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Media Crema Substitute

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Media crema is a popular sweetener found in many homes, notably in South American nations. Media Crema has become an essential ingredient in American cuisine because to its distinctive are, condensing, and sugariness.

Nestle and numerous other Latin American dairy businesses produce Media Crema, which translates as half cream or light cream. It does not curdle, making it great for adding richness to hot recipes.

Continue reading to discover more about using Media Crema in your cooking. I have included several amazing Media Crema replacements for your convenience if you find yourself in a need.

What Is Media Crema

Media Crema Substitute

Nestle’s product Media Crema is extensively used in American nations, notably in South America. In English, media crema means “table cream.” So, if you see it used interchangeably anyplace, don’t be alarmed.

Media Crema is a light cream of cow’s milk that has been pasteurized and homogenized. This luscious table cream complements both sweet and savory dishes. Nestle Media Crema Table Cream takes soups, salads, and sauces to the next level.

Originally, it was made by lightly compressing milk and cream. Every recipe that calls for Media Crema has a rich and creamy taste. It combines well with most liquids and complements the taste of meat, vegetables, and fruit.

Notably, Media Crema may be used straight away and does not need to be refrigerated.

Media Crema Uses in Recipes

Media Crema may be used to cook, bake, or top a variety of dishes and recipes. The addition of Media Crema improves all of these sweet and savory recipes. Enjoy:

  • Three milk cake
  • Clam chowder
  • Potato soup
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Oatmeal cake
  • Fresas con Crema
  • Fettuccine Alfredo
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Scalloped potatoes
  • Cream sauce
  • Cheese sauce
  • French toast
  • Quiche
  • Salad dressings
  • Passion fruit mousse

Finding a Media Crema substitute with such distinct qualities may be challenging, but not impossible. Consider these amazing Media Crema cream substitutes:

Condensed Milk

Condensed milk is the best Media Crema alternative. Condensed milk, such as Media Crema, is sweet and rich. Furthermore, since they are derived from the same source (milk and cream), they are interchangeable.

Although the fat content of Media Crema (table cream) is only approximately 1830%, condensed milk has a ratio of about 8%.

Furthermore, condensed milk contains a lot of sugar, while Media Crema does not. In other words, whereas condensed milk gets its sweetness from sugar, Media Crema gets its sweetness from the cream base material.

Condensed milk is used in kitchens all around the globe, including the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Sweetened condensed milk is often used in coffee and tea, as well as baked goods and desserts like pie, pudding, and ice cream.

Double Cream

To get a sense of what it tastes like, double the cream’s richness, creaminess, and sugariness by two to get the overall flavor of double cream.

Another fantastic Media Crema replacement that you may use in your meals is double cream.

In terms of texture, the double cream twice the thickness and density of the other creams on the list. You may immediately whisk it to make extraordinarily thick double cream.

People often mistake double cream with heavy cream and whipped cream in the United States, although the two are not synonymous. Double cream is thicker and sweeter than whipping cream since it contains 48% butterfat.

Creme Fraiche

Creme Fraiche is a matured, thickened, and dried nutty, tart sour cream. This product is prepared with unpasteurized sour cream and natural bacteria to thicken it without the use of preservatives.

As a result, the taste of crème fraiche is naturally and unmistakably creamy, buttery, and sour. The taste of the meal might change somewhat depending on how it ferments, but it always keeps its sweetness and creaminess. Over time, the texture becomes thicker and thicker.

Furthermore, Creme Frache may be served with fresh fruit or blended into soups or sauces to add dairy richness and thickness; it also provides a sharp sense of acidity to any meal.

Notably, Creme Frache is simple to make at home: mix cream and a little quantity of buttermilk in a tight container and let at room temperature for approximately 12 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is evaporated milk the same as media crema?

Media Crema is not the same as evaporated milk. It is thicker in texture than evaporated milk. It’s a cream that lends richness to soups, salads, Mexican dishes, and favorite desserts.

Is it possible to whip Media Crema?

Media Crema is a sweet cream that may be beaten; the result will be thinner than ordinary cream, but it is delicious over cakes and ice cream. It’s not half-and-half, which would make it more pliable.

Is it possible to use Media Crema in coffee?

Yes, Media Crema is delicious in coffee. It makes an excellent topping for pastries and fruits, as well as a healthy and natural thickener for soups and sauces.

It works wonderfully in both savory and sweet dishes, whether you’re cooking salad dressings, bread, spaghetti sauce, desserts, or anything else.


Media Crema is a light cream that is available in a can. It does not have to be refrigerated until you are ready to consume it. Assume you have some in your cupboard. You’ll always have cream on hand to add a richness to your recipes.

Most stores sell Media Crema in the foods area. But what can you do with your recipe if you can’t get your hands on any Media Crema? You may use any of these Media Crema replacements to your advantage.


Is media crema like heavy whipping cream?

Table cream that lends creaminess and richness to savory and sweet meals.COMMON MEDIA CREMA QUESTIONS. What exactly is Media Crema? A light cream is Media Crema.

What is a substitute for crema in Lala media?

Creme fraîche is the finest replacement. You may use it as is or combine it with a little lime juice to make it thinner and more like crema.

Is evaporated milk media crema?

Table Cream is another name for Media Crema. Nestle manufactures and distributes this in cans, which can be found among the evaporated milks or potentially in the Hispanic food department at your local supermarket. Consider using condensed milk, evaporated milk, or heavy cream as an alternative.

What are the ingredients in media crema?


Is media crema the same as half-and-half?

2 – Because it’s so thick, we call it “cow goo.”The Media Crema has a significantly thicker consistency than our 1

What consistency is Nestle Media crema?

Nestle Media Crema has a dual consistency: liquid at ambient temperature and thicker when refrigerated. For a delightful treat, mix Mexican crema into spaghetti, tacos, stews, soups, and sauces, or top fruits and sweets with the light cream. 7.6 ounces of shelf stable cream is included in each container.

Can I use sour cream instead of crema?

Sour cream is also an excellent substitute for Mexican crema. However, keep in mind that sour cream acts differently. It curdles quickly because to its thicker consistency and increased fat content. Sour cream dissolves into stews, whereas Mexican crema does not.

Is crème fraîche the same as media crema?

Mexican crema has a tangy flavor comparable to crème fraîche, although it is more thinner and has a somewhat sweeter flavor. It’s excellent for little amounts of crème fraîche, such as a dollop in eggs or a drizzle over soup.

Does evaporated milk make things creamy?

Evaporated milk gives smoothies body, thickens and sweetens coffee, and adds subtlety and richness to creamy soups and chowders, as well as savory sauces and even oatmeal.

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