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How to Use a Buttermilk Substitute for Frying?

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You’re about to start making pancakes when you realize you don’t have any buttermilk in the fridge. Is it time to call it quits on your breakfast plans? Not so fast, my friend! It’s easy to make a convincing buttermilk replacement with ingredients you most likely already have on hand.

The good news is that there are plenty suitable buttermilk substitutes for any recipe. Which one you should use depends on the sort of food you’re making.

or powder in your cooking.If you want to reduce your dairy consumption or just prefer fried foods, there are many methods to replace buttermilk for frying. Several recipes ask for soaking the chicken in buttermilk before frying. Buttermilk’s acidity may help tenderize meat and create a moist meal. Whole milk, on the other hand, is a wonderful choice if you want to cut down on fat and calories. Make certain that baking soda and

What are Some Substitutes for Buttermilk for the Purpose of Frying?

How to Use a Buttermilk Substitute for Frying?

  • Unflavored Kefir

4 cup of buttermilk. Unflavored kefir has a sour cream-like taste and may be substituted for buttermilk in recipes.Kefir may be used in place of buttermilk in baking, frying, and other recipes. It has a buttermilk flavor and is packed in probiotics, which are beneficial to your digestive system. One cup of unflavored kefir has the same number of calories as three cups of milk.

In baking, you may use plain kefir, yogurt, or sour cream instead of buttermilk. Kefir is naturally acidic, making it an ideal yogurt substitute. You may add lemon juice or vinegar to modify the flavor. Kefir is an excellent buttermilk alternative in baked items, but it should be used sparingly and never in excess. If you don’t have flavored kefir, use unflavored kefir in a 1:1 ratio for buttermilk.

  • Unsweetened Soy Milk

It is easy to make your own dairy-free buttermilk alternative at home. Simply blend 1 cup of unsweetened soy milk with 1 teaspoon of white vinegar. Allow it to sit for 30 to 45 minutes before using. Using varied quantities of vinegar will result in somewhat different curdled milks, but by looking at the color, you should be able to judge whether the milk has curdled enough. In general, soy milk is the greatest option for baking tasks that need structure.

You may make your own nondairy buttermilk at home by combining basic soy milk, cold water, or chicken moisture. However, bear in mind that when frying with a wet batter, the moisture will evaporate, leaving just the solids on the chicken. You may use buttermilk for apple cider vinegar or distilled white vinegar without compromising flavor. Both have neutral flavors and work well as buttermilk alternatives; one tablespoon of vinegar equals one cup of buttermilk.

  • Unflavored Sour Cream

Your fried meal will taste better if you replace buttermilk with a vegan product like unflavored sour cream. Sour cream has a somewhat sour flavor and may be substituted for buttermilk in baking recipes. If you don’t have buttermilk, you may use sour cream in salad dressings, dips, and fries. However, unlike regular buttermilk, it should not be used as a topping in baked products. It’s prepared from fermented milk and includes bacteria.

Sour cream is made by thickening buttermilk. It has microorganisms that ferment the cream and give it a sour taste. Sour cream may be used in place of buttermilk in baking recipes, but it must be diluted beforehand.

  • Plain Kefir

In recipes, you may use plain kefir for buttermilk. Kefir has a sour flavor and may be used in a number of ways, similar to diluted yoghurt. Kefir is a fermented milk beverage that includes lactic acid bacteria as well as a variety of other microorganisms. It contains roughly the same number of calories as buttermilk.

Kefir has a flavor and consistency comparable to buttermilk, which is a common ingredient in baking and cooking. In recipes, you may use plain kefir or make it curlier by adding a little acid. Kefir is typically supplied in large containers, enabling you to use it in less quantities than most recipes demand. Kefir may be used in place of buttermilk in recipes that call for it in a one-to-one ratio.

What is a Good Substitute for Buttermilk?

  • Substitute for Buttermilk in Baked Goods and Pancakes

Sour milk works well as a substitute for buttermilk in baked goods such as pancakes, waffles, and muffins. In a measuring cup, add 1 tablespoon lemon juice or white vinegar with 1 cup milk to produce your own soured milk. Set aside for 5 minutes, or until the mixture curdles. Use this combination in lieu of buttermilk in your recipe.

4 tablespoons cream of tartar. Because cream of tartar may clump when combined with liquids, some people prefer to incorporate it with the dry ingredients in their recipe. Replace the buttermilk with an equal quantity of milk in this case.Cream of tartar may also be used to make sour milk. 1 3 tablespoons for every cup of milk

  • Buttermilk Substitute for Dips and Dressings

Plain yoghurt works well in dips, sauces, and marinades. Thin it with a little water or milk to make it equivalent to regular buttermilk, then use it cup for cup in your recipe.

  • Buttermilk Substitute for Marinades and Brines

You may use thinned yoghurt or soured milk instead of buttermilk to brine, fry, or roast chicken. For the best tenderizing flavor, combine a scant cup of milk with 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, then season with salt, freshly ground pepper, paprika, and chopped fresh garlic or a dab of garlic powder.

What are the Similarities Between Buttermilk vs. Milk for Fried Chicken?

Despite the fact that buttermilk and milk are quite different in many respects, they may both be used to create the same thing. Here are some similarities between buttermilk and milk:

  • Buttermilk may be replaced with regular milk by adding a few drops of lemon juice.

Buttermilk may be used to tenderize chicken before frying it. However, you may totally replace it with milk and a sour agent, such as lemon juice or vinegar, at a ratio of one cup milk to one teaspoon lemon juice or vinegar. Although the texture may change somewhat since buttermilk is thicker, they will operate and taste similarly. So, even if you just have one of these items, cook some fried chicken.

  • Buttermilk and milk are inexpensive and simple to get.

Another similarity is that both buttermilk and milk may be found in any grocery store or supermarket in the United States or throughout the globe. They’re also fairly priced, with milk costing around $2.5 per gallon and buttermilk approximately $5.

If flavor and appearance are your top priorities, choose buttermilk, which has a tangier flavor and is lower in calories and fat. Milk, on the other hand, has more vitamins and is less costly. You may use milk with a splash of lemon juice or vinegar instead of buttermilk; the outcome will be the same. Give them each a try and see which one you think creates the best fried chicken.

Can you Fry Chicken Without Using Milk?

This fried chicken without buttermilk will open your eyes to new ways to enjoy a great chicken meal, particularly if you like southern fried chicken. Because it’s created with just a few basic pantry ingredients, you’ll want to cook this Fried Chicken meal again and again.

Fried chicken is chicken that has been liberally breaded and fried in oil until crispy and cooked through. Most fried chicken recipes call for buttermilk for a number of reasons, but this straightforward recipe does not. Not needing buttermilk or a buttermilk alternative saves time in the kitchen and allows you to enjoy the process of making chicken without having to seek for odd ingredients.

In a large mixing bowl, combine the ketchup, soy sauce, garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper. Then, toss the chicken pieces in the big basin with the marinade to fully coat them. After that, cover the bowl and place the chicken in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour. Heat 3 inches of oil in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat (approximately 350 degrees F). Set aside a medium basin partly filled with water. In a large shallow dish (like a pie plate), combine the flour, cornstarch, paprika, turmeric, salt, and chili powder (if using).

Heat the frying pan and place the breaded chicken in it. Chicken should be cooked in small batches for 5-7 minutes on each side, or until the juices run clear and the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F. Allow the chicken to cool on paper towels for a few minutes before serving. Enjoy!

How Long can you Marinate Chicken in Buttermilk?

The USDA states that marinating chicken in buttermilk for up to 48 hours in the refrigerator is safe. It is important to understand that just because chicken marinated in butter may be stored for two days does not imply it is the best choice. In most cases, merely marinating the chicken in buttermilk for 1-3 hours would enough.

The longer you marinate the chicken, the more probable the protein structure of the flesh will be broken down and the meat will become mushy. However, if your recipe asks for it to marinade for a longer period of time, that is also OK. Yes, for 48 hours, but maybe 72 hours. The USDA states that marinating chicken in buttermilk for up to 48 hours is safe. Anything beyond that might be hazardous.

Please bear in mind that the bulk of these hours are just guidelines; chefs all over the globe have successfully experimented with longer marination times for chicken. However, there is always the risk of the meat becoming mushy. As a consequence, unless you are very positive, a shorter time range is recommended.

What are Some Recipes Using Buttermilk Substitute?

If a recipe asks for buttermilk for flavor, texture, or rise, using actual buttermilk is obviously ideal, but I’ve used buttermilk replacements effectively in a number of recipes. The end product may change somewhat from using actual buttermilk, but as far as substitutes go, this is as close as you can go.

It’s simple to use less buttermilk in a recipe that calls for it. If a recipe asks for a little quantity of buttermilk, you won’t notice a difference if you use this substitute. When buttermilk is an important component in a recipe, I try to use the actual stuff. Listed below are some of my favorite buttermilk recipes:

Pumpkin Carrot Cake: A savory layer cake flavored with carrots, pumpkin, and toasted spices.

Tender and fluffy chocolate chip pancakes topped with fresh strawberry syrup.

Blueberry Pancake Casserole: A rich and fluffy pancake casserole topped with a brown sugar crumble and bursting with juicy blueberries.

Warm Strawberry Crumb Cake: Vanilla cake and brown sugar crumbs top a layer of juicy strawberries.

Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake: A delicate lemon bundt cake with cream cheese frosting and juicy blueberries.

Oatmeal Pancakes: Light, delicate, and fluffy whole grain pancakes.


Although buttermilk was formerly a byproduct of the butter-making process, it is now produced by fermenting milk with lactic acid bacteria.

Because it has a sour flavor and a thicker consistency than milk, it is used to create biscuits, pancakes, waffles, muffins, and cakes. Buttermilk gives baked goods a smooth, moist texture. Because of its acidity, it activates baking soda and acts as a raising agent in recipes. However, many individuals do not have it on hand, while others do not use it because of nutritional concerns. This post is related to What Can I Use As A Substitute For Buttermilk?


What is a substitute for buttermilk in breading?

Choose a scant cup of milk with 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice for the greatest tenderizing taste, then season with salt, freshly ground pepper, paprika, and chopped fresh garlic or a dab of garlic powder.

What should I soak my chicken in before frying?

Brining the meat helps to tenderize and flavor it. You may use buttermilk or a basic salt and water mixture (three quarts of water to one tablespoon of salt). A soak of eight hours is good. When you’re ready to fry, drain and rinse the brine to avoid too salty chicken.

Does buttermilk change the taste of fried chicken?

The buttermilk seems to tenderize the chicken while also accentuating its own flavor.

Can I use sour milk instead of buttermilk for fried chicken?

The milk is sour. Sour milk is the most often used buttermilk alternative. Sour milk is prepared by combining ordinary milk (dairy milk) with an acid such as lemon juice, white vinegar, or cream of tartar and allowing it to “sour” for 5-10 minutes.

How do you keep breading from falling off buttermilk when frying chicken?

Place the breaded chicken on a cooling rack (or a dish) and refrigerate for approximately 30 minutes. After the chicken has cooked, the layers of breading ingredients will firm and adhere better. Be patient while cooking the chicken and don’t turn it over too soon.

How do you improvise buttermilk?

To make buttermilk, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar into a 1 cup measuring cup and then fill the remainder of the measuring cup with milk. Then, carefully whisk the mixture and let aside for 5 minutes. If you don’t have vinegar on hand, lemon juice and cream of tartar work well as buttermilk substitutes.

What is the secret to crispy fried chicken?

Tips for Making Crispy, Juicy Fried Chicken
Purchase chicken parts.
Dry brine the chicken to keep it juicy.
3. Prepare a strong spice blend.
For a crispy coating, combine egg whites, alcohol, and cornstarch.
In a Dutch oven, brown the meat.
Make use of two thermometers!
Use the Dutch oven to prevent overflow.
Make a decent fry station.

Do you rinse chicken after soaking in milk?

Do you rinse the meat after it has been soaked in buttermilk? The buttermilk chicken should not be rinsed! Instead, take the chicken out of the marinade, blot it dry with a paper towel, and cook it.

What is the secret to good fried chicken?

Secret #1 of Fried Chicken: A Salty Marinade = Juicier Meat

Most Southern fried chicken recipes begin with a soak in some kind of seasoned marinade, whether it’s buttermilk, milk and eggs, or even pickle juice. Adding a generous amount of salt to this mixture will help your chicken remain moist.

Is buttermilk or egg better for fried chicken?

Before coating the chicken, soak it in buttermilk. The buttermilk is laced with salt and spices to help tenderize and flavor the chicken pieces throughout, resulting in the juiciest, most tender fried chicken available!

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