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In place of sour cream in cakes

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Pasteurized cream that has been soured with lactic acid bacteria is known as sour cream. This thickens the cream and imparts a characteristic sour and acidic taste to it. Sour cream is used in cakes because the acid in it tenderizes gluten, resulting in light and fluffy baked goods. It also includes fat, which adds moistness and richness to a variety of baked foods.

Traditionally, sour cream was made by letting fresh cream to sour on its own. Nevertheless, manufactured sour cream now includes lactic acid, gelatin, or guar gum. In addition, it must contain at least 18% milkfat by weight in order to be packaged and sold. Sour cream is used in a variety of recipes, such as beef stroganoff sauce, dips, toast, and salad dressings. When using sour cream, utilize it within one or two days after opening the containers. It should be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Any of the following ingredients and preservatives may be included in processed sour cream. Grade A whey, modified food starch, sodium phosphate, sodium citrate, guar gum, carrageenan, calcium sulfate, potassium sorbate, and locust bean gum are the ingredients. Milk has a protein content of up to 3.0-3.5%. Caseins and whey proteins are the cream’s main proteins. Caseins account for 80% of the total percentage of milk proteins, whereas whey proteins account for 20%. Sour cream manufacture starts with the standardization of fat content. This procedure ensures that the appropriate quantity of milk fat is present.

The minimal quantity of milk fat required in sour cream is 18%. Other dry ingredients are added to the cream while this stage is being completed. At this time, more grade A whey, for example, will be added. A variety of condiments called as stabilizers are also utilized throughout this procedure. Polysaccharides and gelatin, as well as modified food starch, guar gum, and carrageenans, are popular stabilizers added to sour cream.

The purpose of adding stabilizers to fermented dairy products is to give smoothness in the body and texture of the end product. The stabilizers also help the product’s gel structure and minimize whey syneresis. Making these gel structures frees up water for whey syneresis, increasing the shelf life. The acidity of the cream is the previous phase in the manufacturing process. Before homogenization, organic acids such as citric acid or sodium citrate are added to the cream. This is done to boost the starting culture’s metabolic activity. To prepare the mixture for homogenization, it is heated for a short period of time.

Homogenization is a technique used to increase the quality of sour cream. In terms of the cultured cream’s color, consistency, creaming stability, and creaminess. Sour cream is often used as a component in dipping sauces. It may also be used to soups and sauces to help thicken and cream them. Additionally, in baking cakes, to assist enhance moisture levels above and beyond milk.

Sour Cream Nutrition Facts:

Sour cream has an acidic, tart flavor that is balanced by a creamy and thick creaminess. This makes it preferable to milk in recipes. It has a creamy texture and a high fat content. Sour cream is a simple and decadent technique to boost the richness and acidity of your cakes’ flavors. Natural sour cream has a faint odor and flavor and is relatively thick.

Use in Different Types of Recipe

Apart from cakes, sour cream may be utilized in a variety of different dishes. They are as follows:

  • As garnish or topping for chili, soups, and stew 
  • For nachos 
  • Burritos 
  • Potato chips 
  • Fruit and vegetable platters 
  • Cookies 
  • Cones 
  • Casseroles 
  • Salad dressings 

Substitutes for Sour Cream in Cakes

But sour cream plays an important function in cake preparation. In a pinch, you may substitute some other accessible components. Examine it out.

Plain Yogurt

This is one of the greatest sour cream alternatives for cakes. It is preferable to use plain yogurt with up to 2% fat. You may use Greek yogurt or normal yogurt, which tastes and feels like sour cream. It tastes acidic and has a creamy texture. To replace for sour cream, use the same amount as sour cream in any recipe.

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Crème Fraiche

This is another another excellent alternative for your cakes. It may be used as a one-to-one replacement for sour cream. While crème fraiche is less tart than sour cream, you may compensate by adding a little lemon juice. This will give it a tart taste.


The acidity and tang of buttermilk will be added to the tour mix. It is, however, considerably thinner than sour cream. When baking with it and using a tiny quantity, you may easily replace one to one of sour cream.

Plain Kefir

Simple kefir adds acidity and tang. It has a thinner consistency than sour cream. Using this to make cakes in modest quantities should work exactly as sour cream with the same quantity added to the recipe.

Cream Cheese or Mascarpone Cheese


This alternative is a little thicker than sour cream. To thin them out, mix add a splash of milk and some lemon juice for acidity. This should loosen it up to the consistency of sour cream and give it a tart flavor and texture. In the same recipe, it may be used in the same amount as sour cream.


Substitute for Sour Cream in Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cakes are distinguished by their fluffy and silky texture. Sour cream has a significant role in this. In its absence, plain yogurt may easily add some flavor to it. In addition, buttermilk and crème fraiche may be used in the same amount in a recipe.

Substitute for Sour Cream in Cheese Cake

Cheesecakes look exactly like they sound: cheesy. Sour cream is responsible for its fluffy and creamy texture. Nevertheless, crme Fraiche and mascarpone may be used in their place and have the same delightful flavor and texture.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What can I use if I don’t have sour cream?

Other ingredients may be used in place of sour cream in recipes. Buttermilk, plain yogurt, crème fraiche, or mascarpone may all be used. In recipes, these replacements may be used in place of sour cream.

Can I omit sour cream from a cake recipe? 

Taking out sour cream might alter your cakes texture, since you will leave out some liquid. Therefore, sure, you may not want to eliminate sour cream in your cake recipe.

Is sour cream necessary for cake? 

Sour cream’s creamy texture adds moisture to cakes, particularly those with drier recipes. Sour cream is required for the cake.


This concludes the discussion of the sour cream alternative in cakes. I really hope you will find it a fantastic read, and it will assist in your cooking.


What can I substitute for sour cream in a cake recipe?

Plain yogurt (the BEST replacement) – By far the most similar to sour cream. Plain yogurt with fat (ideally whole or 2% fat) is optimal. You may use either Greek yogurt or normal yogurt as a one-to-one substitution in almost any recipe. Crème fraîche is the second best choice.

Is sour cream necessary for cake?

According to Wilk, sour cream is one of the fattiest dairy products; the added fat content (for example, using sour cream instead of milk in a cake) will make the cake moister and richer. “Fat, in any form (butter, lard, milk, etc.), shortens gluten strands, resulting in the most soft baked products,” she continues.

What can I use instead of sour cream in a cake recipe dairy free?

Coconut cream (the layer of cream that rises to the top of a can of coconut milk) may be used as a nondairy sour cream alternative, making it perfect for those with dairy allergies and dietary limitations.

What can I substitute for 1 4 cup sour cream?

Cottage Cheese may be used in place of sour cream.

To make a comparable consistency and taste to sour cream, combine 1 cup cottage cheese (small curd is closest in texture) with 14 cup milk and 2 tablespoons lemon juice.

Can I omit sour cream in cake?

Sour cream is a high-fat dairy product that produces a creamy, luscious cake that melts in your mouth. If you don’t have sour cream, substitutions like as yogurt, mayonnaise, and buttermilk will provide excellent results.

What does sour cream do in baking cakes?

Sour cream provides moisture without thinning the batter as a liquid would. Since sour cream adds moisture without thinning down the batter, the result is a cake with a very soft, fine crumb.

Can you substitute butter to sour cream in a cake?

Using sour cream in a dish may seem strange, but it is basically the same as using Greek yogurt. You can substitute half of the butter in your recipe with it, and it’s a fantastic way to use up your sour cream before it goes bad.

Can I substitute yogurt for sour cream in a cake recipe?

Use an equivalent quantity of yogurt in lieu of the sour cream if you want to make healthier baked goods or just want an easy replacement. Whole milk yogurt is the greatest option since it has less fat and more protein and calcium.

Can you substitute sour milk for sour cream in a cake?

For 1 cup sour cream, use 3 cups melted unsalted butter. 1 cup buttermilk or sour milk in addition to 4 cup buttermilk or sour milk

Buttermilk and sour milk are the next best substitutes for sour cream, although they aren’t quite as thick; adding some melted butter may help. During baking, use three

How to make sour cream in 5 minutes?

In baking, yogurt may be used in place of sour cream. If it still lacks the acidity of sour cream, add 1 teaspoon lemon juice or 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar to 1 cup full-fat active bio Greek yogurt. Mix well and set aside for 5 minutes.

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