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Frangelico Replacement

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Frangelico is one of many excellent dishes that originated in Italy. It is a sweet-flavored, amber-colored hazelnut liqueur that may be blended with a variety of cocktails. The delicious golden flavor, combined with chocolate and vanilla, is difficult to overlook, and it quickly improves the taste of any drink it is put to.


Frangelico is often found in beverages, baked goods, pastries, and cocktails. Vodkas, brandies, rum, and whiskeys are all excellent on their own whether serving guests or sipping on your own. Nonetheless, adding and mixing them with Frangelico kicks it up a level, and the aftertaste is nothing short of delicious.

It’s also worth noting that Frangelico includes 20% alcohol, which may assist decrease insulin levels in the body but has significant side effects. It is created in the same way as other nut liqueurs by grinding hazelnuts and combining them with vanilla berries, chocolate, and other ingredients before being steeped in spirit.

It’s also not inexpensive, so if you don’t have it on hand or it wasn’t on your shopping list, you may attempt alternative substitutions instead of skipping it entirely.

What is Frangelico?

Frangelico was named after a monk called Fra Angelico who lived on the Piedmont hill in Italy. You may have observed that its bottle is shaped like a monk, with a rope wrapped around the bottle’s waist.

It has a nutty flavor and a combination of numerous other tastes, including coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and alcohol content, which provides additional hotness.

Not only does it taste nice in beverages, but it also enhances the flavor of pastries and baked goods, such as custard bread pudding, and even tastes better over ice cream.

Frangelico Uses in Recipes

Don’t be fooled into believing Frangelico just goes well with cocktails; because to its liquid nature, you may enjoy its rich taste in pies, chocolate gelato, whipped cream, and many other dishes.

But, since Frangelico is made up of several sweet tastes, you should not leave it exposed for too long. This may cause it to progressively lose its taste. Hence, after using it in any of these recipes, be sure you carefully cover it:

  • Pie with chocolate and hazelnuts
  • Custard maker
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Soda
  • Cookies with spices
  • Pumpkin loaf
  • Cake made with mousse
  • Crepes that are warm
  • Cake with honey and almonds
  • Coffee
  • Mousse with white chocolate
  • Cheesecake with praline
  • Whipping cream
  • Gianduia bread from Italy
  • Fruitcakes from Italy
  • Vodka
  • Brandy
  • Whiskey

Frangelico Substitutes 

Frangelico isn’t the only liqueur that may enhance the flavor of your drinks and desserts. If you want to branch out, there are countless more nutty-flavored delights to sample, or maybe the alcohol concentration of Frangelico is too much for you.

Here are some additional alternatives to consider:


This is a nutty liqueur that is comparable to Frangelico. While it contains more alcohol, the hues sweet, cherry, almond paste, and amber are distinct. It may be either neat or blended with other alcoholic beverages.

Disoronno also goes well with drinks such as fruit juice, ginger ale, and ice cream. You might also try Italian sweets, chocolate mousse, and honey almond cake.


Kahla is the world’s best-selling coffee liqueur! It is created from sugarcane and arabica coffee, and only a few liqueurs can compete with its taste. Yet, the coffee flavor and sweetness of Kahlua make it one of them.

Its mixers include, but are not limited to, cola, club soda, Irish cream, ginger ale, ginger beer, and other similar beverages. While there is a minor variation in flavor, it is an excellent alternative for Frangelico.


This is arguably the closest and best substitute for Frangelico, as well as a traditional and popular Italian liqueur. These are perhaps the two most popular nutty-flavored liqueurs in the world, along with Frangelico.

Amaretto is bitterer than Frangelico and has a softer taste. It combines well with coffee lattes, beverages, and other alcoholic beverages, and it has the same Almond color as Frangelico. It may also be used as a flavoring agent in baked goods and beverages.


In terms of substance, Nocello and Frangelico are not too dissimilar. They are both formed of hazelnut materials, making them a great alternative, and they have a little sweetness with a bitter aftertaste, giving them a great complement in coffees and drinks.


This is another wonderful replacement for Frangelico. It is a superb combination of nuts, fruits, and spices that give it a sweet and robust taste. Like the others on this list, it may be used in cocktails with alcoholic drinks and beverages, or it can be consumed on its own.

It also has a lower alcohol content. If you are worried about the alcohol content of Frangelico, you should try this as a substitute.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Frangelico similar to Amaretto?

Yes. They are both quite popular and serve the same purpose. They are comparable in composition, color, and usage for styling drinks and beverages. Amaretto has a softer flavor, but the flavors are extremely similar.

Is there sugar in Frangelico? 

Yes. Sugar is one of the ingredients of Frangelico, and its sugar content is 40% by volume, giving it its sweet flavor.

Can I refrigerate Frangelico? 

Frangelico should be kept cold and dry, away from heat and sunshine. While not in use, you may refrigerate it and keep it securely wrapped.


Frangelico is a nutty Italian noisette flavored with hazelnuts and colored with caramel. With its delightful flavor and perfume, it entices the taste and smell organs. The loss of Frangelico, however, does not spell the end of delicious pleasure. Additional flavorings, in addition to those mentioned above, might be substituted. We hope you like the proposed substitutions as much as we did.


Can I use Kahlua instead of Frangelico?

Absolutely, you may substitute Kahlua for the Frangelico. Kahlua is a coffee-flavored liqueur created from arabica coffee beans, sugar, and rum, while Frangelico is a hazelnut-flavored liqueur with a distinct and nuanced taste.

What can I substitute hazelnut liqueur with?

Amaretto: Made from apricots and almond pits, this sweet, almond-flavored liqueur of Italian provenance infuses the same richness as hazel nut liqueur and is therefore a viable alternative for hazel nut liqueur (the popular Frangelico hazel-nut liqueur widely in use).

What is a non alcoholic Frangelico substitute?

Frangelico is a kind of hazelnut or almond extract. Alternatively, hazelnut syrup. Galliano is an extract of licorice.

What’s the difference between amaretto and Frangelico?

Amaretto and Frangelico are not the same thing. Amaretto is an almond liqueur with a mild almond extract taste, but Frengelico has a considerably more nuanced flavor with coffee, chocolate, and vanilla complementing the nuttiness.

What does Frangelico taste like?

Frangelico is a brand of hazelnut liqueur from Italy. Frangelico has a light amber hue and a luscious, toasted taste with traces of vanilla and white chocolate, as well as subtle herbal characteristics.

What’s the difference between Kahlua and Frangelico?

Indeed, both Frangelico and Kahlua are coffee liqueurs. Both have a sweet flavor and are often used in drinks and pastries. Kahlua, on the other hand, is prepared from Mexican coffee beans and has a chocolate taste, whilst Frangelico is manufactured from roasted hazelnuts and has a nutty flavor.

Is Frangelico discontinued?

Nutrition Information for Frangelico (Discontinued) – Eat This Much.

How much alcohol is in Frangelico?

Frangelico (Italian: [frandliko]) is a brand of noisette (hazelnut-flavored) and herb-flavored liqueur colored with caramel coloring made in Canale, Italy. It contains 20% alcohol by volume (ABV) and is 40 proof. It used to be 24% ABV or 48 proof.

Is amaretto similar to hazelnut liqueur?

It has a comparable alcohol percentage and taste profile, with a nutty undertone. As a result, it may be used in the same cocktails as amaretto. Moreover, hazelnut liqueur is excellent for enhancing the rich nutty taste of your favorite amaretto-based pastries. As a straightforward 1:1 substitute for amaretto, use hazelnut liqueur.

What is the main ingredient in Frangelico?

The richness of Frangelico stems from its roots. Crafted from Italian hazelnuts, it is blended with coffee, chocolate, and vanilla distillate and extracts to create a sweet but balanced golden elixir that can be savored at any time of year and on any evening.

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