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Replace with Neufchatel Cheese

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Neufchatel cheese is made from raw cow’s milk and has been around since the sixth century in France. It features a soft white core that may be spread and is wrapped with a dry edible skin. Despite the fact that the original Neufchatel was made in France, present manufacture employs pasteurized cow milk from the United States.

Continue reading to learn more about Neufchatel cheese. While it includes significantly less fat and calories, the American version is milder and softer in texture than the original. As a consequence, it has become a popular healthy component in a range of dishes. You will also get the opportunity to learn about several Neufchatel replacements (and how they vary) that are great for a variety of recipes.

What is Neufchatel Cheese?

Neufchatel cheese is a French cheese that originated in Normandy. Some name this cheese Neufchatel, while others call it Neufchel, Neufachel, or even Neuchatel cheese. Neufchatel cheese is claimed to be one of the original French cheese kinds created in Normandy. Authentic Neufchtel is made from raw cow’s milk. When it is exported, however, it is made from pasteurized milk, which has a greater milk fat content.

Domestic versions made in the United States, on the other hand, usually lack the higher fat content cream that thickens and enhances the taste, texture, and moisture level. As a consequence, instead of adding extra cream or fat, domestic versions thicken the consistency using xanthan and carrageenan gums. Neufchtel comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the rectangular block being the most common. In addition to squares, it comes in logs, rounds, and heart forms.

Nutrition Facts

Neufchatel Cheese Uses in Recipes

When a recipe asks for Neufchtel cheese, it is critical to establish whether the cheese is French or American in order to get the required results. As it matures, this somewhat salty cheese acquires a more powerful and robust taste. Since it is spreadable, it is a wonderful topping for crackers and bagels. It’s also great for sandwich spreads, hors d’oeuvres, snack dips, desserts, and frostings. Check out these delicious Neufchatel cheese recipes:

  • Poundcake
  • Pinwheels of grilled cheese
  • Quiche with bacon and cheese
  • Enchiladas with queso de queso
  • Meatballs filled with mozzarella cheese
  • Baked four-cheese spaghetti
  • Egg casserole with sausage and cheese
  • Eggs cooked in the oven with cheese
  • Pizza with white cheese and garlic sauce that is simple to make.
  • Soup with broccoli and cheese
  • Pizza with cheese on naan
  • Casserole with barbecued meat and cheese
  • Carrot cake with a cheese swirl
  • Toast with cheese
  • Grilled cheese with bacon
  • Sandwiches with grilled ham and cheese
  • Mac and cheese with Barbecued pork
  • Hoagies with hot ham and pepper cheese
  • Cake with a pumpkin cheese swirl
  • Patties of cheese bread

Neufchatel Cheese Substitutes

Crackers, bagels, and sandwich spreads can surely make for a delicious and pleasurable supper. But what if you don’t have any Neufchatel cheese on hand to smear over them? The good news is that there are several alternatives to Neufchatel cheese that may be used in your favorite recipes. Consider the following options:

Cream Cheese

Since cream cheese and Neufchatel cheese are both creamy, sour, and spreadable, they may be used interchangeably. Cream cheese, on the other hand, has a richer taste than Neufchatel cheese, which has a somewhat Thinner consistency. The milk fat content of cream cheese is 33% and the moisture content is 55%. However, the milk fat percentage in Neufchatel, France, is around 23%. While American Neufchatel contains cream, the milk fat percentage is lower than that of standard cream cheese.

Yet, cream cheese has more fat and calories than Neufchatel cheese, so when determining whether to use Neufchatel cheese instead of cream cheese, consider the sort of food you’re creating.

Cottage Cheese

Since it is a neutral cheese, cottage cheese has a gentler taste than Neufchatel. Neufchatel cheese has a greater fat content than cottage cheese. You may be wondering why cottage cheese is used as a replacement for Neufchatel cheese. In terms of texture, it has nothing in common with Neufchatel!

The objective is to alter the texture from curdy to smooth by blending equal parts cottage cheese and half-and-half. If half-and-half isn’t available, make some cream using a full stick of butter and 14 cups of margarine.


Ricotta, often known as Neufchatel in the United States, is an Italian cheese. It’s a whey cheese made from sheep, goats, or buffalo milk. Cow’s milk ricotta cheese is also available. Ricotta cheese has a similar texture to American Neufchatel cheese. It’s thick and silky, yet it’s also grainy. The taste is moderate with a little salt, so ricotta may be used in a variety of dishes.


If you’re searching for a healthy Neufchatel cheese replacement, Ricotta is a great option. When combined with strained yogurt, it becomes smoother and more appropriate for a variety of dishes. In the United States, ricotta is used in pasta, cheesecakes, and other baked goods.

Cashew Cheese

Several people describe the taste of French Neufchatel as nutty and yeasty. Thus, if you want something that tastes like French Neufchatel but has the texture of American Neufchatel, cashew cheese is the way to go. Cashew cheese, in particular, is made from raw cashews and nutritional yeast. It’s an excellent alternative for vegans and vegetarians alike, or if you don’t like the rich flavor of cow’s milk.

Cashew cheese is delicious and, more importantly, easy to make at home. When the cashews have been soaked in water, blend them with the yeast for a few minutes until the mixture is coarsely coarse. Season to taste, and your cashew cream cheese is ready to serve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between regular cream cheese and Neufchatel cheese?

Normal cream cheese includes 33% milk fat, but Neufchatel cheese contains 23% milk fat and more moisture.

Does Neufchatel cheese taste like cream cheese?

Indeed, Neufchatel cheese has a similar flavor to cream cheese. Among all the cheeses available, cream cheese is the most comparable to Neufchatel cheese. Neufchatel cheese has a taste that is very similar to cream cheese and a texture that is quite similar to cream cheese.

What is Neufchatel cheese used for?

Its a wonderful topping for crackers and bagels. It’s also great for sandwich spreads, hors d’oeuvres, snack dips, desserts, and frostings.


Neufchatel cheese is a soft unripened cheese with excellent texture and flavor that is ideal for use in sandwich spreads if you like them. Neufchatel cheese is also often used in dips, sauces, and a variety of other cuisines. If you’re wondering what you can use to substitute Neufchatel cheese in a pinch, consider one of these suggestions. Most of the time, they work like Neufchatel cheese.


What is the difference between regular cream cheese and Neufchatel?

Cream cheese has more fat.

Neufchâtel must include more than 20% milk fat but less than 33% milk fat, and it must have a maximum moisture level of 65%. This implies that Neufchâtel has less fat and frequently more moisture than cream cheese.

Can you substitute Neufchatel cheese for cream cheese?

Cream cheese may be replaced with Neufchatel.

Neufchatel has a creamy, spreadable texture that might be somewhat grainy. The dish will be less rich because to the decreased fat level, but it is an excellent substitution. When baking, this is usually your best bet.

Is Philadelphia cream cheese Neufchatel?

Kraft purchased Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese in 1928. In 1912, James L. Kraft created pasteurized and processed cheese, and shortly after, Pasteurized Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese was formed. American Neufchâtel and American Cream Cheese may be used interchangeably.

Is Neufchatel cheese sweeter than cream cheese?

They have a distinct flavor.

The longer French Neufchâtel is aged, the more tangy it tastes. Cream cheese, on the other hand, does not ripen, is eaten fresh, and has a sweeter flavor.

Does Neufchatel cheese taste different than cream cheese?

They’re both thick, milky, sour, and spreadable. We’re all familiar with the taste of cream cheese; Neufchâtel is just a little less creamy, and I think I noticed a small grit to the texture as well.

Can you use Neufchatel cheese in place of cream cheese for frosting?

3 less fat and will get comparable outcomes. Since it is softer than conventional cream cheese, you may use less half-and-half or more sugar if desired. Yes, you may make this frosting using low-fat cream cheese, often known as Neufchatel. It has 1

What is the best cream cheese for baking?

Cream cheese products recommended by the Test Kitchen
Philly Original Tangiest. A Taste of Home…
Dutch Farms Original has the mildest taste. A Taste of Home…
Prairie Farms is the best for no-bake sweets. A Taste of Home…
Budget-friendly brand: Excellent value. Homestyle cooking.

What do you use Neufchatel cheese for?

This somewhat salty cheese grows pungent and stronger tasting as it matures. Since it is a spreadable cheese, it goes well with crackers and bagels. It’s also great for sandwich spreads, hors d’oeuvres, snack dips, desserts, and dessert frostings.

Is Neufchatel the same as mascarpone?

Whipped, low-fat ricotta and cream cheeses, such as Neufchatel, offer taste characteristics comparable to mascarpone but with less calories and fat.

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