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Kasoori Methi Replacement

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Kasoori methi, also spelled fenugreek in English. It grows every year. It is extensively utilized in Indian cuisine due to the good health benefits of its seeds and leaves. It includes a variety of vitamins, including vitamin K, A, C, B complex, calcium, and others. It contains a lot of magnesium, iron, and potassium. Kasoori methi is sun-dried fenugreek leaves with a somewhat bitter flavor, similar to celery and fennel. Before serving, they are crushed and used as a spice over meat or in curries. They are used to flavor food as well as for traditional medicine.


Kasoori methi has a bitter yet seductive flavor. Nonetheless, one may sometimes run short of kasoori methi. It’s also possible that a person dislikes this veggie herb. This raises the demand for a suitable alternative. This article discusses five good Kasoori methi alternatives.

Kasoori Methi Nutrition Facts

Uses of kasoori methi in recipes

Kasoori methi may be found in a number of dishes. The following are some recipes that call for Kasoori methi:

  1. Kasoori methi aloo.
  2. Parathas kasoori methi
  3. Kasoori methi with Khada masala murgh
  4. Paneer matar
  5. Rajma(kidney bean curry) (kidney bean curry)

Substitute for kasoori methi

While nothing can really replicate the taste and flavor of kasoori methi, several plants may work as alternatives. Here is a list of several outstanding alternatives:

Fenugreek Seeds


Fenugreek seeds, like its leaves, are high in nutrients. They’re also high in vitamins B, C, and K. When the leaves are lacking, the seeds suffice or may be utilized in their stead. They taste and smell the most like kasoori methi. But, since they are seeds, they must be added early in the cooking process, unlike the leaves. To release the scent, the seeds might be crushed into a powder or dried. They might also be cooked with the dish’s foundation. You may add watercress to this replacement to make it more filling. This is done to mimic the bulkiness that kasoori methi would have added to the meal. When replacing, use it similarly to Kasoori methi.


Another healthy vegetable option for kasoori methi. While the flavor is not the same as kasoori methi, it has the same scent and texture. Spinach is extremely high in vitamins and has several health advantages. It gives the body folic acid, vitamin K, vitamin C, and other nutrients that are necessary for optimal health. They are supposed to strengthen the immune system. They taste green and soften soon. As a result, they must be added to the meal only before serving. These dark green veggies will brighten up and flavor your food. Use this as you would Kasoori methi when replacing.

Curry Powder

Kasoori methi is one of the components used to make curry powder. Curry is an important spice used in cuisine all over the globe. Its roots, however, may be traced back to Indian cuisine. Curry powder has a distinct taste. This is due to the use of a blend of sweet and savory spices. Curry powder is combined with spices such as bay leaves, turmeric, and cumin to create a rich earthy taste. It also has cinnamon and cloves in it, which provide a bright, pleasant taste. The quantity of pepper applied determines the intensity of heat.

Curry powder, which contains kasoori methi and other tasty herbs, will enhance your food. It will even enhance the color of your food. You may use curry powder in any recipe you like.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are curry leaves the same as fenugreek leaves?

No. Curry leaves and fenugreek leaves are not the same thing. They have a citrus and peppery taste and resemble bay leaves.

What is kasoori methi called in English-language?

In English, they are known as dried fenugreek leaves.

What flavor or taste does kasoori methi have?

It has a harsh flavor and a strong unique flavor.


Kasoori methi provides several health advantages. This is why it is often used in Indian cooking. Yet, there are situations when kasoori methi must be substituted for a variety of reasons. These factors vary from lack of availability to personal taste or health concerns. This post has highlighted five kasoori methi alternatives that may be suitable for you. I hope you found this information useful.


What can I substitute for dried fenugreek leaves?

Fennel seeds may be used in lieu of fenugreek, but they are sweeter and can easily overpower a recipe, so use them sparingly. Chinese celery leaves may be used in lieu of fenugreek leaves.

What does Kasuri methi taste like?

What Does Kasuri Methi Taste Like? Kasuri Methi has a rich, pleasant perfume that is somewhat reminiscent of maple syrup. It is one of those spices that, although it improves the flavor of the food, should not be consumed uncooked. It has a bitter flavor, but it does not make the meal bitter; rather, it adds scent.

Is Kasoori Methi necessary?

Kasuri methi is regarded highly important in medicine, particularly in Ayurveda, since it aids digestion. Apart from being one of the most regularly used Indian spices for providing fresh green taste to dishes, it also offers several health advantages.

What does dried fenugreek leaves taste like?

Dried fenugreek leaves have a distinct musky curry scent and a somewhat bitter flavor. This herb complements lamb and lentil meals as well as dishes with a thick, deep sauce. Fenugreek is a magnificent Indian plant native to India’s Kasoor area.

What is Kasuri methi made of?

Kasoori methi (or Kasuri methi) is a fenugreek-based spice (Methi in Hindi). It is a spice that has a bitter yet addicting flavor. In Indian cuisine, it is used as a spice to enhance the tastes. The taste senses are captivated by the rich scent and unique flavor.

What is the purpose of Kasuri methi?

Kasuri Methi aids in the regulation of glucose metabolism in the body. Frequent use of Kasuri methi in curries, dals, or stews may aid in the treatment of type -2 diabetes. Because of the fiber content, it aids in the proper functioning of insulin in diabetics.

What is the fragrance of Kasuri methi?

Fenugreek leaves have a strong maple syrup aroma, which distinguishes them as a plant. Sunrise Kasuri methi has a lovely scent because of this smell. Kasuri methi’s distinct aroma is due to a natural substance called Sotolon.

Is Kasuri methi same as oregano?

Is Kasoori Methi the same as oregano? Kasoori Methi and oregano are not the same thing.

How to make Kasoori Methi?

Kasuri methi may be made in about 10 minutes in the oven or microwave. Just remove the new leaves off the stalk and discard it. After that, thoroughly wash the methi leaves to remove any dirt. Put the washed leaves on a platter and pat them dry with a kitchen towel.

What is the difference between common and kasuri methi?

Methi, commonly known as Fenugreek leaves, is a green leafy vegetable. Methi is used in cooking as a vegetable. It is high in nutrients and may be added to dal or other vegetables. Kasuri methi, on the other hand, is a dried version of methi leaves that is used to different cuisine dishes to increase flavor and taste.

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