powder? It’s not suggested, and it’s not simply because of the temperature difference. While spice rack chili powders and spices are usually blended with other ingredients, adding pure ancho powder may drastically alter the flavor of a dish.

Is ancho chile pepper the same as cayenne pepper?

Ancho chili powder is less spicy and has a more earthy and smokey flavor than cayenne pepper powder, which is considerably hotter and more powerful. Cayenne and Ancho peppers are well-known chillies in Mexican cuisine.

Which is hotter ancho or cayenne?

Which is hotter, cayenne pepper or ancho chili? Ancho peppers have a Scoville heat unit rating of roughly 1,000 to 1,500. (SHU.) That’s a low amount of heat, much less than a jalapeo (2,500 to 8,000 SHU.) Cayenne pepper, on the other hand, has between 30,000 and 50,000 SHUs.

Which is hotter ancho or jalapeño?

On the Scoville Scale, they range from 1,000 to 2,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). As compared to a bell pepper, which has no heat and measures at 0 SHU, and a jalapeño pepper, which averaged at 5,000 SHU, the ancho pepper is 2.5 to 5 times milder.

What is hotter ancho or chipotle?

The heat levels vary as well. Ancho peppers have a moderate heat profile that ranges from 1,000 to 1,500 Scoville heat units. Chipotle powder has a higher SHU range, ranging from 2,500 to 8,000.

What’s the difference between chipotle and ancho chiles?

The sweetest dried chile is used to make ancho chile powder, which has a moderately spicy yet rich taste. Chipotles are smoked jalapeo chiles that have been dried, and chipotle chile powder has a smoky, sweet, and spicy taste.

What can I substitute for ancho poblanos?

Anaheim Chili. Anaheim peppers are an excellent replacement for poblano peppers. Poblano peppers may be substituted with bell peppers…. Hatch Chile Pepper…. Jalapeo Pepper…. Pasilla Chile Pepper…. Guajillo Chile Pepper…. Mulato Chile Pepper…. Ancho Chile Pepper.
More to come…
•Aug 12, 2022

Which is hotter ancho or chili powder?

Ancho chile powder is made from dried poblanos that have been crushed up. It has a little hotter flavor than ordinary chili powder.

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