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Dairy-Free Substitute for Half and Half

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If you’re like most people, a little half and half in your coffee tastes better. Why not include some half-and-half in your spaghetti and mashed potatoes? However, if you are vegan, lactose intolerant, or dislike dairy items, you may skip buying half and half.

What if you come upon a recipe that asks for half and half? You may wish to avoid cooking completely, but what if there were dairy-free alternatives to half and half? Yes, you may enjoy that creamy, rich texture while adhering to your ovo-vegetarian diet.

What are Half and Half?

Dairy-Free Substitute for Half and Half

William A. Boutwell developed the first half and half cream in Lake Worth Beach, Florida, by combining equal parts whole milk and light cream.

In the United States, half and half must contain between 10.5 and 18 percent milkfat, which is more than milk but less than cream. Because of the lower fat content, it cannot be whipped like cream.

Half and half has a creamy texture and is almost the same color as milk, with the exception of a little yellowish tint. Because it has no sugar or taste, it cannot be consumed on its own.

Uses of Half and Half in Recipes

Half and half has become an important coffee component, providing the ideal mix of rich creamy coffee and thin watery coffee. Apart from coffee, it is often used in various meals.

The creamy texture complements the butter to provide a layer of richness to conventional mashed potatoes; it may also be used in recipes that call for milk or cream. Its consistency may also be useful in scrambled eggs or pasta sauces when a thin consistency is desired. Here are some recipes that use half and half;

  • Broccoli and cheddar mini frittatas
  • Panna Cotta
  • Chocolate ice cream
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Soft scrambled eggs with toast
  • Garlic cream sauce
  • Glazed funfetti muffins
  • Chicken and dumplings
  • Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Soup
  • Creamy pasta
  • Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup
  • Coconut cream pie
  • Overnight Crme Brulee French Toast
  • Chicken lazone
  • Creamy cup of coffee

Dairy-Free Substitute for Half and Half

Half and half is not something you should drink if you are attempting to avoid dairy items. It is a dairy product prepared by combining whole milk with light cream. That being said, if you come across a dish you want to try but can’t because it contains half and half, or if you want a non-dairy creamer for your potatoes. So there are some non-dairy options to get familiar with. So I’ve compiled a list of nondairy alternatives to half and half in your recipes.

Coconut Milk + Coconut Cream

The combination of coconut milk and cream works well as a dairy-free alternative for half and half. Assume you are allergic to milk or lactose intolerant. In such scenario, this combination is a great substitute for half and half. It not only makes your food healthier, but it also provides that wonderful coconut taste. It may also be added to soups and stews.

Coconut milk is completely composed of coconuts, which have been shredded and pureed. It is also high in beneficial fats, which help lower cholesterol and keep the heart healthy. However, if you are attempting to lose weight, you should consume this coconut half and half in moderation.

This coconut half and half may be used to make coffee, soup, stew, and even pasta. Where the recipe asks for half and half, you may use an equal quantity.

Soy Milk + Skimmed Coconut Milk

This mixture may be used to produce a flavorful dairy-free alternative for traditional half and half. The soy milk imparts a slight beany taste that is enhanced by the coconut flavor, giving your meal a distinct flavor. Refrigerate the coconut milk until the cream and milk separate. Scoop out the cream and combine it with the soy milk.

You may also use raw coconut milk for this, which can be used in a variety of dishes and should be equally replaced.

Oat Milk

Oat milk is another option you may not be aware with. It is high in protein and includes a variety of other nutrients, and it is composed entirely of oats and water, making it dairy-free. It can easily substitute half and half in many recipes, and if you want a thicker consistency, heat it since it thickens with heat.

In any recipe, use a 1:1 substitution of Half and Half with oat milk.

Non-Dairy Half and Half

The production of dairy-free alternatives to all dairy foods is becoming unavoidable. Lactose intolerant persons may now enjoy that creamy half and half without being concerned. It has the same texture and taste of half and half, but without the dairy.

Ripple, Silk, and Forager, to name a few, are dairy-free alternatives to half & half. When replacing, use the same amount specified in the recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you use rice milk in place of half and a half?

If you don’t have oat or soy milk, rice milk will suffice. To make it thicker, combine rice milk and coconut cream. People who are allergic to soy milk should drink rice milk instead.

Is half and half the same as whipping cream?

Although half and half may be used in place of whipping cream in certain recipes, the consistency varies, with whipped cream being heavier and thicker.

Are half and half bad for you?

No, you cannot have half and half. It is less sugary and healthier than coffee creamer, and it is also a wonderful source of healthy fats.


If you are lactose intolerant, vegan, or have run out of half and half, there are several dairy-free half and half replacements that will not change the texture or creaminess of your cuisine. These options are widely available at grocery shops, so stock up the next time you go shopping.


Is there a dairy-free half and half?

At the grocery store, you can get nondairy half & half prepared with plant-based components such as almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, soy milk, and even pea protein. Califia Farms Unsweetened Better Half is my recommendation.

Which non-dairy creamer is closest to half and half?

The Best Oat Milk Creamer is Nutpods. Nutpods provides a cinnamon-swirl oat milk creamer as a velvety-smooth nondairy half and half alternative, replicating the richness and smoothness of the well-known half and half. This unsweetened, vegan, gluten-free, and plant-based oat creamer is a dream come true.

What is the best milk alternative for half and half?

To create a seamless substitute, use 3 cups of heavy cream. Evaporated milk is another acceptable substitute for half-and-half.3 cup low-fat milk and 1 cup skim milk may be used to produce half-and-half. Instead of equal parts milk and cream, use two

Can I substitute almond milk for half and half?

Although you may replace almond milk for half and half, using it in a culinary dish may result in some quality difficulties.

Is there plant-based half and half?

Finally, a plant-based half-and-half that does not disappoint. Ripple Half & Half is perfect for cooking or making your coffee creamy. You may now eat delicious entrees, exquisite soups, and decadent desserts without worrying about saturated fat or cholesterol.

What can you substitute for heavy cream non dairy?

Coconut cream, soy milk, olive oil cream, vegan soy heavy cream, non-dairy milk with cornstarch, and vegan cashew cream are some of the finest replacements.

What is a good non dairy substitute for coffee creamer?

Let’s look at the top dairy creamer replacements to see which ones are best for coffee.
Milk made from almonds. Almond milk is the most popular nut milk to use in coffee.
Milk made from oats. Your vision is not misleading you.
Milk made from soy.
Cacao Milk.
Coconut cream.
Milk made from hemp.
Milk made from peas.
Milk made from rice.

Are coffee Mate creamers dairy-free?

With our Coffee Mate, you can perfect your cup. Original creamer that is thrice churned and twice as rich as milk. This lactose-free, cholesterol-free, and gluten-free coffee creamer contains no dairy. This rich and silky creamer has a lovely velvety flavor.

How to make coffee creamy without dairy?

Healthy Coffee Creamer Ingredients and Substitutions
Full-fat coconut cream yields a creamier finish than coconut milk.
Milk made from almonds.
Maple syrup or honey may be substituted for any or all of the coconut sugar.
Vanilla beans: I’m a sucker for vanilla beans.

What can I use instead of half and half or heavy cream?

The Most Effective Heavy Cream Substitutes
Butter with half-and-half. The greatest all-purpose heavy cream alternative is a mixture of half-and-half and butter.
Milk and Butter.
Milk that has been evaporated.
Cream of coconut.
The cream cheese.
Milk with Greek yogurt.
Olive oil with soy milk.

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