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Healthy Substitute for Half and Half

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Half & half helps everything taste richer and more delicious, whether you’re preparing mashed potatoes, spaghetti, or even a cup of coffee. However, given the increased prevalence of obesity, it is prudent to cut down on calories.

Half and half is a better alternative to cream, but when compared to milk, it is more fatty since it is prepared from whole milk and heavy cream, both of which are high in fat.

You shouldn’t fully eliminate half and half from your diet, but if you need a healthy replacement or don’t have any half and half left, there are some alternatives to be aware of.

What is Half and a Half?

Healthy Substitute for Half and Half

Half and half may refer to any beverage prepared by combining equal portions of two components, but let’s limit it to only milk and cream. Half and half is a combination of half whole milk and half light cream that appears like milk but is creamier or thicker.

William Boutwell of Boutwell Dairy in Lake Worth Beach, Florida, created half & half, and it was distributed from 1927 through 1956.

Uses of Half and Half in Recipes

Half and half is half milk and half cream, hence it has some similarities to these two things. It may be used as a basis for combining dry ingredients; it can also be employed in rich, velvety sauces or in a cup of coffee when a balance of thick and thin is desired.

Half and half is frequently mixed with something else; it is seldom taken on its alone. This is because it isn’t sweet since there are no sweeteners in it, but it has a rich, creamy taste that some people claim is more tasty than milk.

Here are several recipes that call for half and half:

  • Chicken la zone
  • Coconut cream pie
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Soft scrambled eggs with toast
  • Garlic cream sauce
  • Glazed funfetti muffins
  • Broccoli and cheddar mini frittatas
  • Panna Cotta
  • Chocolate ice cream
  • Overnight Crme Brulee French Toast
  • Italian sodas
  • Chicken and dumplings
  • Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Soup
  • Creamy pasta
  • Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup

Healthy Substitutes for Half and Half

Like any other kitchen item, you’ll eventually run out of half & half and need to have a healthy substitute on hand.

If you believe that all half & half substitutions are harmful and should be avoided, you will reconsider after viewing these alternatives. You could even think about making the transition permanently. Some of the replacements are comparable in texture or taste to half and half, while others are more savory and richer.

Plain Yogurt

Plain yogurt is an excellent alternative for half and half since it has the same creamy smooth texture as half and half and is a dairy product. It is also high in calcium and protein, making it a nutritious substitute. Plain yogurt has less calories than normal yogurt. This is ideal if you want to cut down on the calories you receive from half and half.

Switching to yogurt may provide health advantages such as improved gut bacteria, stronger bones and teeth. It also helps to avoid stomach issues and provides protein to the weight reduction diet. Where the recipe says for half & half, use the same amount of Yogurt.

Soy Milk

Soy milk is another acceptable replacement for half and half. Soy milk, like yogurt, is a healthy substitute since it is low in calories and retains the smoothness of half and half. There are also several brands of soy milk, which might be uneven if you like something thicker.

Because it is not a dairy product, it is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and those who are lactose intolerant. Soy milk has adequate protein for your body, but not as much calcium as yogurt or other dairy products, so if you remain with soy milk, you may need to supplement.

Soy milk is also highly adaptable and simple to buy, so chances are you already have some in your pantry. If you wish to replace it, use a 1:1 ratio.

Low-Fat Half and Half

If you’re trying to lose weight but still love having half and half in your meals, a low-fat replacement may be the best choice. Unlike traditional half and half, which has 30-40 calories and 3.5g fat per serving, this low-fat variant has just 20 calories and 0g fat per serve. But, just like the genuine thing, it retains that creamy, rich texture and taste, so you may not even notice the difference.

Land Lakes free fat half and half and Darigold fat-free half and half are two brands of low-fat half and half.

When substituting, use a one-to-one ratio.

Homemade Half and Half

If you want the finest outcomes, I believe you must do it yourself. Making a homemade alternative for half and half may be more enjoyable than stressful, and it is also quite quick. When creating your own half and half, instead of using whole milk, use low-fat milk. By using only one cup of cream and two cups of low-fat milk, you obtain the same result but with less calories. Feel free to use the same quantity in your cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is half and half healthier than milk?

Because they are less processed, both have more vitamins and minerals than other nondairy buttermilk. But, when it comes down to it, milk is the better option since it has less cholesterol and saturated fat.

Is half and half healthier than heavy cream?

Although both of these creams are rich in saturated fat, calcium, and calories, heavy cream has more fat and cholesterol than half and half.

Is it half and half keto?

If you are following a ketogenic diet of 50g of carbs per day, you may integrate 0.6g of carbs per tablespoon of plain unsweetened half & half into your meal.


Half and half can improve the texture of everything it’s mixed into; it can transform an ordinary morning coffee into something you look forward to every day. However, if you choose a healthy option or just ran out of half & half, there are excellent cream replacements.


What is a healthy substitute for half-and-half cream?

To create a seamless substitute, use 3 cups of heavy cream. Evaporated milk is another acceptable substitute for half-and-half.3 cup low-fat milk and 1 cup skim milk may be used to produce half-and-half. Instead of equal parts milk and cream, use two

Is there a healthy half-and-half?

Half-and-half is available in a variety of flavors, including low-fat and fat-free options. Half-and-half has 10.5% to 12% fat. Low-fat half-and-half has 50% less fat than ordinary half-and-half. Half-and-half with no fat has one-tenth the fat of ordinary half-and-half.

What is alternative to half & half?

4 cup heavy cream may be used in place of half and half in any recipe. If you don’t have whole milk on hand, use low-fat or skim milk.4 cup full milk, plus 1Substitute: Combine 3

What is the best non milk alternative to half-and-half?

4 cup canola oil. In soups and stews, coconut milk may be used in lieu of evaporated milk or heavy cream.4 cup plain milk replacement with 1Coconut cream works well as a substitution for half-and-half when blended with half soy milk. Another alternative is to make your own light cream by combining three ingredients.

What can I use instead of half and half without heavy cream?

To create a half-and-half alternative without heavy cream, blend 1 cup milk and 1 tablespoon butter (salted or unsalted is OK). Fill a 1-cup measuring cup halfway with melted butter and the rest of the way with milk. If you use whole milk, you’ll get roughly 13% milk fat.

Can Greek yogurt be substituted for half and half?

Don’t worry if you’re out of dairy ingredients. Greek yogurt may be used in place of milk, sour cream, and heavy cream. If you’re low on milk, half and half, or light cream, Greek yogurt may help make up the difference.

Is half and half OK for weight loss?

Half and half has the same vitamins and minerals as heavy cream, but with less fat and calories per tablespoon. If you’re attempting to reduce weight, this may be a preferable substitute for heavy cream or flavored creamers.

What is the healthiest non dairy creamer?

Healthiest Options
Almondmilk Creamer from Califia Farms.
Organic Coconutmilk Creamer is delectable.
Original Unsweetened Almond+Coconut Creamer from Nutpods.
Silk Dairy-Free Soy Creamer Original.
Organic MCT Creamer from Nutiva.
Turmeric Superfood Creamer by Laird.
Original Coconut Creamer from Trader Joe’s.
Original Ripple Plant-Based Half-and-Half.

What is healthier 2% milk or half and half?

Low-fat and nonfat dairy contain less saturated fat, which is harmful to your cardiovascular health if ingested in excess. This implies that whole milk is healthier than conventional half-and-half and low-fat half-and-half, while fat-free half-and-half may be a better option than whole milk.

Can I use coconut milk instead of half-and-half?

half-and-half.Coconut milk – Canned coconut milk is substantially thicker than refrigerated coconut milk. Use whatever works best for the recipe you’re cooking. If your recipe asks for whole milk or half-and-half, use canned coconut milk instead. As a result, it’s a good (but not ideal) alternative for cream.

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