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Replace with Lemon Pepper

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The seasoning lemon pepper is made from granulated lemon zest and cracked black peppercorns. The lemon zest is crushed with the pepper to ensure that the citrus oil from the lemon is thoroughly absorbed into the pepper. Following that, the mixture is baked and dried before being used as a flavor on chicken, fish, and even pasta. The origin of the lemon pepper spice is unknown, as is the case with many condiments. Its two key components, however, are from India: lemon and black peppercorn. These ingredients may be found in a variety of Indian dishes.

Lemon pepper features a bright citrus taste from the lemon, as well as a zingy peppery flavor from the black peppercorns. The lemon and pepper combination produces intense citrus flavors of lemon oil with somewhat spicy and bitter undertones of black pepper. Lemon pepper often has a gritty powdered texture due to the black pepper. But, the texture is mostly determined by your selection.

Lemon pepper spice is used to flavor fish and seafood. Before grilling, sprinkle it on the fish. This spice is also often used on chicken wings (especially lemon pepper wings, which are popular in Atlanta, USA) and other chicken parts. Lemon pepper has a strong taste profile, which makes it ideal for flavoring roasted asparagus, pork chops, and other side dishes.

Lemon Pepper Nutrition Facts:

The distinct flavor of the lemon pepper spice makes it an excellent complement to a variety of recipes. But, if you run out of lemon pepper, there are several substitutions you may use. These alternatives are additional condiments that taste and act similarly to lemon pepper. When used as directed, they will offer a taste and scent comparable to lemon pepper spice. Please keep in mind that these replacements may not taste exactly like lemon pepper, but they will add citrus and a peppery bite to your meal. They are as follows:

  • Lemon Thyme.
  • Shichimi Togarashi.
  • Lemon curry powder.
  • Minced Onion and lemon thyme.
  • DIY Homemade blend.

These alternatives will provide the appropriate flavor and taste of lemon pepper spice to your foods. Lemon thyme is a herbal supplement with a natural lemon zest taste, which performs a wonderful job of standing in for the lemon flavor component of lemon pepper. Its herbal taste also serves as a replacement for the lemon pepper’s pepper aspect, making it an appropriate alternative. Shichimi Togarashi is a Japanese seven-spice combination that is used in grilled and braised meals. It comprises peppercorns, Sichuan peppercorns, and orange peels, which provide a citrus and spicy flavor. A excellent option is lemon curry powder, which is made up of curry, powdered lemon juice, and dried lemon zest. This is due to the presence of peppercorns in curry powder, and the other lemon components offer the appropriate citrus taste.

Another nice option is minced onion with lemon thyme, which has a crisp and spicy taste comparable to peppercorns. When coupled with the lemon thyme, your meal will have a distinct lemon pepper flavor. Finally, the DIY handmade blend contains lemon zest, black pepper powder, and salt. You can do this in your own home to give your dish the same citrus peppery flavor as lemon pepper.

Substitutes for Lemon Pepper

Substitute for Lemon Pepper on Salmon

4 teaspoon of salt and a sprinkle of powdered black pepper powder. 4 teaspoon lemon zest combined with 1 teaspoon Salmon is a delectable fish that is abundant in anti-oxidants and high-quality proteins. It is special in that it has a high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to good brain function. Salmon may be prepared in a variety of ways, but like other fish, it is often seasoned with lemon pepper. In the absence of lemon pepper, a handmade combination of lemon zest and black pepper might be used. When these components are mixed, they give a citrus and peppery flavor. This will offer your baked or seared salmon a good mix of citrus and pepper, which will improve the flavor of the fish even more. The fundamental amount to be utilized is 1.

Substitute for Lemon Pepper in Pork Chops

Pork chops are loin pieces obtained from a pig’s spine. They have evolved into one of the world’s most popular meat delicacies. Pork chops are designed to be juicy, soft, and flavorful. The use of lemon pepper in the cooking of pork chops adds a great burst of flavor to the meat. The bright citrus of the lemon and the peppers sharpness accentuates the rich flavour of your pork chops. In the absence of lemon pepper, Lemon thyme may be substituted. Lemon thyme’s citrus punch will give your pork chops a basic but nuanced taste, making your meal delicious. The amount to be used is the same as the amount of lemon pepper necessary for your recipe.

Substitute for Lemon Pepper on Steak

Steak, one of the most costly meats in the world, is any beef that has been cut across the muscle fibers. There are several sorts of steak delicacies, and they may be prepared in a variety of ways. Steak has a succulent, juicy taste that no other meat can match. It has a deep, strong flavor that comes alive when seasonings like lemon pepper are added or used as marinades. Lemon curry powder may be used to season your steak instead of lemon pepper. Lemon curry powder is a combination of curry powder, dried lemon zest, and lemon juice. This combination contributes to the taste and mix of the lemon pepper spice in your steak marinade. The curry powder combines the various ingredients and provides powerful flavors. You must be cautious, though, since curry powder alters the look and color of food. Therefore remember to keep this in mind and use it sparingly.

Substitute for Lemon Pepper on Wings

Chicken wings, as they are often known, are a popular chicken treat. They may be made crispy and tasty by including seasonings like as teriyaki and other sauces that can be served with them. Wings are made in a variety of ways and with a variety of ingredients. Lemon pepper wings are created using lemon pepper, which delivers a citrus and pepper taste combination as well as additional seasonings in your chicken wings. If you don’t have lemon pepper but want to create lemon pepper wings, try a DIY combination. In most situations, the handmade mix includes of lemon zest, black pepper powder, and salt (more ingredients can be added). The handcrafted mix incorporates all of the required lemon pepper characteristics. When used as a spice on your wings, it balances the citrus and peppery flavors and creates a distinct flavor.

Substitute for Lemon Pepper in Fries

For a peppery citrus tang, season the traditional potato fries with lemon pepper. This adds to the taste and flavor of the fries. It also gives your potato fries a gently spicy bite, making them more appealing to consume. In the absence of lemon pepper, lemon thyme may be used as a near alternative. Lemon thyme has a natural citrus taste as well as a herbal flavor that may be used in place of pepper. When combined with fries, you will get excellent fries with a peppery citrus combination.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Why does lemon pepper clump?

Lemon pepper bunches together when exposed to dampness. The spice’s carbs or proteins disintegrate somewhat. This causes its granules to clump together, making it sticky.

Does lemon pepper have sodium?

The lemon pepper spice has enough zesty lemon and black pepper taste without adding salt. Since it has no salt, it is ideal for anyone on a low-sodium diet.

Is lemon thyme edible?

The plant is both attractive and tasty. It may be used in both an aesthetic landscape and flower garden, as well as a foods garden. Please keep in mind that it should only be cultivated in direct sunshine.


Finally, lemon pepper is a fantastic spice for a variety of foods. When it is not available, you may replace other ingredients that have a similar flavor to lemon pepper. When combined with their individual tastes, substitutes such as chopped onion and lemon thyme, lemon thyme, handmade blends, lemon curry powder, and Shichimi Togarashi are guaranteed to offer you a balanced combination of citrus and pepper hints and a tasty meal.


What can I use if I don’t have lemon pepper?

Substitutions. If you don’t have time to create this dish, replace the lemon pepper spice with a combination of a few tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice, two teaspoons of black pepper, and a teaspoon salt.

Can you use lemon instead of lemon pepper?

Lemon pepper spice may be replaced with lemon juice. It works well as a replacement since it has the similar citrus flavor. When used in a marinade recipe, lemon juice works nicely as a replacement.

What is lemon pepper seasoning made of?

Lemon pepper seasoning is a spice prepared from the dried peels of entire lemons. The dried peels are powdered and combined with black pepper and a few additional spices. It imparts a lemony flavor to any dish.

Can I substitute lemon pepper for lemon zest?

When you’re out of lemon zest, use it in marinades and on grilled meats and veggies. Remember to decrease the salt in your recipe if your lemon pepper mixture already includes salt. Use roughly a third of the quantity of lemon pepper spice in place of the zest in your original recipe.

What is lemon pepper flavor?

Lemon pepper is a spice mixture made out of dried lemon zest and crushed black pepper. This simple combination combines the flowery zing of black pepper with a blast of fresh lemon taste.

Does McCormick make lemon pepper?

Lemon & Pepper Seasoning, McCormick® Salt imparts a taste that is universally appealing: The fragrant tastes of coarse ground black pepper, salt, onion, garlic, and fresh zested lemon peel combine in McCormick Culinary Lemon & Pepper Seasoning Salt.

Is lemon pepper a salt substitute?

That’s a lot of salt in a jar. If you select it instead salt, this combination is both tasty and helpful in decreasing the quantity of salt in your diet.

Is lemon pepper seasoning salt the same as lemon pepper?

Lemon pepper necessitates the use of two dried components, while lemon pepper seasoning necessitates the infusion, baking, and drying of lemon zest and pepper, followed by the addition of numerous additional ingredients and spices.

Which lemon pepper seasoning is best?

Lawry’s is the greatest brand in my view since it’s ground incredibly finely and the zest tastes pretty fresh. McCormick comes in second; their mix is somewhat coarser, ideal for sticking to poultry or fish yet finely powdered enough to sprinkle over a salad.

What is a lemon pepper?

Lemon pepper seasoning (also known as lemon pepper zest) is a seasoning created from granulated lemon zest and cracked black peppercorns. To enable the citrus oil to seep into the pepper, the lemon zest is crushed with it.

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