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Ramekin’s replacement

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Ramekins have become an essential component in several baking processes. They’re the go-to containers for baking sweets and soups. Yet since they are widely accessible and long-lasting, it is natural to rely primarily on them for culinary purposes. But, you may not have ramekins on hand and must create a crme brulee or souffl.

Should you forgo the meal because you lack certain cooking tools? Ramekins are containers in their most basic functional form, and you may choose another variety to meet your needs. So, before you grab the closest cup to serve as a ramekin, consider why these kitchen objects have become so reliable in our many baking tasks.

What is a Ramekin?

A ramekin is a circular ceramic container that is usually used for baking meals. It was named from the French word ramequin, which defines its form and shape. A ramekin should be three to four inches in diameter according to its original design. It was typically manufactured in white, however other designs and colors are available for the container. It was first used as a serving dish for meats, cheese, and baked goods.

Ramekins are now used to store single-portion portions of desserts and other delicacies. Its ceramic composition also enables for cooking in the oven. The containers are well-known for their strength and ability to retain heat. Also, it is no longer composed only of ceramic, but also of steel and glass. And they’re used in a variety of popular meals, including custards, crème brulee, and souffls, which is why they’re also known as souffl dishes.

Ramekin Uses

Ramekins must be glazed before use so that the food does not adhere to the sides during cooking. They are also used to store baked items, sauces, puddings, soups, and warm desserts. The containers are ideal for creating single-portion dishes, making it simple to assign portions to visitors. Ramekins may also be used to create poached eggs, ramen, mac & cheese, rice, warm dips, hot desserts, and many other dishes.

Ramekin Substitutes

If you can’t obtain ramekins to utilize for your recipe, alternative materials may be used. Nevertheless, before selecting one, consider how you want to use the container. As a result, several aspects must be addressed while replacing ramekins in your kitchen. Among these alternatives are:


Ramekins are often constructed of ceramic since it holds up well in high-heat cooking settings. Hence, while shopping for a replacement, opt for one made of the same materials. The cooking time will be about the same as with a standard ramekin. Aluminum, cast-iron, steel, glass, and enamel containers are among the numerous materials available.


A standard ramekin is round, therefore the alternative should be similarly shaped. If you don’t have one, locate something similar in form, such as an oval or square. These forms enable the food to remain in the same cooking area as if the design had been circular. Furthermore, avoid using rectangular-shaped containers since they will affect how the food cooks.

Size and Depth

Ramekins are typically three to four inches in diameter. Hence, to guarantee that the food cooks as evenly as it would in the original container, choose a replacement with a similar diameter. If your recipe asks for a ramekin with a specified depth, look for a container that matches the bill. This manner, the meal or dessert will cook without being scorched or pouring out.

With these elements in mind, consider these simple replacements for ramekins in your culinary processes.


Mugs are composed of ceramics, which makes them seem similar to ramekins. Its round shapes are also suitable, and the material is heat-resistant. Mugs are excellent substitutes for ramekins in all recipes, and the white varieties may even be presented to appear like the genuine thing. You may also use them for normal ramekin meals like soufflés, crème brulee, custards, and puddings.

But, when selecting cups, make sure they are not too tall so that the mixture cooks evenly. Furthermore, make sure the cup is oven or microwave safe so you don’t cause a mess in the kitchen. When cooking with mugs, they may get rather hot, so use oven gloves or a kitchen towel to handle them.

Baking Dish

Since these containers are often used for comparable dishes, they serve as good ramekin alternatives. Choose a baking or casserole dish that is no bigger than six to eight inches in diameter. Baking plates are also microwave safe, making them great for recipes prepared in mannequins. Nevertheless, they are bigger, so keep this in mind while estimating cooking time.

In any case, smaller baking plates are preferable than ramekins. These will be ideal for use in ovens and freezers at this size.

Muffin Tins

This alternative is ideal for lava cakes and other sweets that need ramekins to construct the structure. Muffin pans are intended to form muffin batter, but they will also work for cakes and other similar delicacies and recipes. Since a normal muffin pan is composed of metal, it works well in freezers. Moreover, the pan’s gaps are nearly the same size as ramekins, ensuring consistent cooking in lava cakes.

But, never microwave muffin pans or you may start a fire. Moreover, although most muffin pans have more minor grooves than ramekins, they make ideal half-servings. You’ll also need to oil the ramekins as required to prevent the dessert from sticking.

Jam Jars

Consider jam jars as a less expensive alternative to ramekins. You probably didn’t think the empty glass containers would come in handy for anything other than pickling, but they do. Jam jars are ideal for liquid sweets such as custards and pudding. And they’re less expensive since you may not need to purchase any because you can reuse empty ones from your kitchen.

Of course, make sure the jars aren’t broken or you’ll create a mess. Moreover, if maintained in excellent shape, these alternatives may endure a long time. Jam jars are also available in sizes similar to ramekins, allowing you to imitate the cooking procedure without worry of contrasting proportions.


A standard meal bowl in the kitchen may also be used in lieu of ramekins for baking purposes. And, as long as they’re oven-safe, they’ll aid in the cooking process without breaking or cracking. Earthenware and ceramic bowls are the finest replacements for ramekins since they are similar in substance. You may also choose from bowls of comparable sizes to larger bowls for larger amounts.

To prevent food from sticking, lubricate the bowls with butter or oil, much like ramekins. And, as opposed to using it plain, this maneuver encourages the dessert or baked meal to lift. Bowls are also useful for cold desserts, particularly if they are freezer-friendly. And you may check the label at the bottom to see whether they are.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use Mason jars instead of ramekins?

You certainly can. Mason jars, often known as canning jars, are composed of glass and can endure low temperatures in an oven. They’re also wonderful for making custards, pot pies, and puddings.

Can you bake crème brulee in aluminum cups?

You certainly can. Aluminum cups, like ramekins, are disposable and may be used to prepare crème brulee. On the exterior, these containers have a glossy coating that enables them to resist heat. And their straight sides provide a form that allows the dessert to cook as easily as it would in a ramekin.

Are coffee mugs oven-safe?

They are, indeed. Any coffee cups, even stoneware, may be used in the oven. Porcelain and glass coffee mugs are also oven-safe materials for coffee cups. Therefore, it is usually wise to double-check if they may be used in the oven. You may also verify by looking at the label at the bottom of the cup.


Ramekins are a versatile culinary item that may be used to prepare and chill soups, desserts, and soufflés. They’re also known for producing the greatest crème brulee textures when you need them. But, you may not always have these useful containers in your pantry, so a substitution might be quite useful. And these tips will make preparing the dish as simple as using ramekins.


What can I use instead of ramekin for baking?

What is the best ramekin replacement? Ramekin alternatives include mugs and teacups, baking dishes and muffin pans, tiny bowls, custard cups, and glass jars. Just make sure that any substitution is oven-safe, or prepare and serve in separate dishes.

What can I use instead of a ramekin for lava cake?

If you don’t have ramekins, a muffin pan will suffice.

To prevent the lava cakes from sticking, grease and sprinkle 6 muffin pan cups with cocoa powder. Since your lava cakes will be somewhat smaller, you will get 6 lava cakes rather than 4. Bake for 8-10 minutes at 425°F (218°C).

What can I make with creme brulee if I don’t have ramekins?

If you don’t have ramekins, a big broad ceramic or glass dish would suffice. Avoid using metal. A bigger pan will need more time to bake. If you don’t have a kitchen torch, you may caramelize the sugar in step 7 using an oven broiler.

Can Pyrex be used as ramekin?

Pyrex® Classic glass is a kitchen staple! Explore these glass ramekins, which are ideal for individual servings. Pyrex® glass has been providing a full solution to all cookware needs since 1915, from preparation to baking and storage.

Can I use glass jars as ramekins?

Can Mason Jars Be Used as Ramekins? There’s no need to buy expensive ramekins when mason jars will suffice! Just wash and dry your jars before using them like any other ramekin. They’re ideal for presenting individual portions of pudding, dessert, or even savory foods.

What is special about a ramekin?

Ramekins are tiny, cylindrical baking plates used to bake individual-sized meals. Because of their tiny size, they are ideal for baking little soufflés, since their straight sides allow an egg white-based soufflé mixture to rise up the sides of the dish and acquire height.

In which container can I bake a cake?

A cake pan is a baking pan made of metal, silicone, heat-resistant glass, ceramic, or enameled metal that is safe to use in the oven.

What makes a ramekin a ramekin?

A ramekin is traditionally defined as a tiny, straight-sided ceramic or glass cup or dish used for baking and serving. It’s usually a single serving meal that goes from prep through baking to serving.

Can I use muffin tins instead of ramekins for creme brulee?

Crème brulee is a traditional French dessert served in a ramekin. You may, however, create this delectable dessert in a muffin tray! This approach is ideal for individuals who wish to prepare individual portions or save time on cleaning.

Do I need ramekins?

Ramekins, little circular baking plates, may not seem to be necessary kitchen equipment, yet they are surprisingly useful. They’re ideal for serving soups, desserts, pies, and soufflés in individual portions; presenting nuts, dips, and tiny nibbles; and even functioning as a smaller prep bowl or salt cellar.

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