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In place of Fenugreek Leaves

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Fenugreek leaves are necessary in various dishes, particularly those from Indian cuisine. It has a somewhat bitter flavor and is used to season sauces, curries, vegetable dishes, and soups. Unfortunately, they are not always easy to locate in supermarkets, so looking for an alternative for fenugreek leaves may be your best choice. Some of these alternatives may already be in your kitchen.

Fenugreek Nutrition Facts

Dried Fenugreek Leaves

Dried fenugreek leaves, also known as Kasuri methi, may be substituted for fresh fenugreek leaves. Its function in recipes that call for dried fenugreek is to provide fenugreek flavor, however its taste varies. Since crushed dried fenugreek has a strong flavor and scent, it should be used in smaller amounts than others. Hence, if you’re cooking a dish that calls for stewed leaves, we don’t recommend using the dry variety. You may use the dried fenugreek leaves to make a sauce.

Because of the strong flavor and fragrance, using dried fenugreek leaves in lieu of fresh fenugreek leaves is not recommended. Replace 1 teaspoon of dried fenugreek leaves for every tablespoon of fresh fenugreek leaves in your recipe. Hence, if your recipe asks for 1 tablespoon of fresh fenugreek leaves, use 1 teaspoon of dried fenugreek leaves instead.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is probably the finest substitute for fenugreek leaves in your recipe. They both have the same aromatic chemical, sotolon, which gives them their unique odor. Since fenugreek is often added to maple syrup to improve its scent, maple syrup may serve as an excellent alternative for fenugreek.

There is no specific percentage for substituting maple syrup for fenugreek leaves, but you may add a modest amount to your recipe. Too much maple syrup may change the flavor of your food and make it overly sweet, therefore we suggest using a little quantity in your recipe. We recommend that you apply maple syrup at the end of the cooking period since its taste might decrease when heated.

Fresh Celery Leaves

Fresh celery leaves may be used in place of fenugreek leaves to give your dish a unique twist. Fresh celery leaves have the same bitter flavor as fenugreek leaves and may be used in any recipe that calls for fenugreek leaves. Just cut the leaves and use them in lieu of fenugreek leaves.

Since maple syrup and fenugreek have similar taste characteristics, you may also add a dash of maple syrup to the dish with the celery leaves.


If watercress is available in your area, you may replace it for fenugreek leaves. Their flavor is extremely similar to celery, which is another option for fenugreek leaves. Unfortunately, they tend to give dishes a green and earthy flavor, but it works well as a fenugreek alternative in little amounts. You may also use dried watercress as a replacement for fenugreek leaves.

Spinach or Kale Leaves

Fenugreek leaves may be substituted with spinach or kale leaves. These will, however, somewhat alter the taste of your dish. Spinach leaves may mimic the texture and perfume of fenugreek in dishes, but they should be used in conjunction with fenugreek seeds to get the fenugreek flavor.

When substituting spinach or kale leaves for fenugreek leaves, a 1:1 substitution should be utilized. Thus, if your recipe asks for 1 tablespoon of fenugreek leaves, use 1 tablespoon of spinach or kale leaves instead.

Curry Powder

When looking for an emergency spice alternative, you will often discover that the ideal substitute is a blend that incorporates the spice. Several curry powder mixes include fenugreek, which provides a similar flavor profile and makes your dish taste better. Nevertheless, utilizing curry may not be appropriate for all fenugreek dishes. To reduce other strong tastes, we suggest cooking the curry powder in oil.

Yellow Mustard seeds and Maple syrup (optional)


Yellow mustard seed is an excellent substitute for fenugreek leaves. It may be used as a replacement for fenugreek leaves with or without maple syrup. Yellow mustard seeds are not a sweet spice, but they do impart a subtle bitterness and earthiness akin to fenugreek leaves. Heat helps to reduce the scent of mustard seeds, making them taste more like fenugreek leaves. If your recipe calls for greens, you may substitute mustard greens. For creating soups or other savory meals, yellow mustard seeds may be used in lieu of fenugreek. You may also add a splash of maple syrup to make it taste more like fenugreek. When utilizing this alternative, replace 1 tablespoon of fenugreek leaves with 1/2 teaspoon of these seeds.

Fennel seeds

In a recipe, fennel seeds may simply substitute fenugreek leaves; nevertheless, they can quickly overshadow a dish. They have a sweeter flavor than anise and may mimic the nutty and sweet flavor of fenugreek. Nevertheless, due to their unique flavor, fennel seeds cannot be used in place of fenugreek leaves in several recipes. This replacement is great for preparing meat rubs or adding to spice mixes.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Is fennel the same as fenugreek?

Fennel and fenugreek are not the same thing. The primary distinction is that fennel is a legume in the bean family. Since its seeds have a licorice taste, it is often mistaken for anise.

Can I replace fenugreek leaves with their seeds?

You certainly can. But, doing so will change the flavor of your dish. To avoid bitterness, we suggest not boiling the seeds before using them. For preparing butter chicken, fenugreek seeds are best utilized.

What do fenugreek leaves taste like?

Fenugreek leaves have a somewhat sweet and nutty flavour. It is often characterized as tasting like a cross between celery and maple syrup.


With these alternatives, you are completely prepared to replace fenugreek leaves in any cuisine. Continue to cook. Until the next time, take care.


What can I use instead of fenugreek leaves?

Mustard greens may be used as a replacement for fenugreek leaves. Fenugreek seeds are often found in curry powders. Adding curry powder to your foods will give them a distinct fenugreek flavor, but the scent will be faint due to the other strong curry spice odors.

Can you replace fenugreek leaves with powder?

The taste of fenugreek may be difficult to reproduce, but there are a few alternatives that may work. Maple syrup, dried or powdered fenugreek, turmeric, mustard seeds, celery, and curry powder are examples.

Can I replace fenugreek leaves with seeds?

Seeds of Fennel

Fennel seeds may be substituted for fenugreek leaves. These are sweeter and taste more like licorice, but they work effectively. Fennel seeds provide a lot of flavor to meats, especially when put on them before they go on the grill or into the oven.

What spice can I use instead of fenugreek?

Fenugreek Substitutes That Work
Syrup made from maple trees.
Mustard Seeds in Yellow.
Mustard Seeds in Black.
Mustard from Dijon.
Seeds of fennel.
Mustard Seeds + Fennel Seeds.
Seeds from celery.
Curry Powder.

What do fenugreek leaves taste like?

What Do You Think It Tastes Like? An overwhelming bitterness results from biting into raw fenugreek seeds or leaves. When cooked, fenugreek adds a sweet, somewhat nutty, maple-syrup-like taste evocative of burned sugar to foods.

Is fenugreek leaves same as spinach?

The decision. Spinach and fenugreek leaves have almost the same quantity of nutrients. If you’re looking for protein, fenugreek is the way to go, but if you’re watching your calorie intake, spinach is the way to go.

What is the difference between fenugreek powder and leaves?

Ground fenugreek may be used in place of fenugreek leaves. When the leaves have been dried and powdered, the fenugreek powder has a considerably stronger taste and scent. If your recipe calls for the leaves to be cooked in a sauce, this alternative will not work.

What flavor is dried fenugreek leaves?

Dried fenugreek leaves have a distinct musky curry scent and a somewhat bitter flavor. This herb complements lamb and lentil meals as well as dishes with a thick, deep sauce. Fenugreek is a magnificent Indian plant native to India’s Kasoor area.

What is dried fenugreek leaves called?

Fenugreek is known as ‘Methi’ in India, while ‘Kasuri Methi’ translates to ‘dried fenugreek leaves’ in English.

Is fennel the same as fenugreek leaves?

To begin with, fenugreek and fennel are two very distinct plants. Fenugreek is a legume (related to beans, peas, and other legumes), but fennel is a vegetable in the parsley or carrot family. Fenugreek and fennel seeds have distinct looks and flavors.

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