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Sour Cream Replacement Made Without Dairy

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Sour Cream is created by mixing cream, the high-fat layer skimmed from the top of whole milk, with lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria digest the sugar in the cream, known as lactose, and produce lactic acid as a byproduct. The lactic acid makes the cream more acidic, giving it a tangy, sour flavor. It has a creamy, tangy flavor and may be used in baking as well as foods such as tacos, stews, and dips.

Sour cream is a common ingredient in various cuisines across the globe, including Central and Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It is used to thicken sauces, dips, frostings, and as a topping for baked potatoes and soups. Sour cream is added towards the conclusion of the cooking process or after the meal has been shared.

Sour cream is also often used in pastries, bread, and other baked products such as cookies, muffins, and cakes. It provides moisture, softness, and a richer taste. You may also use it as a dip, sauce, spread, or icing without cooking.

Some folks may choose to use sour cream as an alternative. This might be due to taste preferences, health concerns, a desire for a low-fat option, or just a desire for a dairy-free alternative. Sour cream may be replaced with a variety of delectable and healthful alternatives. This article will look at a variety of replacements to fit various tastes or dietary needs.

Lactose-intolerant or vegan people, as well as those on a low-fat diet who don’t want to load up on milk fats, are common critics of sour cream. Some dislike the flavor of sour cream but like a creamy accompaniment to hot or spicy dishes.

However, there are a plethora of alternative creamy and delectable choices available that may step up to the plate and provide you with an identical gastronomic experience regardless of your reservations or quibbles.

Sour Cream Nutrition Facts

Non Dairy Substitute for Sour Cream

Don’t worry if you’re vegan, lactose-intolerant, or just trying to reduce your dairy intake! Here’s a list of dairy-free sour cream alternatives so you may have a nice dollop of something creamy in your favorite foods.

Soy-Based Sour Cream

This replacement is suitable for vegans. Store-bought soy-derived sour creams are now widely accessible online and in supermarkets. They’re simple to use for sour cream in recipes; just be sure to check the nutrition labels first. This alternative may vary from 35 calories to 90 calories or more per two tablespoons, and some can be adjusted to match the genuine thing by adding sugar and other less-than-ideal components.

Homemade Cashew Sour Cream

With a little cooking magic, you can transform these sweet almonds into a creamy and delectable sour cream substitute. While a ready-made dairy-free sour cream alternative isn’t commonly accessible, here’s how to create your own.

Soak a cup of cashews in pre-boiled water for 30 minutes. Rinse the cashews and combine them with 2 tablespoons cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, a sprinkle of salt, and 1 cup water in a blender. Mix everything until smooth.

That’s all there is to it! What makes these nuts such a good substitute for sour cream? It is their high fat content that allows them to be combined into a creamy mixture. Therefore keep that in mind and use this alternative carefully.

Coconut Milk

This milk derived from the meaty section of the coconut is an excellent sour cream alternative for vegans, those allergic to nuts, or those who are lactose intolerant. Please keep in mind that, although this is a wonderful dairy-free substitute in terms of flavor, it is not always the ideal option for calorie counters. That’s because you’ll need full-fat coconut milk to get the desired texture, which has roughly 140 calories per two tablespoons. If you want to reward yourself to a modest portion, consider combining it with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice for a tangy kick.

Vegan yogurt

Vegan yogurt may be produced using natural thickeners from cashews, coconut, peas, or soy. It has both good fats and extra sugar. Hence, examine the ingredient list and choose the one with the least amount of added sugar. This yogurt may be used as a replacement for sour cream in baked goods and other dishes. 1 cup sour cream may be replaced with 1 cup vegan yogurt.

Almond milk

This milk has a nutty taste and a creamy texture, yet it is free of lactose, cholesterol, and saturated fats. This plant milk comes in a variety of tastes and sugar levels. If you like a sour taste, add 1 tablespoon lemon juice to each cup of almond milk. 1 cup almond milk may be substituted for 1 cup sour cream.

Soy cream

Soy milk, vegetable oils, stabilizers, and emulsifiers are used to make soy cream. It has a texture comparable to sour cream but a somewhat gritty taste. It may be used in the same recipes that call for sour cream, such as sauces, soups, salads, and baked goods. 1 cup soy cream may be substituted for 1 cup sour cream.

Frequently Asked Question [FAQs]

How do you make sour cream without sour cream?

To create sour cream, combine 1 cup of Greek yogurt or 1 cup of milk with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.

Can you substitute cream cheese for sour cream?

Cream cheese may be used in place of sour cream, but it must first be blended with milk and lemon juice. Combine 1 cup cream cheese, 4 tablespoons milk, and 2 teaspoons lemon juice in a mixing bowl.

Can you make sour cream from mayonnaise?

However, you can’t since sour cream is made from milk, but mayonnaise is made from eggs, oil, salt, and vinegar.

If you don’t have sour cream, you may replace some other ingredients with comparable taste and texture. Don’t worry about keeping a food journal or counting calories; just choose the one that works best for you and your dish.


What is a non-dairy substitute for sour cream?

Coconut cream (the layer of cream that rises to the top of a can of coconut milk) may be used as a nondairy sour cream alternative, making it perfect for those with dairy allergies and dietary limitations.

What can I use as a substitute for sour cream?

Yogurt is the greatest sour cream alternative. Yogurt may be used in place of butter in baking or to make a dip or sauce. That is, if your recipe asks for 1 cup of sour cream, you may use 1 cup of yogurt instead. Full-fat Greek or natural yogurt is ideal, although low-fat or even nonfat yogurt may still be utilized.

Do they make dairy free sour cream?

Cashew Sour Cream – My favorite for sauces and Hispanic dishes like enchiladas. It thickens, becomes rich and creamy, and adds natural flavor with just the right amount of acidity. Tofu Sour Cream – I use this when I need dairy-free sour cream quickly.

How do I substitute almond milk for sour cream?

Almond milk curds may be used as a basis component for sour cream alternatives, however they are generally richer in flavor. To counteract the sweetness, blend almond milk curds with lemon juice and salt before using it as a sour cream substitute in your recipes.

Is Daisy sour cream dairy-free?

Indeed, our sour cream and cottage cheese are made from milk.

Is sour cream OK for dairy intolerance?

Lactose intolerant people may usually tolerate tiny doses of lactose. Butter, hard cheese, yogurt, kefir, sherbet, and sour cream are all low-lactose dairy products.

What is a substitute for 1 2 cup sour cream?

Cottage Cheese may be used in place of sour cream.

To make a comparable consistency and taste to sour cream, combine 1 cup cottage cheese (small curd is closest in texture) with 14 cup milk and 2 tablespoons lemon juice.

What is non dairy sour cream made of?

This dairy-free sauce is created with rich and creamy raw cashews, water, zesty lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, salt, and a smidgeon of Dijon mustard for more richness and interest. This sour cream comes together quickly in a blender.

How to make sour cream without sour cream?

In a mason jar, combine one cup of cream and one teaspoon of distilled white vinegar or lemon juice. Let it to settle for 10 minutes before adding 14 cup whole milk. To blend, stir everything together well. Let the jar to remain at room temperature for 24-48 hours, covered with a lid or cheesecloth held with a rubber band.

Is there almond milk sour cream?

Kite Hill’s sour cream substitute is just what you’ve been looking for! A unique coconut and almond milk mix gives it a rich and creamy flavor that goes well with tacos, baked potatoes, and even your favorite baked goods!

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