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Dried Marjoram Substitute

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If you like recipes like salad dressings, meat meals, and German sausage, you may be interested to find that dried marjoram plays a role in their attractiveness. Marjoram is a fundamental component in several famous spice mixes, such as Herbes de Provence.

Dried marjoram adds a delightful combination of desired tastes to a variety of dishes, and it is much more strong than fresh marjoram. Naturally, you may be disappointed to discover that you have ran out of dried marjoram on your spice rack.

But don’t let that deter you; this article covers various replacements for dried marjoram. These alternatives have comparable taste characteristics, but it is vital to understand how to incorporate them into your recipes for the greatest outcomes.


Marjoram Nutrition Facts

Dried Marjoram Substitute

What is Dried Marjoram?

Dried Marjoram Substitute

Marjoram is a fragrant mint family plant that is also known as sweet marjoram. Marjoram has been grown for thousands of years throughout the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Western Asia.

Marjoram’s key flavor components are sabinene (fresh and woody), terpinene (citrusy), and linalool. Marjoram is milder than oregano, with a flavor similar to thyme but a sweeter taste and a richer scent. Marjoram is also somewhat bitter, warm, and sharp, making it ideal for use in savory dishes.

Marjoram is most effective when dried, although it may also be used fresh in recipes. Teas and extracts may be made from both fresh and dried leaves, and both types are available at health food shops and online.

Uses of Dried Marjoram in Recipes

Marjoram has an earthy and woodsy taste with balsamic pine and citrus undertones. It has a taste that is warm, spicy, and bitter, akin to oregano and thyme. Marjoram is often used to flavor and embellish a wide range of meals, including soups, salads, dressings, stews, and sauces.

Dried marjoram leaves may also be used in herb blends and in other ways that dried herbs are often utilized. Dried marjoram may also be used to prepare herbal tea.

The following are some recipes that commonly call for dried marjoram:

  • Marjoram tea
  • Sauteed carrots with lemon and marjoram
  • Marjoram-roasted potatoes
  • Marjoram mushroom soup
  • Potato gratin with marjoram
  • Creamy chicken and marjoram spaghetti
  • Marjoram glazed carrots
  • Chicken with lemon marjoram
  • Chicken tinga
  • Herbs de Provence
  • Summer squash with marjoram
  • Savory herb rice
  • Turkey noodle soup
  • Split pea soup with bacon
  • Potato leek soup
  • Homemade chicken noodle soup
  • Mediterranean meat marinade

Substitutes for Dried Marjoram

Dried marjoram adds fascinating levels of flavor to a range of dishes, and as such, it is a popular herb in many different cuisines around the world. However, like with any other ingredient, you may run out of dried marjoram when in the midst of preparing one of your favorite savory meals.

In this instance, we recommend that you use one or more of the following substitutes:


Oregano, like marjoram, is a member of the mint family and is often used in the same recipes. This is mostly due to the fact that both herbs complement each other so effectively. Fresh oregano is often preferred as a substitute for marjoram. However, dried oregano works well in place of dried marjoram, so it may be preferable to use dry oregano instead.

Oregano is significantly more strong than marjoram, both fresh and dried, with dried oregano being the most potent of the three. Because of the similarities between marjoram and oregano, some chefs believe marjoram to be a milder version of oregano.

In the process of

When replacing fresh oregano for marjoram, use about half the amount of marjoram specified in the recipe. When using dried oregano, use one-third the quantity of dry marjoram.


Thyme, like marjoram, is a herb that is widely used in European cooking, especially in the Mediterranean region. Thyme, like marjoram and oregano, is a mint family member that may be used fresh or dried in recipes. Thyme is almost as flexible as marjoram, and it has a similar mild taste that complements both meat and vegetable-based meals.

Thyme comes in over a hundred distinct varieties. When substituting thyme for dried marjoram, use varieties from France and England. In your recipe, you may swap thyme with dried marjoram in the same quantity; this is a 1:1 substitution ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is marjoram the same as savory?

Marjoram is a close cousin of oregano, with a taste that is a cross between thyme and basil. It has a nice, herbaceous taste that is much milder in flavor than summer savory. Marjoram, on the other hand, does not withstand long boiling times like summer savory.

What are the benefits of marjoram?

Marjoram is a plant that has been utilized for its medicinal properties in a variety of traditional and folk remedies. Marjoram-derived compounds, for example, have been shown to be anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant. Marjoram has also been proved to be beneficial to the hormonal health of women.

What foods go with marjoram?

Marjoram has a delicate, somewhat sweet taste that complements a wide range of cuisines. It goes well with meat, particularly beef, lamb, chicken, veal, and swine, as well as vegetables, lentils, and seafood dishes.


Marjoram is a delicate, spicy, piney-tasting shrub that is popular in spice mixes and for the natural tastes it adds to dishes. Marjoram is very potent in dried form, giving layers of flavor to a wide range of dishes.

If you don’t have dried marjoram on hand but still want to use its fragrant, earthy, and woody taste in your dishes, use one of the substitutes recommended in this article. They will effectively imitate its benefits, and you will discover new ways to enjoy your favorite meals.


What spice is marjoram like?

Marjoram is a delicate mint family plant with a sweet and somewhat bitter taste. What is the flavor of marjoram? Marjoram has a sweet, herbaceous, piney, and earthy flavor. It is sometimes confused with oregano, although it is not the same and lacks the spicer overtones.

What spice is close in taste to marjoram?

Oregano. The flavors, sizes, and textures of oregano and marjoram are remarkably similar, making it the simplest substitution. Use it in the same manner, with the exception of maybe adding somewhat less – oregano has a stronger flavor.

What herb is the same as marjoram?

hybrids. Origanum majorana is the common name for marjoram. Marjoram leaves are more gray green in color than oregano leaves, and they are often smaller. Origanum vulgare is the common name for oregano.Oregano and marjoram are members of the same genus, Origanum, but are of distinct species.

Can you substitute thyme for marjoram?

Marjoram. Marjoram is remarkably similar to oregano and, in turn, to thyme, making it a good 1:1 equivalent. It’s delicious both fresh and dried. It’s milder than oregano, and the two are often used interchangeably.

Does marjoram and oregano taste the same?

Marjoram is a sweeter and milder substitute to oregano. The most frequent type that grows wild in Mediterranean mountainous locations is Origanum vulgare. It lacks the depth of oregano flavor that most cuisines like. The authentic Greek oregano is Origanum vulgare hirtum.

What does marjoram do in a recipe?

Marinate meats and fish with fresh or dried marjoram, particularly veal, chicken, lamb, tilapia, and snapper. It also livens up sautéed or roasted vegetables like eggplant and summer squash.

What is a substitute for marjoram in split pea soup?

Oregano is a close equivalent for marjoram. Oregano may be used in instead of marjoram in a variety of soups, stews, and salads. Most importantly, you may use marjoram instead of oregano in this vegan split pea soup, where marjoram and oregano are perfectly interchangeable.

Does marjoram taste like sage?

1. Oregano. Marjoram, a mint family member, has a woodsy, lemony, and flowery scent that is similar to sage’s. Though it has a similar taste to the herb, marjoram is milder and loses its power when cooked for a lengthy amount of time.

How much oregano to substitute for marjoram?

Because marjoram is milder in flavor, it is an excellent substitute for oregano in any dish. It will not significantly alter the taste of the meal or dominate any other flavors. Use a simple 1:1 substitution of marjoram for oregano, aiming for the same fresh or dried type specified in the recipe.

Which is stronger marjoram or oregano?


Oregano has the strongest flavor of the two, having a distinct peppery flavor.

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