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In place of Panko Bread Crumbs

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Panko bread crumbs are one of three varieties of breadcrumbs, the others being plain bread crumbs and Italian bread crumbs. Panko bread crumbs have a rougher texture than fine, dry crumbs and are light and crisp. Panko is a Japanese term that means “light breading.” Panko is used for light breading in Japanese cuisine. Panko breadcrumbs are produced from a specific kind of white bread with no crusts and are never made from whole wheat bread. Panko gets its light, crispy, and flaky feel from this. Panko bread crumbs absorb less oil and fat, thus breaded fried meals are lighter.

Commercial panko breadcrumbs are created from wheat flour, yeast, oil, and salt, and they arrive unseasoned, unlike other bread crumbs.

Panko bread crumbs, like ordinary bread, are high in healthy calories, carbs, protein, salt, potassium, and calcium, while being low in fat, sugar, and fiber.

Bread Crumbs Nutrition Facts

Panko Bread Crumbs Recipes

Its crunchy richness may be used as a covering for fried and baked items, as well as a binding agent in meatball, meatloaf, and veggie burgers. Panko breadcrumbs make a crunchy topping for casseroles, salads, and pasta. Panko bread crumbs regulate moisture in soups by absorbing excess liquid and providing texture in the process.

This is a collection of recipes that use panko:

  • Parmesan Eggplant
  • Carbonara of Shrimp
  • Mozzarella Cheese with Smoke
  • Chicken Parm Spicy
  • Lemon Crab Cakes with Panko
  • Gribiche with Pork Milanese
  • Hashbrown Potatoes
  • Chicken Fried in Panko
  • Casserole of Cheesy Chicken
  • Meatballs
  • Soups

Substitute for Panko Bread Crumbs

The golden flakes of panko bread crumbs not only provide a satisfying crispy chew to any meal, but they also add an appetizing delight. If you follow a gluten-free or ketogenic diet, this ingredient may not be a choice for you.

Consider the following alternatives to panko bread crumbs.

Regular Breadcrumbs

If you can’t get panko breadcrumbs, ordinary breadcrumbs will suffice. This replacement is simple to prepare and widely accessible; you most certainly have bread at home. You may microwave the bread before crushing it to the proper consistency to get a texture similar to panko bread crumbs. Use the same quantity as panko bread crumbs.

Corn Flakes

Panko bread crumbs can be replaced with crushed corn flakes or another unsweetened flake cereal. They’ll add just the right amount of crunch and texture. This alternative works best as a casserole topping or chicken breading.

One cup crushed replacement equals three cups corn flakes. This may vary based on the size of the crumbs desired. You may either pulse the corn flakes in a food processor or smash them with a rolling pin in a freezer bag. Replace an equivalent quantity of panko bread crumbs for the needed amount.

Crushed Chips

Unflavored potato chips work best as a gluten-free alternative for panko breadcrumbs. You may wrap chicken cutlets and fish fillets with these crispy crumbs, or include crushed tortilla chips into your meatball mixture. If you chose salted or flavored chips, keep in mind that the crumbs will increase the salt in your meal or change the overall flavor.

Golden Flaxseed

Keto dieters may wish to replace golden flaxseed for panko. Golden flaxseeds have more polyunsaturated fatty acids and less monounsaturated fatty acids than regular flaxseeds. Coating meat in an egg wash and flaxseed may give it a golden tint similar to panko breaded chicken.

Moreover, this alternative offers your body with two fats that it cannot manufacture naturally: linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid (ALA). Flaxseed has the same crunch as panko bread crumbs in your recipe. Finally, flaxseeds help enhance digestion, decrease blood pressure, and lessen bad cholesterol. Diabetes patients should choose this option.

Chopped Nuts and Seeds

The crunchy texture of crushed nuts may be used in place of panko bread crumbs. To replace, blitz almonds, sesame seeds, and hazelnuts may be processed in a food processor. This alternative is ideal for people following a paleo or keto diet (but quantity must be controlled). It should be noted that some nuts may have an unusual flavor and perfume, which may affect the overall appearance of your meal.

Pretzels or Crackers

This component is most likely in your snack cupboard right now. Pretzels are ordinary dough-based pastries with a similar basis to bread. As a result, pretzels are an acceptable replacement for panko bread crumbs. Crackers flakes have the same feel as panko bread crumbs and are best utilized as a replacement in recipes that call for bread crumbs as toppings. Be mindful for the saltiness in crackers and pretzels, since these replacements will add additional salt to your dish.

Just place a handful of sleeve crackers or pretzels in a plastic bag and smash with a rolling pin. Substitute an equivalent amount. One cup crushed pretzels or crackers equals two cups uncrushed pretzels or crackers. This alternative has the same crunch as panko bread crumbs but cannot be used in soups.


There is no substitute for croutons. This is due to the fact that croutons are just rebranded bread. Croutons, on the other hand, come cubed and seasoned, as opposed to panko bread crumbs. Crumble some croutons and use them in place of breadcrumbs. They may be used as a breading, binder, topping for casseroles, or filler. When using seasoned croutons, examine if the spices will complement the rest of your items. Use the same amount of this substitute as you would panko bread crumbs. Keep an eye out for the added taste that croutons seasoning provides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between panko and regular bread crumbs?

Panko bread crumbs are formed from crustless white bread that has been dried for a longer shelf life. In contrast, normal bread crumbs are formed by smashing regular bread. They may be moist, not as flaky, and absorb an excessive amount of oil in your recipe.

How do you get panko to stick to chicken?

Coat both sides of the chicken in flour, shake off excess, and repeat the egg wash procedure. Next, push the panko lightly.

Do you have to cook panko bread crumbs?

You do not. Breaded chicken, like other panko meals, may be baked. Panko may also be used to top baked dips, casseroles, or mac and cheese.


Panko breadcrumbs are an excellent complement to fried foods, but they are neither keto, paleo, or gluten-free. A dietary restriction may also necessitate the replacement of panko bread crumbs. The alternatives discussed in this post are some of the finest panko bread crumbs replacements; while deciding which to use, consider the texture and consistency of your desired meal.


Can you substitute regular bread crumbs for panko bread crumbs?

Panko and ordinary breadcrumbs may be used interchangeably, however the texture will be somewhat different. Cracker crumbs, crushed melba toasts, matzo meal, crushed tortilla or potato chips, dry stuffing mix, or crushed cornflakes are all good panko replacements.

What is a healthy panko substitute?

Almonds, walnuts, pecans, and even pistachios may all give a protein-rich crunch. Nuts will not absorb liquid like panko or other types of bread or cracker crumbs, so keep that in mind when designing your meal.

What is the difference between panko and regular bread crumbs?

Panko are flakes of crustless white bread that have been prepared and dried. Since these bread crumbs are drier and flakier than conventional bread crumbs, they absorb less oil. Panko results in lighter, crunchier fried food.

Can you substitute panko with seasoned bread crumbs?

Both panko and breadcrumbs may be used interchangeably. Both goods fulfill the same function: as a crispy covering for baked casseroles, a breaded coating for fried dishes, and a binder for meatballs and veggie burgers.

Can you use Ritz crackers instead of panko?

Cracker Crumbs – Since we’re on the subject of crumbs, smash up some crackers! Take a sleeve of Ritz crackers or any other cracker you have on hand. Crushed cheese crackers on top of chicken casserole = life-changing. (You are most welcome!)

What is the best substitute for dry breadcrumbs?

Substitute any of the following for 14 cup fine, dry bread crumbs:
¾ cup soft bread crumbs.
14 cup panko.
14 cup crumbs from crackers or pretzels.
14 cup crumbled cornflakes or unsweetened cereal.
13 cup rolled oats, normal (Use this solely as a replacement for bread crumbs in meat loaf and other meat mixes, such as burgers.
Oct 12, 2022

Can I substitute oats for panko?

Oats. In meatballs or meatloaf, oats may be used in place of breadcrumbs. Although they aren’t perfect for a crispy coating, they give just the proper amount of texture to bind meat, eggs, and seasonings into a delectable Italian-inspired feast.

Can I use almond flour instead of panko breadcrumbs?

Almond flour (also known as almond meal) has a gritty texture and a nutty taste, making it an excellent gluten-free alternative to bread crumbs. You may use it to make meatballs or meatloaf, but we really prefer it to dredge meats like pork chops for a crispy finish.

What is panko made of?

Panko are Japanese breadcrumbs prepared from steamed, crustless loaves of bread that are processed into flakes and dried, resulting in big, flaky breadcrumbs that do not pack together while coating food, allowing it to remain crisper for longer.

How do they make panko?

Panko is prepared by baking bread with an electrical current, which results in a crustless loaf, and then grinding the bread to form thin slivers of crumb. It has a crisper, airier texture than most breadings used in Western cuisine and retains that texture when baked or deep fried, resulting in a lighter coating.

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