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Military Diet Substitute for Cottage Cheese

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Weight loss has been proven to be a fantastic approach to improve ones health over time. And one diet that has this quality in abundance is the military diet, and its delicious property is sought after worldwide. Its also one of the few diets that can be used in various recipes without spending much money.

Cottage Cheese Nutrition Facts

Military Diet Substitute for Cottage Cheese

However, there are several obstacles to utilizing cottage cheese in the military diet, so finding an alternative is important. And, contrary to popular belief, this effort is not daunting. For your military diet, you can now get cottage cheese substitutes. However, learning how to substitute Greek yogurt or an egg for cottage cheese might be beneficial.

What is Cottage Cheese?

Military Diet Substitute for Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese has long been a popular choice among athletes and dieters. Its produced with curdled milk, so its mild and fresh. The curds are rinsed after draining to remove any remaining acids, resulting in sweeter cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese may aid weight loss as well. For example, regular cottage cheese, low-fat or reduced-fat cottage cheese, and nonfat or dry curd cottage cheese are the three variants based on milk fat.

A desert traveler is thought to have invented it around 3000 B.C. The heat of the sun, the milk, and the natural rennet from the sheeps stomach all combined to form cheese curds as the traveler and his camel passed through the hot climate.

Cottage Cheese Uses in Recipes

Cottage cheese specialists commonly use cottage cheese in a variety of dishes. Cottage cheese can be used in a variety of ways. Breakfast bowls, Italian dishes, dips, sweets, and even pancakes can benefit from this ingredient. The flavor of cottage cheese is creamy and tangy, and this flavor profile pairs well with various foods, yielding a flavor increase. It can be used in sweet and savory recipes as a main or secondary taste component. But the cheese can help people lose weight that is most famous and loved.

Cottage cheese is just as filling as an omelet (a food with the same amount of protein). It also works well to quell hunger pangs. It takes your body longer to digest than whey protein, so youll feel full and satisfied.

Cottage cheese is excellent on its own or in recipes. This cheese can be used as a sauce, salad dressing, or a sandwich filling. It goes well with sweet, salty, and sour dishes and can be served hot or cold. Vegans can enjoy lactose-free versions.

With this full-stack of flavor excellence, cottage cheese finds its way into several recipes such as:

  • saucy spinach and cottage cheese stuffed chicken
  • Creamy tomato lasagna florentine
  • Pecan cheesecake pudding
  • Savory crepe with blistered tomatoes and avocado
  • Make-ahead breakfast casserole
  • Carrot cake oatmeal
  • Muffins made with cottage cheese, eggs, ham, and cheddar cheese
  • Overnight oats with grapes and pecans
  • Strawberry cottage cheese mini muffins
  • 3-Ingredient cottage cheese pancakes
  • Strawberry cheesecake protein pudding
  • Berry cheesecake overnight oats
  • Raspberry cheesecake smoothie
  • Cottage cheese deviled eggs
  • Spinach artichoke lasagna

Military Diet Substitute for Cottage Cheese

You might run out of cottage cheese and wont be able to go to the shop quickly enough. Or, if youre like the majority of people, youre particularly worried about potassium sorbates preservative component. Some people may object to the high protein content. These other factors may force you to use a cottage cheese substitute in your military diet.

The calcium content is the most important consideration when looking for an alternative to cottage cheese. As a result, you can replace cottage cheese in your military diet with any of these suggested alternatives. While some may have a flavor that you prefer, others may have a flavor that you dont. Explore them below:

Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is a dairy product that has been consumed since the beginning of recorded history. Greek yogurt, sometimes described as strained yogurt, is manufactured by fermenting yogurt in containers and then squeezing out the whey and other liquids during the last stages of processing. As a result of the process, the finished product is thicker and has a higher protein content. For example, one cup of Greek yogurt would be a suitable substitution for cottage cheese in your military diet.

Greek yogurt contains more protein than conventional yogurt since it contains less liquid and is more concentrated. Because the lactose is removed during the straining process, it has fewer carbs, and it may be more palatable for lac intolerant people.


Hummus is a delicious dip, spread, or savory dish made from cooked, mashed chickpeas combined with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic in the Middle East. In and of themselves, all of the primary ingredients are superfoods. Hummus major ingredient, chickpeas, provides protein, excellent carbohydrates, and fiber, as well as spicy seasonings like garlic and olive oil.

Its good carb provision makes it a great substitute for cottage cheese. Hummus is also a veritable option in the military diet, especially for vegetarians. Cottage cheese in your military diet can be replaced with two tablespoons of hummus.


One of the most nutrient-rich foods available out there is eggs. Theyre an excellent source of protein since they contain all nine necessary amino acids that your body needs. Sure, eggs are better than others, and the nutritional makeup of the hens differs depending on how they were fed and grown.

Eggs are abundant in protein content, making them an excellent addition to various diet plans to help people lose weight. Eggs can also assist in minimizing glucose fluctuations, which can offer long-term benefits in managing eating patterns. As a result, its an excellent substitute for cottage cheese in the military diet, and it helps the diet achieve its primary goal. In the diet, one fried egg would be a good substitute.

Almond Milk 

Almond milk is a plants base milk made from almonds, water, and any other ingredient as you may determine. It has a creamy texture and a nutty taste. At the same time, certain varieties or product lines are flavored to taste like cows milk. It is cholesterol-free, lactose-free, and low in saturated fat, making it an excellent substitute for cottage cheese. When substituting, one cup of almond milk would suffice as a cottage cheese substitute in your military diet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I skip ice cream on a military diet?

Participants must track calories in everything, even coffee, and follow a tight diet plan that includes low-nutrient foods like hot dogs, ice cream, and saltine crackers.

How many calories a day is a military diet?

The diet limits daily calorie consumption to 1,400, 1,200, and 1,100 calories for the first three days. Protein is abundant, whereas fat, carbohydrate, and calories are short supply.

Can you substitute food on a military diet?

Substitutions are allowed during the 3-day phase for those with dietary limitations, but amounts must have the same calorie count. For example, if you have a cottage cheese allergy, you can substitute almond milk for cottage cheese.


Cottage cheese is a great ingredient in the military diet, which is touted for its impact on weight loss and healthful living, but having cottage cheese could be difficult. This is why we have enumerated various other substitutes that will give your military diet a great taste even without cottage cheese, check them out and meet your flavor needs.


What is the substitution for cottage cheese for the military diet?

2 avocado).almond milk and 2 tablespoons hummus). 1 hard-boiled egg (substitution: 1hemp1 cup cottage cheese (substitutions: PLAIN Greek yogurt, ricotta cheese, cheddar cheese, eggs, or ham. For vegans and vegetarians, tofu, or 1 cup unsweetened soy

What can I sub for cheddar cheese on military diet?

Cottage or Cheddar cheese

People can also choose eggs or ham as an alternative to cottage or Cheddar cheeses. In addition, people following a vegan diet can substitute a cup of unsweetened plant-based milk such as soy or almond and 2 tablespoons (tbsp) of hummus.

What is a substitute for hot dogs on the 3 day military diet?

2 cup.
portobello mushroom — 1 whole.2 cup.
lentils — 1Substitutions for hot dogs
beans — 1

What can I substitute for grapefruit in the military diet?

2 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. If you’re curious about the 3-day diet, also called the military diet, you might be wondering if you can swap out any of the foods on the plan.If you are following the diet exactly as it is defined online, the substitute for grapefruit is 1

What is a substitute for 1 cup of cottage cheese?

1. Ricotta cheese. The first alternative that comes to mind for replacing cottage cheese is ricotta. It is very similar regarding texture, taste and how it’s made, but it’s even more nutritious than cottage cheese, being richer in calcium, iron, zinc, and magnesium as well as vitamins A, B2, D, E.

What is the 3 day cottage cheese diet?

Basics of the cottage cheese diet

It’s simply an eating plan where you eat only cottage cheese at each meal for at least three days. Some people also eat fresh fruits and vegetables in moderation. Alcohol, fruit juice, sodas, and other sweetened beverages are usually avoided.

What is government cheese in the military?

Government cheese is processed cheese provided to welfare beneficiaries, Food Stamp recipients, and the elderly receiving Social Security in the United States, as well as to food banks and churches. This processed cheese was used in military kitchens during World War II and has been used in schools since the 1950s.

What can I snack on while on the military diet?

Foods You Can Eat on the Military Diet
Bread (whole-wheat), in small amounts.
Cheeses (cottage and cheddar), in small amounts.

Does the 3 day military diet work?

The 3-Day Military Diet does not adhere to USDA guidelines and it is not considered a healthy eating plan for weight loss or long-term weight management. The eating plan is not recommended by nutrition experts since it could create unhealthy eating habits and lead to unfavorable health outcomes.

What kind of toast for military diet?

Low-salt diet: You can get low-salt versions of all of the processed foods on the menu. Swap saltines for rice cakes or low-salt melba toast.

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