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Replacement for Malted Milk Powder

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Malted milk is a sweetener prepared from whole milk and other components such malted barley and wheat flour. It is used to enhance the taste and sweetness of dessert items such as ice cream and confectionery. Malted milk is an excellent source of numerous key vitamins and minerals since it includes milk. It may also be drunk as a delightful beverage full of nutrients.

Malted milk was created as a newborn dietary supplement. Despite the fact that it has been discovered that it is improper for kids, it has a high nutritional content that adults may benefit from.

A cup of ordinary malted milk produced with whole milk has 310 milligrams of bone-building calcium, which is roughly one-third of the daily need of 1,000 mg. One cup of whole milk chocolate malted milk has 260 milligrams of calcium. Plain or chocolate malted milk contains between 35% and 40% of the daily phosphorus requirement of 700 milligrams for good bones. The same cup of plain or chocolate malted milk has around half of the 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B-12 you need each day to maintain a healthy central nervous system. Plain or chocolate malted milk also contains a little quantity of vitamin A, which is necessary for healthy vision.

Benefits of Malted Milk

Malted milk benefits the body in the following ways: aids in recovery from illness, provides adequate protein, aids in bone formation, provides energy, improves skin and vision health, aids in nutrient transport, aids in thyroid hormone production, fortifies blood, is beneficial to pregnant women, and aids insomniacs.

Malt Milk Powder Recipes

Smoothies: Depending on the weight and variety of ingredients, smoothies may function as drinks or breakfast. When you add malt milk powder to them, they always taste better.

Cupcakes: this is a well guarded secret. Most bakers use malted milk buttercream frosting to make cupcakes because it tastes delicious.

Cookies and brownies: Malted cookies are always delicious, and chocolate and malt tastes compliment each other well. For the finest brownies you’ve ever had, add a couple teaspoons of malted milk powder to the batter.

How to Make Malted Whipped Cream and Ice Cream: Beat the cream, then mix in the malted milk powder. Malted whipped cream goes well with sundaes and hot cocoa. Ice cream made with malted milk just tastes better.

Substitutes for Malted Milk Powder

Despite these advantages, malted milk is heavy in sugar and saturated fat, which reduces its nutritious worth. If you want something with less sugar, or if you simply want to try something new and enjoyable, consider the replacements suggested below.

Coconut Milk Powder

This milk powder is often regarded as the finest alternative. It may be used in both baked items and beverages. There are numerous similarities between coconut milk powder and malt milk powder. For example, the two share the same fat content and consistency.

The sole difference between the two is that coconut milk powder is less sweet. To create a comparable sweetness, you should add a sweetener such as maple syrup or sugar to your dessert or drink. But, if you are not a big fan of sweetness, you may skip the sweetener. Substitute equal parts malt milk powder and coconut milk powder.

Quinoa Milk Powder

Quinoa milk powder is a nutritious alternative to malt milk powder. It is perfect for smoothies as well as baked products. Quinoa milk powder is available in two varieties: sweetened and unsweetened. If you obtain the unsweetened version, remember to add your favorite sweetness for a comparable outcome.

There are some similarities between quinoa milk powder and malt milk powder. Nevertheless, it has a considerably stronger taste, and you should only use half the quantity called for in the recipe. To get comparable results, use quinoa milk powder in a 2:1 ratio.

Soy Milk Powder

Soy milk powder is vegan-friendly, very simple to get, and often gluten-free. It operates the same as any other non-diastatic replacement and is dairy-free. Soy milk, like numerous other replacements, is unsweetened, so you may wish to add some kind of sweetness to it. In baking recipes, soy milk powder may be used in place of malted milk powder.

Oat Milk Powder

Oat milk powder may be used in recipes that call for malt milk powder. Since oat milk powder has a neutral taste, it works well in most recipes. Since oat milk powder has a neutral flavor, you will need to add a sweetener of your choosing to attain the sweetness that malt milk powder provides.

Oat milk powder tastes great in drinks and smoothies. It’s also a terrific ingredient to baked items since it improves the texture. Substitute equal parts malted milk powder and oat milk powder.

Almond Milk Powder

Almond milk powder is a fantastic substitute. It has a strong almond flavor, so if you don’t like the taste of almonds, use another replacement. There are two types of almond milk powder: sweetened almond milk powder and unsweetened almond milk powder. Remember to add a sweetener to the recipe if you choose the unsweetened version.

This vegan replacement is great for individuals on a strict diet. It may be used in both beverages and baked items. Nonetheless, I definitely advocate using it in beverages, particularly smoothies. Replace it with equal parts almond milk powder.

Maca Powder

For various reasons, maca powder is an excellent replacement. It has a taste that is quite similar to malt milk powder. It has the same look and consistency. Also, this replacement is an excellent energy source. Also, maca powder has been shown to lower stress levels.

Maca powder may be used as a substitute in beverages such as smoothies and baked products. Substitute equal parts malt milk powder and maca powder. The sole disadvantage of this replacement is that it is not widely accessible. Since it is sold in very few shops, you may have difficulty locating it.

Regular Milk Powder

The simplest option is regular milk powder. It is available at any grocery shop. It may be used in place of malted milk powder in any recipe; however, a sweetener should be added. Typically, cow’s milk is unsweetened. When using this in recipes, use the same proportions as if you were using malted milk powder. Milk powder is not always gluten-free, so read the label carefully before purchasing. In equal parts, replace it with ordinary milk powder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is malted milk bade for you?

No, very certainly not. Malted milk contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that aid and improve the immune system. This is why it is often given to newborns to help them grow. This superfood cannot possibly be harmful to anybody. Unless, of course, one is allergic to milk.

Is malted milk powder the same as malt powder?

These are not the same names. Malt powder is created by combining wheat flour with another grain, generally barley. Malted milk powder, on the other hand, is malt powder combined with real milk.

What is the purpose of malted milk?

Malted milk, often known as malt powder, is a powdered gruel produced from malted barley, wheat flour, and evaporated whole milk powder. The powder is used to provide a particular taste to drinks and other meals, but it is also used in baking to aid in the correct cooking of dough.


Despite these advantages, malted milk is heavy in sugar and saturated fat, which reduces its nutritious worth. If you want something with less sugar, or if you simply want to try something new and enjoyable, consider the replacements suggested below.



What does malted milk powder do in baking?

Malted milk powder, like espresso powder, enhances the taste of chocolate and adds a layer of flavor that elevates traditional chocolate cake from excellent to exceptional. Try a few teaspoons in your flour mixture the next time you bake a cake to see the difference.

Can I use normal milk powder instead of malted milk powder?

Malted milk powder differs in that it also includes ground-up barley and wheat flour. You may mix equal parts malted milk powder and plain milk powder.

Is malted milk powder the same as Ovaltine?

Ovaltine, a powdered chocolate drink invented in 1904, is a form of malted milk powder, but it contains additional ingredients and cannot be used in the same manner.

What can I use instead of malt powder in bagels?

If malt powder is not available, brown sugar may be substituted. Dough Texture: The stiffness of the bagel dough is what gives bagels their chewy feel.

What is malted milk powder made of?

Malted milk powder, made from barley malt, wheat, milk, and a pinch of salt, is the main component in traditional malted milkshakes.

What does malted milk powder taste like?

Malted milk powder has a roasted, toasted, earthy taste from the combination of strong grain extracts, while powdered milk provides a creamy richness. The additional lactose in the oven helps baked items brown while also imparting a cooked-milk taste similar to butterscotch or toffee.

How do you replace milk powder in a recipe?

1 cup (240 mL) ordinary milk may be substituted for 4 cup (32 grams) of milk powder. You should also cut the original quantity of water called for in the recipe by 1 cup (240 mL). Milk powder may be replaced with whole fat, reduced fat, or nonfat milk. For every one

What is malt alternative?

Malt Table Substitute
Maca Powder – best option, comparable texture and taste, but difficult to locate.
Bread flour includes malted barley flour, which is used to make bread rise.
Soy milk powder may be utilized, however it will not have a diastatic effect.
Cow’s milk powder and coconut milk powder may both be used in baking.
Additional details…•April 24, 2022

What is the substitute for Horlicks powder?

Horlicks and Ovaltine are two malted milk powder brand names that may be used interchangeably.

Why is Ovaltine banned in some countries?

Denmark has ordered the recall of Vegemite, as well as Marmite and Ovaltine, since food officials have never substantiated claims that it is a “strong source of Vitamin B” and folate. Foods enriched with vitamins or minerals are prohibited under the country’s rigorous food safety standards.

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