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Ground Red Pepper Substitutes

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Red peppers are renowned for the heat they carry and infuse into the dishes in which they are utilized due to their capsaicinoid concentration. Furthermore, spicy food enthusiasts choose ground red peppers since it is a fast and simple approach to add spice and heat to your meals.

Ground Red Pepper Nutrition Facts

Ground Red Pepper Substitutes

Although a broad range of foods benefit from the spicy deliciousness of ground red peppers, they may not always be accessible when you need them. However, because of this unfortunate but real truth, it is critical to consider substituting alternatives for ground red pepper when your spicy recipe asks for it and you don’t have any on hand.

This article has given a few viable solutions, such as ground red pepper, to provide the heat and life required to transform your meals. Make an effort to get acquainted with as many possibilities as possible in order to choose which substitution is ideal for you.

What is Ground Red Pepper?

Ground Red Pepper Substitutes

Ground red pepper, commonly known as red pepper flakes, is normally prepared from three to four (and sometimes even five) chillies. Cayenne peppers dominate this blend, with jalapeño and ancho chilies appearing in the background. As a consequence, although pulverized red pepper has roughly 30 00050 000 SHUs, the potency of these peppers pales in comparison to raw cayenne.

Ground red peppers have a flaky texture, and it’s important to remember that they’re not powders and should be used to impart heat rather than spice. If the flakes are still visible, they will not merge into the meal. It is for this reason that ground red peppers are widely used as pizza, sandwich, and salad toppings.

Ground red pepper is widely used to add a dash of spice to a variety of dishes. It is popular in many traditional cuisines throughout the globe because of its function.

Uses of Ground Red Pepper in Recipes

Ground red pepper is used in Italian, Indian, Mexican, and Caribbean cuisines to add spice and bite to seasoning mixes, meats, pickles, seafood, and Italian, Indian, Mexican, and Caribbean meals. Many spice-obsessed families have ground red pepper on hand for a finishing touch on pizza, spaghetti, and anything else that calls for a little heat.

The following are some common recipes that often call for the use of ground red pepper:

  • Crushed red pepper pasta sauce
  • Spicy garlic instant noodles
  • Spicy Thai noodles
  • Brown rice with crushed red pepper
  • Roasted red pepper pizza
  • Beef and pepper pie
  • Cheddar chili pie
  • Red pepper cornbread
  • Red pepper tapenade
  • Red pepper muffins
  • Red pepper pimento cheese
  • Chicken with red pepper sauce
  • Spicy ground beef
  • Beef and pepper stew
  • Spicy red pepper sauce

Substitutes for Ground Red Pepper

There are certain components in cooking that seem to be irreplaceable, but ground red pepper is not one of them. For example, supposing you don’t have access to ground red pepper right away, or you have other preferences that red ground pepper won’t satisfy. All you have to do in such a case is improvise and quickly substitute another spice.

To that end, here are a few of the greatest substitutes for ground red pepper; consider the following:

Ground Cayenne

Unlike flaky powdered red pepper, ground cayenne is a powder. Because red pepper flakes (ground red pepper) are commonly diluted with other peppers, ground cayenne is hotter than red pepper flakes (ground red pepper). As a consequence, it is essential to note that cayenne pepper should not be used in the same quantity as pepper flakes.

They’re spicier, hotter, and more easily over-spiced since they’re powders, so start with a little quantity and work your way up. Nonetheless, cayenne powder is the way to go if you want a spicy kick. Because it is in powder form, it easily mixes into sauces and soups, eliminating any spiciness.

Dried Pepper

If you run out of ground red pepper but have some dried pepper on hand, preparing your own red pepper is a good option. Simply remove the stems and pulse them in your food processor for a few minutes.

Although this seems to be a stress-free alternative, it is not the most accessible. Everyone prefers ready-made spices since creating them from scratch may be time-consuming. Nonetheless, if you’re desperate for a fix, it’s a realistic choice.

Chili Powder

Chili powder is created from dried, crushed chili pepper fruit that is sometimes blended with other spices. It is a spice that provides flavor and zest to a variety of meals.

Chilli powder does not have the same heat as cayenne pepper or crushed red pepper. To have the same impact as powdered red pepper in your dishes, you may need to double or even quadruple the amount of chili powder used. However, if you want to avoid the heat of ground red pepper, chili powder can be the best alternative for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is paprika and cayenne pepper the same thing?

To summarize, the answer is no. Paprika and cayenne pepper are two separate spices that have many similarities. Dried chili peppers are used to make the rich orange-red powders known as paprika and cayenne.

What’s the difference between paprika and red pepper?

Ground paprika’s taste may vary from sweet to hot, and it’s made by crushing a variety of peppers. Ground red pepper and red chili powder are conventional spice names for cayenne pepper or other red chilies.

Can I use paprika instead of red pepper flakes?

Paprika may be substituted with the red pepper flakes. Paprika and red pepper flakes have different textures, but the spice is one of the greatest selections because to its unique taste and brilliant color.


If you need a fast alternative for ground red pepper, or if you’re tired of the same old thing and want to try something new, our suggestions are here to assist. We suggest starting with little doses of these alternatives and working your way up if necessary.

It does not have to be the end of the world if you run out of ingredients. Experiment with the various alternatives. Instead, you can fall in love with what you uncover.


What’s a substitute for ground red pepper?

If you don’t have dried peppers or powdered cayenne pepper, use chili powder instead. It’s not quite as spicy, but double the amount suggested for does the trick.

Is ground red pepper and cayenne the same?

“Red Pepper” is the recommended term for all spicy red pepper spices, according to the American Spice Trade Association. Cayenne Pepper is another name for the same thing. Some producers refer to Cayenne Pepper as a spicier variant of Red Pepper.

Can you substitute paprika for ground red pepper?

In compared to the intensity of cayenne and other chilies, paprika is rather moderate, measuring 1,500 to 2,500 Scoville heat units; cayenne has 40,000 to 50,000 SHUs. Paprika is available in both sweet and hot varieties; if your recipe asks for a spicy crushed red pepper, use hot paprika.

What seasoning tastes like red pepper?

Paprika is one of your most easily accessible selections, since it is widely available in most grocery shops. It is also a chili powder prepared from ground chili peppers, specifically paprika. While the taste profiles are similar, paprika is notably milder than cayenne pepper.

Is ground red pepper the same as chili flakes?

Is crushed red pepper equivalent to chili flakes? The primary distinction between chili flakes and red pepper flakes is found in the primary component. Red pepper flakes are manufactured from a variety of red peppers, while red chili flakes are solely made from chili peppers.

Is chili powder and ground red pepper the same?

American Tex-Mex chili powder is a spice combination that is often used to flavor beans or meat while cooking chili con carne. Although there may be some mistake with spices with similar names, it is not just ground up chili peppers. This spice combination is available all year.

Can you substitute cayenne pepper for ground red pepper?

Because they are commonly prepared from the same pepper, ground red pepper and red chili powder may be used as cayenne pepper alternatives.

Can you substitute red pepper flakes for ground cayenne pepper?

Flakes of red pepper

They have a chunkier texture than ground cayenne pepper, but they pack a punch. If you want the same amount of heat as the cayenne, you may need to add a little more. Begin by making a 1:1 replacement.

Is paprika the same as red pepper?

What Exactly Is Paprika? Paprika is a ground spice derived from the sweeter types of red peppers of the Capsicum annuum plant family. In other words, paprika is manufactured from red bell peppers and other mild, sweet peppers.

How to make ground red pepper?

Remove the tops of the hot peppers and arrange them equally on a baking sheet.
Place them in a low-temperature oven to dry.
In a food processor, pulse crush the dried chiles until they reach the coarse texture you like.

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