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Replacement for Eggs in Boxed Cake

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Packaged cakes or cake mixes make it quite easy to produce a tasty cake. They’re quick, simple, and need minimal preparation and supplies. It’s no surprise that these goods are well-known in many households. Moreover, theyre an excellent method for beginners to get their hands on the pastry side of culinary enjoyment.


Most boxed cake recipes include the inclusion of eggs, which, although seemingly standard in baking, may have downsides for individuals. Yet, this does not spell the end of your baking adventures, since there are egg replacements available. Moreover, if adjusted, these replacements will provide the same benefits as eggs in cake recipes.

Why Add an Egg to Boxed Cake?

Boxed cake mixes are identical to conventional cakes, with the exception that they are not made from scratch. Since the flour, sugar, and other ingredients have already been combined, you simply need to prepare the batter for baking. Nonetheless, many products still ask for eggs, which is understandable given that it is not something that can be added ahead of time. So why, in the first place, does a boxed cake or any other cake recipe need an egg?

Eggs have an important influence in how a cake turns out after baking, and their value cannot be overstated. But, for the interest of clarity, we will outline their roles.

Structure- Can you see the cake batter’s firm form? Eggs have a role in this. These foods’ proteins bond with the other ingredients and thicken, generating a firm structure and sculpting the cake.

Flavor- If you’ve had enough cakes on your menu, you’ll be aware of this fact. Eggs can provide a rich flavor to cake recipes, particularly packaged cakes. The plump yolks and watery whites combine to give the final product a delicious flavor.

Moisture- Do you recall the egg white? It also helps to keep the cake moist and soft after baking. Eggs contain a substantial quantity of water, the most of which is found in the white. Without it, cakes have an unpleasant dryness and brittle chew.

Nutrients- Eggs not only support the physical construction of cakes, but they also nourish the contents. Eggs are naturally high in vitamins and minerals, which is why they are regarded as a superfood. And when these ingredients and benefits are introduced, they are incorporated into the cakes.

Observe the appealing brown tone on a newly completed cake? Because of the egg, that is conceivable. The proteins slowly roast in the oven, resulting in a glazy brown texture on the dish.

Reasons for Needing Egg Substitutes in Boxed Cake

Certainly, the significance of eggs in all cake recipes has been shown. But it doesn’t imply you can use it in every packaged cake. With the many benefits described above, you may think this remark is absurd. But, eggs, like any other meal, have significant downsides.

Some individuals are born with an egg allergy, believe it or not. And such people are unable to consume ea eggs because to health concerns.

Vegan Diet- If you’re baking for someone who doesn’t consume animal products, you’ll need to leave out the egg in a boxed cake mix.

You’ve Ran Out- Of course, there’s also the possibility that you didn’t notice your egg supply was depleted. And you’ve already stirred the boxed cake into the recipe before realizing it.

You don’t have to be concerned about any tight spots that may need a replacement. Egg substitutes for boxed cakes are available, and many are probably right next to you right now.

Substitutes for Eggs in Boxed Cake

When choosing an egg replacement for a boxed cake recipe, keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, the substitute must be capable of providing structure for the components. It must also be able to allow for a rich browning on the surface of the cake. Then there’s the nutritional benefit that comes with eggs. Finally, it must be easily accessible and provide a full dosage of taste and moisture.

The good news is that these options check all of these boxes and more.


This substitution will enhance the taste, texture, and nutritional value of your boxed cake. Applesauce is also readily available, since most of us keep a container in our refrigerator. It’s also an excellent source of moisture and a great substitute if you’re allergic to eggs. It’s also a frequent component in vegan cuisine, so they get a bonus there.

A quarter cup of applesauce is enough to replace one egg in boxed cake mix. But, never use more than a cup, which is the quantity required to substitute four eggs. The reason for this is because too much of it behaves similarly to eggs in cake batter, making the texture rubbery. And always choose unsweetened varieties so that the flavor isn’t overpowered by sugar.



Yogurt is an excellent and nutritious protein substitute for eggs in packaged cakes. Also, since it is a fermented product, the sugar level is significantly decreased. This cake alternative will have a smooth texture and a rich flavor. It also promotes a reasonable degree of density in the construction when completion.

In packaged cake mixes, a quarter cup of plain yogurt replaces one egg. And we mention plain-flavored since the alternative will significantly affect the taste of the finished product.

Ripe Banana


Vegans have been adding pureed bananas to baked products for decades. So why not throw them into a packaged cake mix? Ripe mashed bananas enhance the taste of boxed cakes while also adding moisture and solidity to the batter. Additionally, the fruit will provide potassium and minerals to your cake. It will also provide some browning to the cake while it bakes in the oven.

Replace one egg with a quarter cup of mashed ripe banana. That’s about half a little banana, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Silken Tofu

Silken tofu, with its high protein level, aids in the formation of a sturdy structure in boxed cake batter. Its mild flavor is likewise practically imperceptible, making it an appealing egg substitute. It’s also an excellent substitute if you’re used to the flavor. And its creamy texture adds moisture to the batter, resulting in a sensitive and soft final product.

Before mixing silken tofu into the cake batter, purée it. And just use a quarter cup for each egg asked for. Nevertheless, since silken tofu absorbs a lot of moisture, it should not be used to replace more than two eggs in boxed cakes. Also, since it does not brown like eggs, you must continually check for doneness.



Flaxseeds have been dubbed “fake eggs” for good cause for decades. When combined with water, they form a gelatinous consistency that looks and acts like beaten eggs. It’s why they’re so good at creating solidity and structure in boxed cakes. They’re also high in fiber, protein, and fatty acids.

With flaxseeds, though, your boxed cake may have a pronounced nutty taste. Nevertheless, if you’re using a combination that contains nut-based flour, such as almond flour, it’s a wonderful match. To prepare this egg alternative, combine one tablespoon powdered flaxseed and three tablespoons water. You’ll also need to wait a minute for the liquid to thicken before pounding it into a gel-like consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do boxed cake mixes really need eggs?

It’s worth noting that adding one produces a superior outcome, even though you can make your boxed cake without them. But, if eggs are unavailable for any reason, you might try these alternatives.

What happens if I forget to put eggs in a box cake mix?

Eggs, among other things, contribute to leaven the cake batter. If this is what you’re looking for, the baking powder will take care of it. You may also notice a variation in browning, although this does not always imply that it is bad.

What can you substitute for eggs in a boxed cake mix?

Although these substitutions will work just as well in your boxed cake recipe, there are more possibilities. You may alternatively use mayonnaise, which includes eggs. You may also choose from diet soda, protein powder, or baking soda and vinegar.


Several packaged cake mixes may be used without the need of eggs. But, in recipes that need it, not having one might be a letdown. Yet, a scarcity of eggs isn’t the only reason you can require a replacement. That is why these alternatives exist, and many will meet your dietary and health demands in lieu of eggs in boxed cake mixes.


What can you substitute for eggs in a box cake mix?

Egg Substitutes Most Often Used in Baking Mashed Banana.
Tofu that has been silken.
Ground Flax Seed with water.
Yogurt (dairy-free or ordinary) (dairy-free or regular)
Condensed Milk that has been sweetened.
Feb 18, 2022

What can I substitute for 3 eggs in box cake mix?

4 cup (60 g) plain normal yogurt may replace up to 3 eggs in a cake mix box. Let the cake layers to cool fully before storing them. 1 cup yogurt

What can I substitute for egg in a cake?

4 cup yogurt… Silken tofu.
A ripe banana…
Flaxseed meal.
4 cup applesauce.
Soy yogurt, plain or vanilla. Substitute 1 egg with: 1Egg substitutes
Baking soda with vinegar. 1 egg = 1 teaspoon baking soda + 1 tablespoon vinegar…
Applesauce without sugar. 1 egg should be replaced with: 1

What can I substitute for eggs in Betty Crocker cake mix?

Yogurt, applesauce, and mashed banana are all possible egg alternatives.

What can I use instead of an egg in Duncan Hines cake?

To substitute one egg, combine 2 teaspoon baking powder, 1 tablespoon vinegar, and 1 tablespoon liquid. 1 Duncan Hines cake mix may be used in a Duncan Hines cake mix recipe.

Can you use mayo instead of eggs in box cake mix?

To use mayo instead of eggs, just replace two or three tablespoons of mayo for each egg in the recipe. Just replace the oil with mayonnaise in the same amount. If the recipe asks for one-third cup of oil, use one-third cup of mayo instead.

What to do if you need 3 eggs for a cake but only have 2?

Combine the water, oil, and baking powder in a mixing bowl.

If you need to replace numerous eggs in a recipe, this is an excellent substitution since it won’t make the baked dish overly fatty or modify its taste character (like some other substitutes). A basic mixture of water, baking powder, and vegetable oil closely resembles eggs.

How much applesauce to replace 3 eggs in box cake mix?

4 cup applesauce (unsweetened). Most box cake mixes, fortunately, contain powder leavening ingredients that will take up some of the slack. Substitute each egg in your recipe with one mashed banana or one

How much condensed milk equals 1 egg?

Milk, Condensed

It functions effectively as an egg replacement. 14 cup condensed milk may completely substitute one egg! Since it is sweetened, remember to adjust the amount of sugar. It works well in desserts like cakes and fillings like lemon curd.

Can you bake a cake if you don’t have eggs?

If you’ve done any internet research, you’ll know that there are several methods to substitute eggs in baked goods, such as mashed banana or applesauce, chia and flax seeds, vinegar and baking soda, tofu and aquafaba. It is wonderful.

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