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Jelly Roll Pan Substitute

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There are many different kinds of sheets and pans that you may use in your kitchen. Indeed, there are so many of them that one could ask what they are all for.

Jelly roll pan Im sure youve heard of it. Maybe?

If you cook sponge or sheet cake on a regular basis, this is one pan you know you need to have on hand.

This post will explain what a jelly roll pan is and what delicious delicacies you can make with it.

You don’t want to get trapped when working on a dish that requires a jelly roll pan and you don’t have one. You may also read about other excellent options to consider.

What is Jelly Roll Pan

Jelly Roll Pan Substitute

A jelly roll pan (a variant) is a rectangular sheet pan with 1 inch deep sides. The pan is a scaled-down version of a half-sheet pan.

Furthermore, aluminum and steel are employed in the fabrication of the pan.

Notably, the pan is named for a dish that often necessitates its mastery: the jelly roll (or Swiss roll cake).

Jelly Roll Pan Uses in Recipes

The jelly roll pan is ideal for baking sheet cakes or sponge cakes that have been loaded with jelly or cream and rolled into cylinders. Below are some intriguing recipes:

  • Vanilla Swiss Roll
  • Jelly Roll Cake.
  • Roasting Vegetables.
  • Pumpkin Rolls.
  • Cookies.
  • Raspberry Jelly Roll Cake.
  • Chocolate Cream Roll.
  • Sweet Potato Cake Roll.
  • Guava Jelly Roll Cake.
  • Easy Vegan Jelly Roll.
  • Pineapple Filled Jelly Roll.
  • Chocolate Chip Pan Cookies.
  • Blueberry Coffee Cake.
  • Jelly Roll Yellow Sponge Cake.
  • Chocolate Swiss Roll with Cream Filling.

Jelly Roll Pan Substitutes

While each pan was built for a distinct function, they are all similar enough to be interchanged.

With so many different cake pans to choose from, selecting the right pan for the task cannot be simple. You don’t want the replacement to result in an undercooked and undersized cake, however.

See some efficient alternatives here:

Cooking Sheet

Cookie sheets, like jelly roll pans, are great for baking biscuits, cookies, and other flat-surfaced baked products. However, there is one important distinction between the two of them.

For simpler handling, cookie sheets have one or two curved edges, and this design enables air to flow properly around the cookies as they bake. Cookie sheets, in particular, are often used to bake cookies consistently while avoiding browning and crisp bottoms or edges.

Make sure your cookie sheet has some edge if you’re creating jelly rolls on it.

In most cases, jelly roll pans and cookie sheets may be used interchangeably. However, you will not be able to replace them if you are baking a delicate delicacy that requires the use of a jelly roll pan.

Half Sheet

In recipes, a half sheet pan may be used in lieu of a jelly roll pan.

You’re probably aware that jelly roll recipes call for filling the jelly roll pan with batter. As a result, you’ll get a cake that’s 1 inch high and sturdy enough to hold a lot of filling.

However, because of the half sheet pan’s evident bigger surface area, utilizing it in that kind of recipe may cause your batter to spread too thin to make any filling modifications.

However, you can be certain that the finished product will look and taste fantastic, with no evidence of cracking, burning, or collapsing.

So, if you don’t mind a less-than-perfect product, a half sheet pan should suffice, since it yields very comparable results to a jelly roll pan.

Quarter Sheet

After the Half sheet pan (13 by 9 inches), the next best choice is the quarter-size baking sheet, which is almost comparable to the quarter-size jelly roll pan.

Halfing the half-sheet pan yields the quarter-sheet pan. This smaller pan is 13 by 9 inches in size. You can do everything a jelly roll pan can, with the exception of cooking on a smaller scale.

If you just have a few visitors to feed, this pan is ideal. It may also be used to toaster cook, organize, and freeze cookies before putting them in plastic freezer bags.

To substitute the jelly roll pan, cut the amount of ingredients needed for a regular jelly roll in half. This ensures that you have just enough batter to fill the quarter jelly roll pan and bake your cake without problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a jelly roll pan and a cookie sheet?

A jelly roll pan is a flat baking dish that is ideal for preparing cookies. A jelly roll pan, on the other hand, has a raised edge that differentiates it from a typical cookie sheet.

Can I use a half sheet pan for a jelly roll?

Though baking sheets and jelly roll pans seem identical, using a half sheet pan instead of a jelly roll pan may result in a ruined cake. A jelly roll pan’s unique proportions are great for providing sponge or sheet cakes the structural strength they need to stay together after filling and rolling.

Is it possible to bake cookies in a jelly roll pan?

A jelly roll pan is a flat baking dish that is ideal for preparing cookies. A standard jelly roll pan is 12 by 18 inches and has a one-inch high edge; this feature allows you to utilize a jelly roll pan for more than simply cookies.


The majority of baking pans are constructed of the same materials. Some jelly roll pans may be used; make sure they have 1-inch edges or the cake will break apart.

However, each of them cooks food in a different way, which affects the length of time it takes to cook as well as the ultimate result of your meal.

Therefore, it is vital to consider the distinctions between the jelly roll pan and its substitutes, so you know how to use them efficiently depending on what you plan to cook.


What can I use in place of a jelly roll pan?

Cookie Sheets are the top 10 Jelly Roll Pan substitutes. Because there are no raised edges on cookie sheets, they are simpler to manage while baking cookies [1].
Dough Creator Aluminum Pan for baking.
Casserole Dish.
9×13 Pan.
A whole sheet pan is required.
Using a half sheet pan.
Sheet Pan (Quarter Sheet).
Aluminum pan by Nordic Ware.

What is a substitute for a 15×10 jelly roll pan?

Because of its huge size, the half-sheet pan is an appropriate alternative for the 2′′ size.If you don’t have a jelly roll pan or need to cook anything bigger than 10 1

Can I use a cookie sheet if I don’t have a jelly roll pan?

Cookie sheets and jelly rolls are not interchangeable. A cookie sheet, on the other hand, may be used in place of a jelly roll pan provided it has rims and each rimmed edge is at least a half-inch high. If you do not bake your jelly roll cake in the right pan, it will be thinner than expected.

Do I really need a jelly roll pan?

Jelly rolls are easy to prepare, a little stressful (what’s baking without a little risk? ), and look right out of The Great British Bake Off. The main problem is that you usually need a jelly roll pan to create a jelly roll (also known as a roulade, rolled cake, Swiss roll, or cream roll).

Can you use a 9×13 pan instead of a jelly roll pan?

While jelly roll pans resemble baking sheets, using a half sheet pan instead of a jelly roll pan may result in a ruined cake. The distinctive proportions of a jelly roll pan are ideal for providing your sponge or sheet cakes the structural strength they need to keep together after filling and rolling.

Is a quarter sheet pan a jelly roll pan?

Quarter sheet pans are 9′′ x 13′′. Eighth sheet pans are 9′′ x 6.5′′. Jelly roll pans are typically 10′′ x 15′′ or 12′′ x 17′′ in size. Full sheet pans measure 26′′ x 18′′ and are intended for use in commercial ovens.

Is a Jellyroll pan the same as a cookie sheet?

The one-inch rims of a jelly roll pan make it perfect for dealing with liquid batters or foods that leak juices as they cook. Because a cookie sheet just has one raised rim (for convenience of handling), it isn’t as suitable for dealing with liquids as the Dutch Oven.

What is the difference between a sheet cake pan and a jelly roll pan?

What’s the difference between a jelly roll pan and a baking sheet? And do you need both? A jelly roll pan (1012 by 1512 inches) is merely a smaller version of a rimmed baking sheet (12 by 18 inches). Baking sheets are more adaptable when it comes to kitchen equipment.

Can you use parchment paper for jelly roll?

Using parchment paper is a good, functional shortcut that can be readily wiped clean and reused. Warm the (uncracked) eggs in water for 10 minutes as you measure and prepare the ingredients; this promotes excellent volume and a fluffy batter.

Can you cook directly on a cookie sheet?

Cookie sheets and baking sheets are substantially thinner than frying pans and do not evenly distribute heat energy. Cookie sheets are designed to withstand the heat of an oven. Heat spreads across the oven from all sides and into the metal. When exposed to a flame, these sheets perform much worse.

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