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Replacement for Chicken Stock Concentration

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Chicken stock concentrate is a great thing to have on hand since it lasts a long time and can be used to season a variety of recipes. It complements soups, stews, and gravies. Chicken stock concentrate may be made at home or bought at a grocery store in the form of a gelatinous container.

It’s a great flavoring ingredient to have on hand, but what if you don’t have any chicken stock concentrate? There are, thankfully, some good alternatives to chicken stock concentrate. These are not difficult to get, and you may already have some on hand.

Alternatives to chicken stock concentrate include chicken stock, vegetable stock, salt and spices, gravy and butter, or any of the following items.

Continue reading to discover how to replace chicken stock concentrate with the alternatives listed above (without also forgetting to inform you about the kind of recipes for which these alternatives are best suited).

What Is Chicken Stock Concentrate?

Chicken stock concentration is created from a chicken carcass before it is used to make bone broth or stock. It’s the liquid that gathers in the bottom of your slow cooker after cooking a whole chicken. When chilled, it becomes very gelatinous and rich in chicken flavor. It’s fantastic for making soups since it lends more depth to the flavor of anything you make with it than homemade stock can. It has the same ingredients as my Chicken Gravy. It’s just chicken drippings.

After chilling, you may not want to scrape the fat from the top of the primal diet. But, I think the vast majority of you will want to. As a consequence, these instructions will direct you in that direction. If you want to avoid the fat, skip the following step. If you’re following a Paleo diet,

This will keep in the fridge for about three days. I haven’t frozen any yet, so I’m not sure how long it will last in the freezer. As a result, if you cook it, try to eat it as quickly as possible.

Chicken stock concentrate used in Recipes

The use of chicken stock concentration may improve any chicken dish. It’s fantastic as a pan sauce for roast chicken.

A tablespoon dissolved in boiling water produces a quick soup that tastes like it has been cooking all day on the back burner. You may also use it to enhance the taste of homemade gravy. A tablespoon dissolved in some boiling water provides a quick soup that felt like it had been cooking all day on a back burner Extremely high quality if you need a fast-speed stock that honestly feels handmade.

Not only may chicken stock or broth be used in soups and stews, but it can also be utilized in a range of other delectable dishes. It’s a flexible ingredient that may be used to cook grains like rice and quinoa or as a braising juice for chicken or vegetables. The following are some great recipes that employ chicken stock concentrate:

  • Poached chicken breasts to perfection
  • Risotto with Shrimp
  • Hainanese Chicken Rice
  • Braised baby bok choy
  • Ratatouille d’oeufs
  • Easy Chicken Velout Sauce Quinoa Recipe
  • Stuffing with wild rice
  • Carrots with Glazed Glaze
  • Rosemary Chicken Legs Braised in the Oven


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Chicken Stock Substitutes

Chicken stock concentration is a valuable ingredient to have on hand since it can keep for a long time and be used to flavor a variety of recipes.

If you need to replace chicken stock concentrate for one or two reasons, there are numerous viable options. What’s even better is that chicken stock concentrate replacements aren’t hard to come by, and you may already have some on hand. Let’s look at several alternatives to chicken stock concentration.

Gravy granules

Gravy granules are a fantastic option for chicken stock concentration since they are concentrated and need water.

They have a strong flavor and are somewhat salty. These granules will perfectly thicken your food. It’s worth mentioning that they have a thickening agent in them. As a consequence, you may need to use fewer granules or more water to retain the consistency.

Another advantage of gravy granules is that they are available in a variety of flavors, including chicken and vegetables, which nearly mirror the taste and texture of chicken stock concentration. Use it in the same quantity as chicken stock concentrate.


If you want to add flavor to your food, particularly if you’re making a sauce or stew, beer is a great substitute for chicken stock concentrate.

Beer is useful in the cooking because it adds flavor without adding salt. As a consequence, beer is a good choice if you want to reduce your salt consumption.

Pour about half a cup of beer into the mixture to begin. Following that, check the consistency of your meal and add more if necessary.

Salt and spices

The simplest way to substitute chicken stock concentration is to season your dish with salt and spices. Use chicken stock concentrate to flavor and add umami to your cuisine.

As a consequence, you may use salt and spices like rosemary, thyme, and garlic instead of salt and spices like rosemary, thyme, and garlic, but you can alter this to your recipe and preferred flavor profile.

Keep in mind to dilute the tastes with water. Begin with about half a teaspoon of salt and add more as needed to prevent the dish from getting too salty.

Bone broth

Bone broth has surged in popularity in the culinary world. This salty, nutrient-dense liquid made by boiling animal bones and connective tissue has a number of health benefits. It may be eaten or used in soups and sauces.

If you can’t get chicken stock concentration, bone broth will do. But, the flavor will be somewhat different.

It will, however, add saltiness to our dish and may be used as a substitute in a pinch. If you’re using bone broth, don’t add additional water to your meal since it’s already watery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any actual cheese in Velveeta?

Absolutely, since it has a comparable flavor profile to chicken stock concentrate, chicken broth is a decent, if not the best, substitute. Chicken stock, on the other hand, contains more liquid. As a consequence, if you’re using chicken stock, don’t dilute it with water.

Is chicken concentrate the same as chicken stock?

Chicken concentration is comparable to reduced broth and may be used to make broth as well as flavor sauces, pasta, and vegetables.

Can I use chicken bouillon instead of chicken stock concentrate?

Numerous recipes that call for broth or stock may be altered to use bouillon cubes or granules instead. Dissolve one bouillon cube (or one teaspoon of bouillon granules) in 8 ounces boiling water for every 1 cup of broth.


The chicken stock concentration is a great item to have on hand since it lasts a long time and can be used to flavor a variety of recipes. Substitute Preparation, on the other hand, is all about finding the best replacement for whatever you’re making. This is one of the reasons why this post has been so helpful in your search for tasty alternatives to chicken stock concentrates.


How do I substitute Hello Fresh stock concentrate?

If a recipe asks for stock concentrate plus a few cups of water, you may use broth for the stock concentrate.

What is the difference between chicken stock concentrate and chicken stock?

What exactly is broth concentrate? Broth concentration is just stock or broth that has been super-reduced to a minimal quantity of powerful taste. It’s probably not all that different from when I used to decrease my own handmade stock, freeze it, and then rehydrate with water as required.

Can you use bouillon instead of stock concentrate?

The chicken stock concentration (for example, soup foundation in a jar) is only used to prepare chicken stock. Thus, instead of water + concentrate, simply use the chicken stock you have on hand. Bouillon cubes are salty and have a little chicken taste. As a result, you might substitute them for the salt in the recipe to enhance the taste of the chicken stock.

Is chicken stock concentrate the same as chicken bouillon?

Chicken bouillon is chicken broth or stock that has been condensed or dried. It is often found as cubes, although it is also available in paste, granular, powder, and liquid forms.

Can I make my own stock concentrate?

Yes, editor! You may manufacture your own concentrated stock by simmering it until it has decreased. It takes a bit longer, but it results in a more concentrated product.

Can I reduce chicken stock to make concentrate?

It is simple to minimize after you have understood how to produce stock. Just decreasing any stock before storing or freezing it will not only concentrate the flavors and thicken the liquid, but it will also speed up the reduction process when adding it to a pan sauce or other dish later.

How much is in a chicken stock concentrate packet?

Each package has 12 packets, each containing 2 tablespoons of concentrate – enough to flavor a full cup of soup.

What is Knorr concentrated chicken stock?

Knorr Concentrated Stocks are chicken and beef broth stocks that have been heavily reduced to give a powerful taste that is ideal for broths, soups, sauces, and marinades. Knorr Concentrated Stocks are gluten-free and made with genuine chicken and beef. They have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and are made with real chicken and beef.

Does Trader Joe’s have chicken stock concentrate?


Is better than bouillon a broth concentrate?

or veggies that may be utilized in a multitude of ways, like as preparing a simple soup or adding flavor to a favorite dish. What is a Better Alternative to Bouillon? Better Than Bouillon is a concentrated food foundation composed of cooked meat and vegetables.

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