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Egg substitute in fried chicken

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Everyone who isn’t vegan has eaten chicken at some point in their lives, and a substantial portion of this population will agree with me when I say it’s excellent. Many people love their chicken prepared in soups or stews, grilled and skewered, baked, or fried. I love fried chicken, and that crispy, juicy, chewy, and delectable goodness is, in my view, vastly underappreciated.

Egg in Fried Chicken Nutrition Facts

Substitute for Egg in Fried Chicken

Broiler chicken is the most usually utilized in fried chicken, and breading gives the chicken’s outside a crisp or crusty coating while preserving the liquids in the flesh. Fried chicken is sometimes served with paprika or hot sauce to provide a fiery flavor. It’s often found in mac and cheese, gravy, coleslaw, corn, and mashed potatoes. And it may be eaten on its own or as part of recipes and cuisines such as;

  • Salad with arugula
  • Fried chicken wings with parmesan cheese
  • Sandwiches
  • Hot chicken from Nashville
  • Poutine with fried chicken and gravy
  • Chicken deviled eggs
  • Fried chicken with horseradish
  • Waffles with little chicken
  • Chicken Parmigiana
  • Chicken with Chipotle Popcorn
  • Tacos Koreanos
  • Dinosaur nuggets
  • Chicken biscuit with buttermilk
  • Chicken fried in buttermilk
  • Chicken with Pecorino
  • Artichoke-dressed chicken cutlets

Egg in Fried Chicken

Egg yolk contains a lot of lecithin, which is a kind of emulsifier. It adheres all of the ingredients tightly to the chicken, preventing them from dispersing when frying. It also helps to maintain the moisture in the chicken, which would otherwise be lost when frying. And it works with the fat from its yolk to shorten the gluten strands in the mix, resulting in a delicate and toothsome outcome.

The carotenoid xanthophyll found in yolk gives it its vivid yellow color, which extends to whatever food it produces. The golden-brown or brownish-yellow color of your fried chicken is also influenced by the egg amount. Fried chicken may retain the same color tone in the absence of eggs, although the latter also adds to the color of the fried chicken.

As you compare their features, you may begin to envision the savory potential of mixing both substances. And we know that the binding property of eggs makes it ideal for breading poultry. But what if you don’t have any or can’t utilize them?

Substitutes for Egg in Fried Chicken

You don’t have to abandon a fried chicken dish because you don’t have any eggs. Instead, choose one of these alternatives;

Aquafaba and cornstarch

You’re probably wondering what aquafaba is; it’s the liquid that drains from canned chickpeas or beans. The taste has no influence on your fried chicken, but it compensates with another fantastic consequence: it can be beaten exactly like egg whites.

It fluffs up and creates a beautiful light coating without the need of baking soda. But, make sure the aquafaba/cornstarch combination is thick enough. It is not necessary to coat the chicken with flour before to dipping or coating it in the sauce. If the chicken is sufficiently dry (pat it dry), the coating will adhere to it on its own.

Buttermilk Milk Powder


This substitution is for folks who desire something other than aquafaba or water, and it is a dairy alternative that you may test. You’ll need to work quickly if you use this option, whether it’s flour plus buttermilk, milk, heavy cream, or yogurt. This is due to their susceptibility to cooking quickly. Thus you’ll be exposing these dairy products to high heat directly, frying the proteins and lipids in dairy products in a conventional batter with eggs to safeguard them from overcooking.

Hence, in this scenario, when we are not using eggs, you must deal with little pieces of chicken that cook through fast to avoid overcooking. These alternatives will keep moisture in, but not everyone will like the flavor, particularly the yogurt. They are, nonetheless, preferable than nothing.

Water and Seasoned Flour Dredge

This combination is another another egg alternative in fried chicken and the most basic dredging of them. The chicken will cook much quicker and may be mostly dry. Make sure your flour is well-seasoned and has a paste-like, thick consistency. If the coating is too thick, the heat will not penetrate the flour and the food will not cook correctly.

Thus, first coat the chicken in dry, seasoned flour, then dredge it in the flour and water dredging mixture. This allows the breading to adhere correctly. You may even re-dip it in the paste before coating it with flour for a crispy chicken coating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you do if you don’t have eggs to fry chicken?

When you don’t have eggs, you may make a flour and water slurry by combining equal parts flour and water and thoroughly mixing them in a small basin. For a lighter consistency, use a two-to-one water-to-flour ratio. Slurries may also be made using cornstarch, arrowroot powder, chickpea flour, and rice flour.

Does fry batter need eggs?

The most basic fry batters are made with sparkling water, flour, pepper, and baking soda. This is the standard batter for crispy and swollen fried food, as well as frying vegetables, fish, or poultry without the need of an egg.

Can you fry without an egg?

While eggs are often used in frying, fried or breaded meals may also be made without them. Tomato paste, chia seeds, and even oil may be used.


Were sure it’s clear by now how vital eggs may be in fried chicken, playing many functions in bringing us our favorite fried chicken. And we’re sure it’s clear by now how difficult it may be to deal with an eggless batter. So don’t worry, because we’ve offered fantastic egg replacements for fried chicken.


What can I use instead of eggs to batter chicken?

Fortunately, the cream held the crumbs together well. THE BOTTOM LINE: If you can’t use eggs, we suggest using heavy cream for breading items. CREAM IS THE BEST: If you are unable to use eggs, add heavy cream to keep the breading in place.

How do you make flour stick to chicken without eggs?

Editor’s note: As in this Blackened Chicken dish, you may just dip the fish or chicken breast in melted butter before rolling it in the spices or coating. You might also experiment with milk or yogurt. If using a thicker coating (such as panko or breadcrumbs), sprinkle the fish with flour beforehand.

Can you fry chicken without egg yolk?

Salt and pepper, flour, and oil for the chicken. That is all you need. This is a simple southern fried chicken dish that doesn’t need any eggs, buttermilk, or other ingredients. When I was growing up, this was how all the home chefs I knew cooked fried chicken.

Can you use oil instead of eggs for fried chicken?

While cooking fried chicken, you may use olive oil for the egg. It’s extremely useful for getting a crispy texture on the exterior of your chicken. Before adding any additional ingredients, such as flour or spices, cover the chicken with oil.

What can I use if I don’t have eggs?

4 cup yogurt… Silken tofu.
A ripe banana…
Flaxseed meal.
4 cup applesauce.
Soy yogurt, plain or vanilla. Substitute 1 egg with: 1Egg substitutes
Baking soda with vinegar. 1 egg = 1 teaspoon baking soda + 1 tablespoon vinegar…
Applesauce without sugar. 1 egg should be replaced with: 1

Is egg necessary in batter?

The primary function of eggs in a cake batter is to provide structure in the form of proteins from both the yolk and the white. While the cake bakes, the protein coagulates and, coupled with the starch from the flour, produces the cake crumb.

What can I use to bind flour to chicken?

Dip the floured chicken into the beaten eggs. (If you prefer, use buttermilk instead, or add a teaspoon of Dijon mustard or a few drops of spicy sauce to the mixture for a kick.) The eggs should completely cover the flour.

Can you use milk instead of egg wash?

Use just milk to get a crisp crust with a matte, traditional pie look. To provide a final touch, many biscuits and rolls are brushed with milk or buttermilk. Use heavy cream or half-and-half to provide a bit more shine than an all-milk wash but not as much as an egg wash.

Do you need egg to flour chicken?

Eggs are sticky, and when they combine with flour, they form a gluey paste on which the breadcrumbs adhere. This is the method to use if you want a good, thick coating on your chicken. If you don’t want to use eggs, you may substitute buttermilk, Greek yogurt, mayonnaise, or even Dijon mustard.

Can I use mayo instead of eggs?

You may substitute 3 tbsp mayonnaise for each egg in your recipe. Mayonnaise works well as a moisture replacement in brownies and other baked products. What exactly is this? Since mayonnaise is derived from eggs and oil, it only makes sense to put it in baked products to make them soft and moist.

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