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Kashmiri Chili Substitutes

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You may be acquainted with Kashmiri chillies if you are from southern Asia (especially India). Because of its capacity to provide a dark red colour to whatever it is mixed into, this thin chili pepper is often used in curries and several lentil soups and sauces.

Aside from its visual value, it also contributes a very moderate heat that distinguishes it from other chiles. But imagine you just relocated from Southern Asia. In such instance, you may have difficulty obtaining Kashmiri chilies. This may be disastrous if you’re creating a recipe that expressly asks for Kashmiri chili, but can we substitute any other chili?

Continue reading to find out what other chili might be used in lieu of Kashmiri chili in your recipes. Before we go into the alternatives, let’s take a deeper look at Kashmiri chili.

What is Kashmiri Chili?

Kashmiri Chili Substitutes

Kashmiri chilis are cultivated extensively in Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Goa. The chilies are picked when they reach around 1m tall in the winter. It has a lovely deep red look and a very moderate heat, making it quite valuable; they are dried to have a wrinkled appearance.

Kashmiri chilis may also be pounded into a powder or combined with other spices to make an incredible curry sauce. I sometimes like to slice them in large chunks for soups and sauces.

The chilis that are now known as Kashmiri chilis were originally foreign chilies that were first brought to Goa when the Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama led the first European voyage to enter India by sea route in 1497. Once in Goa, these chilis proliferated across southern India.

Uses of Kashmiri Chili in Recipes

The Kashmiri chili, with its brilliant red color and intensity of 1,000 to 2,000 SHU on the Scoville scale, is a highly palatable chili pepper that is used in many Southern Indian recipes.

Kashmiri chilis are employed in dishes as a coloring element, but they also add to the taste of the meal by not enabling the food to be overly spicy or fragrant due to the chili’s moderate heat.

The majority of restaurants in India utilize powdered Kashmiri chili, and firms that create powdered Kashmiri chilis include MDH, Everest spices, Sakthi Masala, and Badshah masala.

Some meals that benefit from the benefits of Kashmiri chilis are listed below.

  1. Murghir laal jhol (country chicken with chili)
  2. Chili parotta
  3. Desi vegetarian chili
  4. Dry chili garlic sauce vada pav chutney
  5. Chili Gobhi
  6. Crispy chili chana
  7. Chili paneer gravy
  8. Chili chicken wings
  9. Chili fry
  10. Kashmiri red chili chicken curry recipe
  11. Paneer baby corn potato chili (starter for mixed veg chili)
  12. Chili garlic noodles
  13. Green chili chicken mince curry
  14. Red chili sabudana khichadi / tikhatacha sabudana
  15. Poached egg with garlic yogurt and chili butter sauce

Substitutes for Kashmiri chili

Obtaining Kashmiri chile outside of India, like many other exotic spices, may be challenging. Imagine you’re creating a beautiful local curry meal and you realize you’ve used all the last Kashmiri chili powder in your cabinet; at this point, you wouldn’t even contemplate heading to the grocery store since you don’t have time.

A smart approach would be to substitute the Kashmiri chili with another chili that is currently available. The secret to replacing Kashmiri chili with another chili is understanding how much to replace it with.

I’ll list the finest chili peppers to use in place of Kashmiri chili in your recipes, as well as how to do it.

Kashmiri Chili Powder 

Obtaining Kashmiri chili powder may be simpler than obtaining them fresh. Kashmiri chili powder is the same as fresh chili powder, however some recipes need fresh since fresh herbs are less powerful than dried equivalents. Regardless, you will receive the same taste from Kashmiri chili powder; it also works well as a coloring agent, delivering a brilliant red hue to anything you pour it into.

Replace 1 part fresh Kashmiri chili with 3 parts Kashmiri chili powder.Use 1

Paprika Plus Cayenne Powder


Paprika might be an excellent substitute for Kashmiri chili. It imparts a deep red color to whatever it is mixed with, but the spicy sensation may be lost due to paprika’s mild heat.

We would use cayenne pepper to solve this issue. Cayenne pepper is more hotter, and it also has a lovely red hue. For the greatest results, use three parts smoked paprika and one part cayenne pepper.

Byadi Chili

Byadi chili has a remarkable similarity to Kashmiri chili, thus I couldn’t leave it out of a list of Kashmiri chili replacements. Because of Oleoresin (an oil found in byadi chilies), byadi chili imparts a red hue to meats and vegetables.

Because byadi chili is popular in many Indian households, it is simple to get. However, since the heat levels of these chilis range from 50,000 to 100,000 SHU, it is best to use byadi chili sparingly when replacing.

Deggi Mirch

In India and other South Asian nations, deggi mirch is a popular spice. It blends a variety of spices, including Kashmiri, which is also used to make deggi mirch. This spice is a bit hotter than typical Kashmiri chili, so use it sparingly when replacing.

Because deggi mirch is a popular spice in Southern Asia, finding it in Western markets should be simple.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How can I store Kashmiri chilis?

These Indian chilis may be stored whole or powdered; just keep them in an airtight container. However, it is recommended to utilize entire Kashmiri chilis as soon as feasible.

Is Kashmiri chili healthy?

They are, indeed. This chili is high in vitamins B and C, which offer several health advantages such as a stronger immune system, better skin health, and support for the neurological system.

What brand of Kashmiri chili should I get?

Branded Kashmiri chili powders include Everest Red Chili Powder, Tata Sampann Red Chili Powder, and MDH Red Chili Powder.


Many Indian cuisines have acquired popularity in Western nations, so it won’t be long before you’re hopping on anything that asks for Kashmiri chilis; if you find yourself stuck because you don’t have this chili pepper, relax and try some of these alternatives.


Is Kashmiri chilli same as cayenne?

It tastes similar to Kashmiri chilies but is not as hot. Cayenne Pepper: Another suitable option for Kashmiri chili is cayenne pepper. It tastes similar but has less heat.

Is paprika the same as Kashmiri chilli powder?

In this regard, it is comparable to paprika in that it is used more for coloring than for heat, albeit it is significantly hotter. Paprika is roughly 500 SHU (Scoville Heat Units) at its hottest on the Scoville scale, whereas Kashmiri chili powder may reach over 2000 SHU.

Is Kashmiri chilli same as red chilli?

Kashmiri chilli is a brilliant red chilli (pepper) from the Kashmir area. It is produced for its brilliant red color and flavor more than for its heat.

Can paprika be replaced with Kashmiri?

Yes, you may substitute Kashmiri Chilies for Paprika, however they are extremely distinct spices. Paprika tastes sweeter than other chillies. Kashmiri red chilli is also recognized for its delicate flavor and color, which it adds to gravies, rice, and biryanis (Indian dishes).

What is special about Kashmiri chilli powder?

Kashmiri Chilli Powder is one such spice that can be found in almost every Indian cuisine. Red chile, both dried and powdered, offers a rich taste and a spicy bite to dishes. The mild taste of Kashmiri Chilli is its distinguishing feature. As a result, it may be used in dishes without overheating them.

What is the other name for Kashmiri chili powder?

Kashmiri chiles, also known as Kashmiri Mirch (from Hindi and translates to pepper or chili), are an Indian chile pepper recognized for their brilliant red color and enticing perfume more than its intense intensity.

What flavor is Kashmiri chili powder?

Traditional heat with a vivid red hue, peppery and delicious.

What is paprika called in India?

How to Prepare Paprika. Chili powder (Laal Mirch in Hindi) is often used in Indian recipes.

What is a substitute for Gochugaru in India?

Pul biber (made from Aleppo pepper flakes) is the greatest hot gochugaru alternative, while Indian chilli powder (Kashmiri chilli powder) is the best mild gochugaru substitute.

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