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Fennel Seed may be substituted.

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Fennel is a part of the Apiaceae family, which also includes carrot and parsley. They are related to cumin, dill, caraway, and anise, all of which produce fragrant fruits known as seeds. It originated in Southern Europe, but it has now naturalized in the northern half of the continent, Australia, and North America, and it is grown all over the world.

Fennel is a biennial or perennial plant with four or five smooth stalks that are hollow but contain a white pith. On clasping leaf stems, it bears feathery and finely split linear foliage. In late July, they produce flat umbels of golden yellow blooms. Fennel is another another plant with medical, magical, and culinary use.

The earlier Egyptians used fennel seed as nourishment. It was also used as a medication as an antidote for snake bites. Fennel seeds are fragrant and sweet, with a taste similar to anise. Because of their similar flavor, the vegetable form of fennel, Foeniculum Vulgare, is frequently confused with anise. The aerial parts of the fennel, including the blooms, are all edible.

Fennel seeds may be baked into bread, biscuits, stuffing, and Italian sausages, and they can also be used to sweet pickles and Sauerkraut. Its seeds are delicious with asparagus, tomatoes, and cucumber. Its stems may be cooked with meats, fish, and vegetables, and its leaves can be added to salads, olives, fish, snails, or simply used as a garnish. Fennel leafstalk bases are consumed fresh or cooked as a vegetable. Fennel seeds and leaves may also be used to make tea.

Essential oils derived from fennel seeds may be incorporated to fragrances, soaps, medicines, and cosmetics. Fennel oil, seeds, and extracts may be used to flavor pre-made items such as meats, ice cream, sweets, sauces, baked goods, and liqueurs such as sambuca, as well as non-alcoholic drinks such as toothpaste. Around 50-6500ppm, fennel is quite safe. It should be noted that the oil may produce nausea, vomiting, or other side effects. Home chefs should avoid using it, even in little quantities.

The fennel flavor is somewhat sweet with a distinct licorice flavor. They have an aniseed taste as well as a warm and sweet scent. The taste of these three herbs is identical because they all contain a molecule called anethole. When compared to aniseeds, fennel seeds are sweeter and less powerful.

The texture and feel of dried fennel seeds are abstract. The seeds are oblong with pointy ends. As they reach maturity, they are pale in color, firm, and have a smooth, long wrinkled texture.

Fennel Seed Nutrition Facts:

Use in Different Types of Recipes

Fennel seeds may be used as a culinary spice or as a garnish in previously prepared foods. Fennel seeds may be used in a variety of dishes, including:

  • Bread
  • Biscuits
  • Sausages d’Italie
  • Salad garnishes
  • Dishes with fish
  • Meat grilling
  • Sauces
  • Curry made with lamb or potatoes
  • Pickles and chocolate

Substitute for Fennel Seeds

If you are allergic or sensitive to fennel seed, there are many excellent replacements. These replacements have comparable properties to fennel seeds. Examine it out.

Anise Seeds

Anise seeds are an excellent replacement for fennel seeds. Aside from being in the same family as fennel seeds, anise seeds have a similar flavor, therefore you will receive almost the same flavor in your dish when using anise seeds. Anise seeds are also somewhat smaller and more pungent than fennel seeds. As a result, this is a good equivalent, and they may be replaced in the same quantity.

Cumin Seeds

While cumin and fennel seeds have different flavors, they may be used interchangeably. Cumin seed has a spicy and earthy scent that may enhance the flavor of your meals. It may be used in lieu of fennel seeds in equal parts.

Licorice Root

The tastes of fennel seeds and licorice are comparable. But, since it has a more powerful taste than fennel, you will need less of this replacement. Hence, if you require one teaspoon of fennel seeds for your recipe, half a teaspoon of licorice powder would enough.

Caraway Seeds

In the lack of fennel seeds, caraway seeds may be used as a replacement. Caraway, on the other hand, lacks the sweet flavor of fennel but may add a somewhat comparable flavor.

Dill Seeds

The taste of dill seeds is comparable to that of caraway. While not as tasty as fennel seeds, they may serve as a replacement when other alternatives are unavailable due to their distinct taste, which is extremely peppery.

Substitute for Fennel Seed in Soup

Anise seeds are an excellent replacement for fennel seeds in soups. You can’t go wrong with this alternative for that switcheroo. Cumin seeds may also be used as a soup seasoning alternative. The same amount may be used for both.

Substitute for Fennel Seed in Lasagna

You may use licorice root instead of fennel seeds in the same amount while making the delicious lasagna. Fennel seeds may also be replaced with cumin.

Substitute for Fennel Seed in Baking

Whether making biscuits, bread, or cakes, fennel seed replacements such as anise seeds may provide a comparable wonderful taste. It’s also convenient since they may be substituted in the same quantity.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Are fennel seeds the same as cumin?

Fennel seeds are derived from the plant Foeniculum vulgare, whilst cumin seeds are derived from the plant Cuminum cyminum. Cumin seeds are browner in color than fennel seeds. Fennel seeds are also somewhat bigger than cumin seeds. As a result, they are distinct.

What does fennel seed taste like?

The dried seed of the fennel plant is known as fennel seeds. They taste aniseed and have a warm, sweet scent.

Can you substitute celery for fennel seed?

It also has a licorice taste and may be used in place of fennel seeds. So, sure, you may use celery instead of fennel.


This is a wrap on a fennel seed replacement. I hope you find this article useful as you look for the perfect replacement for your cooking.


What spice can replace ground fennel?

Ground fennel seeds may easily be substituted with dried dill or crushed dill seeds. The drying process intensifies the comparable anise-like scents. Dill seeds, like coriander seeds, are excellent for pickling.

Can I use cumin instead of fennel?

Although cumin is somewhat hotter than fennel seed, it is still a good replacement. When fennel seeds are unavailable, cumin adds an earthy and toasty layer of flavor to any dish. The only difference between ground cumin and cumin seed is the texture.

Can I leave fennel seeds out of a recipe?

When using this substitution in recipes, anise taste is evident. You may utilize the bulb section for soups and stews to add bulk to a dish. In terms of taste, fresh fennel is a decent substitute for fennel seeds. By using fresh fennel, you’ll notice a more delicate flavor. The sweetness and licorice flavor, on the other hand,

Are fennel seeds similar to cumin seeds?

Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare) and cumin (Cuminum cyminum) are two distinct plants that need different growth conditions. Fennel seeds are significantly bigger and have a greenish hue, whilst Cumin seeds are typically darker and slightly more compact.

What spices taste like fennel?

Anise seed is a parsley family member with a taste similar to fennel. It is used in baking as well as Indian cuisine.

Does cumin taste like fennel?

Fennel seeds have a sweet flavor with anise and licorice undertones. Cumin seeds, on the other hand, have a smoky, earthy flavor with a subtle bitterness. Nonetheless, all are equally flavorful and fragrant.

What is fennel the same of?

It tastes like anise, but it’s considerably gentler, sweeter, and more delicate. Fennel seed originates from a similar plant called common fennel and is commonly dried and used to flavor sausage. Anise is considered a spice. The plant is seldom seen, just the seed, which is also known as aniseed.

What do fennel seeds taste like?

Fennel seeds are the dried seeds of the fennel plant, and they resemble cumin seeds but are greener. They taste aniseed and have a warm, sweet scent. They may be used alone or in spice blends like Chinese five-spice powder and Indian panch phoran.

What is the flavor of fennel?

Fennel has a slight anise or licorice taste that, depending on how it is cooked, may be intensified or sweetened (or not cooked). Fennel gets particularly sweet when chopped and sautéed with onions as one of the initial stages in producing a soup or stew.

Can you substitute celery seed for fennel seed?

Celery Stalk No. 1

If you don’t have fennel seeds on hand, celery stalks may be used as a replacement. This is because celery and fennel are both members of the carrot family.

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