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Golden Caster Sugar Substitute

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Because of its high molasses content and lovely caramel taste, golden caster sugar is a popular baking ingredient. Also, since it dissolves quickly, it is a popular baking component in a wide range of sweets and baked goods.

If you’re halfway through one of your favorite recipes and realize you’ve run out of golden caster sugar, these suggestions should give a fast fix. The kind of sugar you use as a replacement should be chosen by the dish you’re trying to make, since some are more suited to substitutes than others.

Learn more about golden caster sugar and what might be used in its place to get the greatest outcomes. Learn how to use these alternatives in your recipes to attain the desired results.

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Golden Caster Sugar Substitute

What is Golden Caster Sugar?

The refined golden caster sugar has a loosely packed sandy texture and a warm, golden tint. It has a similar color and texture to conventional caster sugar, but since it is unprocessed, it has a richer caramel taste. It melts quickly, though, and operates just like regular caster sugar.

The addition of molasses differentiates golden caster sugar from regular caster sugar. Regular caster sugar has had the molasses removed, giving it a white hue and a pure sweet taste. It produces crisp baking results and is the easiest to deal with when heated.

Although golden caster sugar is less refined than standard caster sugar, its grain size and feel are equal, thus they may be used interchangeably in almost every application. Brown sugar and golden caster sugar are both unprocessed or less refined sugars with a molasses component that lends them a caramel-like color and taste.

Golden caster sugar is perfect for baking and delivers the same results as traditional white caster sugar in most cases. It’s ideal for creamed sponge cakes and other delectable baked goods.

Uses of Golden Caster Sugar in Recipes

Because golden caster sugar dissolves and integrates faster than granulated sugar, it’s great for light and airy desserts like meringues and souffles. It is widely used to sweeten liquids since it does not need heat to dissolve. However, golden caster sugar may be used in almost any recipe that calls for granulated sugar.

The following are some recipes that utilize golden caster sugar frequently:

  • Golden sponge cake
  • Classic sponge sandwich
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Golden carrot cake
  • Caramel cupcakes
  • American pancakes
  • Easy banana bread
  • Apple doughnut muffins
  • Meringue
  • Strawberry pavlova
  • Lemon posset
  • Banana cake
  • Shortbread
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Coffee and walnut cake
  • Salted caramel sauce

Substitutes for Golden Caster Sugar

As you may know, golden caster sugar is a super-fine form of sugar that is often used in baking. It will dissolve entirely into your dessert without leaving a gritty texture like other sweeteners.

Golden caster sugar is famous for its quick dissolving and delicious caramel taste, making it great for baking. However, in its absence, other options may function. There are several substitutes for golden caster sugar, just as there are for many other types of culinary products.

Consider the following options:

Brown Sugar

If you’re making a cake without golden caster sugar, you should be able to get away with using brown sugar instead. Because brown sugar and golden caster sugar have comparable molasses levels and caramel tastes, brown sugar is an acceptable substitute. This, however, will not change the flavor of the cake and should have little effect on the final product.

This is one of the best sugar substitutes for golden caster sugar, and it will help you get results that aren’t too different to what you’d get with actual golden caster sugar.

Granulated Sugar

The results of utilizing granulated sugar can vary based on what you want to achieve in your recipe. For example, granulated sugar may be used in place of golden caster sugar while making a cake or cookies.

Granulated sugar, on the other hand, contains bigger crystals, which may result in a grainier texture. This gritty texture will be visible in more delicate treats, such as meringue or mousse. If you want the greatest results, only use caster sugar in these recipes.

Honey and Syrup

If you need golden caster sugar for dishes like puddings and pies, you may use honey, maple syrup, or corn syrup. These substitute alternatives should enough to provide satisfactory results in your recipes.

In certain recipes, a high-quality brand of honey may be used for golden caster sugar, however this is preferable for liquid sweets rather than solid desserts like cakes. This is due to the fact that it will most likely make your cake or cookies exceptionally moist and chewy. The honey content will also influence the color of the baked items.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use Demerara sugar instead of caster sugar?

Demerara and Turbinado sugars are comparable in color and taste to golden caster sugar, however they have much bigger crystals. To replace golden caster sugar in baked goods, process demerara or turbinado sugar in a food processor or blender.

Can you use Demerara sugar for cakes?

This unprocessed raw cane sugar features large toffee-colored crystals. They’re often used to provide texture to cakes, such as a streusel topping, a crumble, or a crunchy topping for cookies.

Can I use soft brown sugar instead of golden caster?

Bicarbonate of soda is often used in recipes that call for golden caster sugar, and it may be substituted with soft, light brown sugar depending on the recipe. If you’re baking a chocolate cake, for example, you may use light brown sugar instead.


There’s no need to panic the next time you’re working on a dish that calls for golden caster sugar and you run out in the midst of it. Depending on why you need golden caster sugar in the first place, our recommended alternatives will suffice.

Use these substitutions in recipes where they will be more suitable for the best outcomes.


What is the American equivalent of golden caster sugar?

Sugar that is very fine. The sweetness of the two sugars is the same, and we believe that the unrefined part makes little difference in the finished meal.Regular white caster is the finest replacement in the United States and the rest of the globe.

Can you use normal sugar instead of golden caster sugar?

Granulated sugar is a good substitute for caster sugar in most cases. Use a 1:1 substitution (for example, if your recipe asks for a cup of caster sugar, use a cup of granulated sugar).

Can you substitute golden caster sugar for brown sugar?

Using brown sugar instead of yellow caster sugar in a chocolate cake or brownie recipe, for example, will result in a more rich, fudgy, and moist product. Keep in mind that using brown sugar for golden caster sugar may change the texture, color, and flavor.

What sugar is the same as golden caster sugar?

The same as fine white caster sugar, golden caster sugar has not been refined and still includes molasses, which gives it its color and tangier flavor. Golden caster sugar is sour because it still includes molasses. Most recipes that call for golden caster sugar also call for bicarbonate of soda.

Is soft brown sugar the same as golden caster sugar?

Sugars made from brown sugar

It’s the same as regular caster sugar, but since it’s unrefined, it has a stronger caramel flavor.

Is dark brown sugar the same as golden caster sugar?

DARK BROWN SUGAR: It provides color as well as a richer caramel flavor. It’s highly moist and will make a cake more soft.GOLDEN CASTER SUGAR: White sugar with added molasses that may be used in any recipe to give it a richer, slightly caramel color. LIGHT

Is caster sugar the same as confectioners sugar?

Caster sugar (sometimes known as castor sugar) is granulated sugar that has been finely powdered. It is not as fine as confectioners’ sugar since it contains grit and is not powder-y. In terms of texture, it’s in between granulated sugar and confectioners’ sugar.

What happens if you use sugar instead of caster sugar?

When using caster sugar, your cakes and biscuits will have a little finer texture, but when using white sugar, your cakes will have a slightly rougher texture and your biscuits will have more crunch.

Why is caster sugar more expensive?

Granulated sugar and Caster sugar are two different types of white sugar. Caster sugar has been ground finer, lengthening the production process and increasing the cost.

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