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Replacement for Burrata Cheese

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If you’re wondering why burrata cheese is so popular among cheese lovers, go no further than its name. Burrata literally means “buttered” in Italian, which should give you an indication of its creamy taste and texture. Burrata is a cheese that is packed with flavor and can be used in a variety of delectable dishes.

Burrata is the mozzarella of the cheese world. It features a fresh mozzarella cheese shell on the outside and is hollowed out and filled with creamy soft curds on the interior. Do you understand what the expression “bursting with kindness” means now?

Burrata cheese, made from the goodness of cow or buffalo milk, may be your first option in producing your favorite cheese dishes. But what if you don’t have any burrata cheese on hand and you’re not due for a supermarket run? There’s no need to panic; there are several replacements for burrata cheese in your recipes that will suffice until you can obtain your next dose.

What is Burrata Cheese?

Burrata is an Italian cow milk cheese made with mozzarella and cream (sometimes buffalo milk). The surface is made entirely of cheese, while the inside is packed with stracciatella and cream creating a distinctive, soft feel. Burrata is a typical product from the Murgia area of Southern Italy. It is made of cow’s milk, rennet, and cream.

Burrata, like mozzarella and many other types of cheese, is formed by curdling heated milk with rennet. In contrast to other cheeses, fresh mozzarella curds are dipped in hot whey or mildly salted water, kneaded, and twisted to make the distinctive elastic threads (pasta filata), then shaped.

While making burrata, the still-warm cheese is formed into a pouch and stuffed with leftover mozzarella scraps before being sealed with fresh cream. Wrapped with asphodel leaves, knotted into a little brioche-like topknot, and wet with whey, the finished product is frequently wrapped in asphodel leaves. The asphodel leaves should still be green when the cheese is served to indicate that it is still fresh. The cheese, on the other hand, is now commonly offered in a plastic bag or container.

Uses of Burrata Cheese in Recipes

Burrata is a unique kind of cheese with a lot of fresh milkiness. It has a thick, milky, buttery taste that isn’t overpowering. Burrata is also high in salt, potassium, phosphorus, and other minerals.

Burrata, on the other hand, is a high-calorie dish that should be taken in moderation and in accordance with dietary guidelines. Burrata cheese may be eaten in a variety of delectable ways, including:

  • Tomato, Mozzarella, and Burrata Skillet Pizzas
  • Salad of Peas with Pine Nuts and Basil
  • Tomatoes Slow Roasted with Olive Oil
  • Lemon and Burrata Pizza
  • Carbonara with Caramelized Onions and Brussels Sprouts
  • Salad with mango, tomato, and burrata
  • Panzanella with Tuscan Summer Stone, Tomatoes, and Burrata
  • Pesto Ramp Toast with Peppadews
  • Salad with Roasted Beets and Burrata with Kale
  • Salad with Caprese
  • Morels and Fava Beans with Burrata
  • Salad with Lemony Fennel and Burrata
  • Salad antipasto
  • Crostini with Broccolini and Burrata
  • Salad of grilled tomatoes with burrata and parsley

Substitutes for Burrata Cheese

When you first taste the amazing combination of sensations that burrata cheese delivers, it may seem strange to imagine replacing it in your dishes. This is not the case, since several fresh cheese-based alternatives may be adequate substitutes for burrata cheese.

Thus, the next time you have a burrata cheese shortage or want to try something different, consider one or more of the following suggestions:



In recipes, mozzarella is an ideal alternative for burrata cheese. It is prepared from fresh cow or buffalo milk, much like burrata cheese, and may be used in a variety of dishes that call for burrata. Burrata cheese includes mozzarella, but its inside is significantly more milky and creamy than mozzarella.

Mozzarella lacks the luscious texture and creamy sensation that burrata cheese provides. It may, however, be used as a substitute and is more versatile than burrata cheese. Mozzarella may be used in both hot and cold applications.

There are no limits when it comes to using mozzarella in your recipes. It may be cooked, fried, or eaten raw. When substituting fresh mozzarella for burrata, use fresh mozzarella. Bagged mozzarella will not have the same nice taste or consistency as burrata.

Cream cheese


If you’re making burrata toppings for toasted crostinis, try swapping the burrata cheese with cream cheese. Cream cheese has the same smooth, creamy texture as Burrata, making it ideal for spreading. Cream cheese, like burrata, may be used as a dip, particularly when served at room temperature.

When used in comparable recipes or applications, cream cheese, like burrata, must be at room temperature. Refrigerate the cream cheese for at least 30 minutes before serving. This enables it to reach the optimal temperature for softening and pliability.

Feta cheese

The only thing feta cheese has in common with burrata cheese is its tanginess, making it appropriate for taste connoisseurs exclusively. If you want the tanginess of burrata, feta is the way to go.

Feta, like burrata, may be used as a topping for a variety of dishes or to offer taste contrast to fruits. But compared to some of the other alternatives on this list, feta, like burrata, has a more powerful tang.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does burrata cheese melt well?

Burrata cheese is easier to grate and browns to a golden hue when melted. When cooked, burrata loses its characteristic textural contrast of creamy interior and delicate shell. This cheese is supposed to be eaten raw and as the main part of a meal.

What is the difference between burrata and bocconcini?

Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream, while bocconcini are smaller mozzarella-like cheeses.

Do you drain burrata?

Burrata is often sold in little packets that are placed straight into the water. When serving burrata cheese, make sure it’s well drained.


Burrata cheese’s rich, creamy, and exquisite flavor and texture are unparalleled in most dishes. Nevertheless, its deliciousness can be replicated with different cheese alternatives, and there are even vegan-friendly solutions that can provide the same exquisite taste in your creations.

Choose one of our recommended burrata cheese substitutes the next time you run out of your usual burrata supply. You’ll be happy you did! Remember that being open to new possibilities increases your chances of finding your favorite.


What can be used in place of burrata?

Although burrata cheese is wonderful, it is unlikely to be widely available in supermarkets. Fortunately, there are some good burrata cheese replacements that have comparable tastes and textures. Mozzarella, feta cheese, and cream cheese are all acceptable replacements.

Is ricotta similar to burrata?

While both are soft, fresh Italian cheeses with similar sounding names, ricotta and burrata are not the same and should not be confused. Ricotta is formed from the whey left over after making other cheeses, and it has a very mild, subtly sweet, and creamy taste.

Is burrata just mozzarella and ricotta?

Burrata Cheese begins with a sheet of thin Mozzarella formed into a sack. The bag is then filled with fresh Ricotta and cream before being knotted. Burrata, being a fresh cheese, is generally consumed on the day it is created or soon after.

How do you mimic burrata?

Substitutes. Since burrata is prepared using mozzarella that has been stuffed with stracciatella and cream, no other cheese can replicate both sensations at the same time. Fresh mozzarella or bocconcini (little mozzarella balls) are excellent taste substitutes.

What is burrata cheese compared to?

Burrata is basically stretched, ripped into thin strands, and soaked in cream mozzarella that is then wrapped by a layer of fresh mozzarella and sealed or knotted up to form a ball.

Is burrata cheese the same as mozzarella?

Although mozzarella has a more delicate flavor and a more elastic texture, burrata is softer and more tasty – but also higher in calories thanks to the cream.

Is mascarpone similar to burrata?

Mascarpone is a cow’s milk cheese with a smooth, velvety feel akin to cream cheese. Mascarpone cheese, on the other hand, is soft and spreadable, as opposed to burrata, which has a mozzarella crust and a creamy core. Mascarpone cheese has a sweet, delicate, somewhat tangy taste.

What is the difference between mascarpone and burrata?

Burrata is a soft, mozzarella-like cheese pouch filled with a creamy curd. Mascarpone is the delicious cream cheese that made the dish Tiramisu famous. You can also use maple syrup and chocolate to create a simple and tasty fruit or cookie dip.

Is burrata cheese like brie?

Brie is a French cheese with a buttery taste and a strong scent. It’s a dessert cheese that’s excellent when served at room temperature. Burrata: Burrata is an Italian cheese that is related to Mozzarella. Although it seems to be Mozzarella, it is really a combination of Mozzarella and cream enclosed in a thin shell.

Can I sub mozzarella for burrata?

Mozzarella. Mozzarella is one of the greatest burrata cheese replacements available. Both cheeses are created from cow’s milk and have tastes that are remarkably similar to one another. Yet, mozzarella cheese is more flexible than burrata cheese.

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