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Crushed Tomatoes may be substituted.

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You can make practically anything in the kitchen with a can of crushed tomatoes. Crushed tomatoes offer depth, dimension, and presence to so many dishes that we can’t fathom without using them. Yet such occasions do arise, and we find ourselves in desperate need of a replacement. Sometimes our curiosity leads us to attempt something new by substituting items from the recipe.

All tomato products, by default, should properly replace crushed tomatoes. Tomato puree, sauce, paste, and even sliced tomatoes are all options. But it’s not that easy since crushed tomatoes are specifically processed, which gives them a distinct texture and flavor. Nonetheless, you may make a quick substitute for crushed that will work just as well in any recipe. If they seem like too much effort, there are various replacements you may use in dishes like chili and even pizza.

What are Crushed Tomatoes?

Of course, the term indicates that crushed tomatoes are fresh, squished tomatoes. Yet it’s much more than that, since several aspects distinguish crushed tomatoes. For starters, it’s cooked using Roma tomatoes, which are known for their juiciness. The tomatoes are peeled first, and the seeds are removed. They are then crushed (you got it), boiled briefly, and combined with tomato puree. The last component adds richness to the composition and balances the coarseness with its silky texture. The crushed tomato mixture may also be seasoned with salt.

Crushed Tomatoes in Recipes

Crushed tomatoes are an enticing addition to a variety of recipes because they are a great balance of silky puree and coarsely squished tomatoes. They may be used in both cooked and raw foods, as well as in dips and spicy toppings. They complement meat, fish, veggies, and even eggs. Moreover, with the exception of recipes that expressly ask for sliced tomatoes, theyre an excellent addition to tomato-based dishes. Here are a few examples of fascinating dishes that benefit from the presence of crushed tomatoes:

  • Soups
  • Tomato tart
  • Stews
  • Toast with beans
  • Lasagne
  • Fagioli
  • Casserole
  • Chili
  • Meatballs
  • Pasta
  • Cassoulet
  • Sauces
  • Dishes with seafood
  • Shakshuka
  • Chicken in butter
  • Pizza
  • Bolognese of chicken
  • Parmesan
  • Parmigiana di chicken
  • Marinades
  • Ravioli
  • Braises
  • Marsala

Crushed Tomatoes Substitutes

It is common to run out of ingredients at inconvenient times, as might happen with crushed tomato cans. Nevertheless, before you give up on that red tomato sauce recipe, consider these amazing replacements. In your recipe, each will work nearly as well as crushed tomatoes. The greatest thing is that you may easily locate them in your kitchen and may not need to go to the grocery shop at all.

Homemade Crushed Tomatoes

Crushed tomatoes, as previously stated, are produced from fresh Roma tomatoes that have been peeled and seeded. Therefore, if you have any of them lying around, why not create some for yourself? San Marzano tomatoes are also excellent, but you may use whichever tomatoes you have on hand. You may also use whole peeled tomatoes straight from the can if you have them on hand.

Whatever you select, dice into smaller pieces and then squash. You may do this with a tiny mortar or directly in the saucepan with a potato masher. You may also use a blender, but don’t make it too smooth or it will turn into a sauce. Set the burner to medium heat and bring the tomatoes to a boil once they have been smashed. Sauté until the tomatoes have softened somewhat, about 5 minutes. After allowing the saucepan to cool, bring a clean jar and fill it with your handmade crushed tomatoes to preserve for later use.

Several homemade crushed tomato recipes include adding a pinch of salt to the mixture before storing. The salt is supposed to extend the shelf life of crushed tomatoes. You can do this if you like, or you may leave it out entirely. When you add some tomato paste to the mixture, it has the consistency of the genuine thing.

Diced Tomatoes

If you have canned diced tomatoes on hand, you may substitute these for the crushed tomatoes in your recipe. Depending on the brand, dice tomatoes may be produced by boiling or roasting, and each method determines the flavor of the product. Yet, it is still a good alternative for crushed tomatoes in most recipes, though you will need to tweak it to match. You may accomplish this by pounding it in a mortar and pestle until coarsely crushed, or by blending it gently in a food processor. The addition of tomato paste to the mixture also helps to thicken it.

Pizza or Spaghetti Sauce

Crushed tomatoes are a delicious complement to salads and pasta. Thus, if you run out and need a fast substitute for them, try pizza or spaghetti sauce. These are tomato-based products that are normally pre-seasoned, so you have less to do there. Nonetheless, it would be beneficial if you took note of their level of experience and adjusted appropriately. You may also combine it with some tomato puree, particularly if you’re using it in a dish that calls for the thickness of crushed tomatoes. Pizza and spaghetti sauce are fast and easy replacements for lasagne, stews, beans on toast, marinades, meatballs, and even burrito toppings.

Tomato Sauce

Assume that the additional liquid tomato sauce substitutes for crushed tomatoes in your recipe. Tomato sauce is fluid and lacks the chunks you’d expect from crushed tomatoes, but it still works. After all, it’s prepared with fresh tomatoes, so the taste will be the same. If you want it to be closer to the consistency of crushed tomatoes, add more tomato paste to the mix and thoroughly mix it in. It’s not a perfect substitution, but it’s useful in stews, sauces, tacos, cassoulets, chili, and lasagna.

Tomato Paste

Tomato paste is often added to crushed tomatoes to thicken them. The existence of the paste may perhaps be attributed to the thickness of the crushed tomatoes. When Roma and San Marzano tomatoes are used to manufacture the paste, it works well as an alternative to crushed tomatoes. Moreover, as a solo alternative for crushed tomatoes, tomato paste is thicker and will provide more of that. Nevertheless, if you want a more balanced texture, use less of it in favor of crushed tomatoes. It also helps to thin down the paste with a little water before placing it in the dish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are ground tomatoes the same as crushed tomatoes?

Yes. Crushed tomatoes are sometimes known as ground tomatoes. Despite the name suggests a finer texture, the crushed tomatoes are more like a gritty purée with pieces mixed throughout.

What do crushed tomatoes look like?

The texture of crushed tomatoes is a cross between chunky and purée. It was pourable but thicker than typical tomato sauce, with chunks of tomato mixed in.

Can I freeze crushed tomatoes?

Yes, crushed tomatoes may be frozen, whether they are in an opened store-bought can or a handmade container. It may also withstand frigid temperatures for up to six months. Crushed tomatoes, on the other hand, must be consumed within a week after being stored in the refrigerator.


If you run out of crushed tomatoes, use one of these replacements instead. These are all tomato-based products, although some may additionally include spices. Yet, after you’ve learned how to use them in your cuisine, you’ll be pleased you knew there were alternatives to crushed tomatoes.


What can I use if I don’t have crushed tomatoes?

Make use of Tomato Paste

Since canned tomato paste is thicker than crushed tomatoes, you’ll need to add something to it to aid with the texture. If you have fresh tomatoes or chopped tomatoes on hand, add them to the paste and mix it all together.

Can I use diced tomatoes instead of crushed tomatoes?

Diced tomatoes may be used for crushed tomatoes, but the cooking time will need to be increased significantly to break down the chunks of tomato. You may alternatively process your diced tomatoes in a food processor with a touch of tomato paste to get a result similar to crushed tomatoes.

Can I use tomato sauce instead of crushed tomatoes in chili?

Is it feasible to use tomato sauce for crushed tomatoes in chili? That is feasible, but only if the substance is diluted. Tomato sauce has much too much sugar and salt, just like smashed tomatoes. We propose watering it down and thickening it again with tomato purée if you wish to thicken it.

Is there a difference between crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce?

Since tomato sauce is simmered for a longer period of time, the tomato taste becomes less fresh and more muted. Crushed tomatoes are lightly cooked, retaining their fresh taste from the vine. Since tomato sauce is simmered for a longer period of time, the tomato taste becomes less fresh and more muted.

How to make your own crushed tomatoes?

Boil in water until the peel comes away from the bottom of each tomato, approximately 1 minute. Let to chill in a dish of cold water. Peel and quarter the tomatoes, then pulse until smashed in a food processor. Tomatoes may be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months.

How much tomato paste equals crushed tomatoes?

2 tablespoons sugar. It will be runny when “raw,” but it will thicken as it cooks in a meal like Bolognese (it only takes 3 minutes to thicken). This yields 400 grams (14 oz), or one standard can of tomato. 1 1Mix 2 tablespoons flour and 1 12 cup water 4 tbsp tomato paste with 1 tbsp

How many tomatoes in a can of crushed tomatoes?

In a 28-ounce can, you’ll typically receive 10 to 12 plum tomatoes that have already been cooked and peeled.

Can I use canned peeled tomatoes instead of crushed?

Tomatoes, whole and peeled. If you have canned whole peeled tomatoes on hand, you will have crushed tomatoes fairly immediately. All you have to do is cut the tomatoes till they resemble crushed tomatoes in texture.

Is tomato puree crushed tomatoes?

Puree. Pureed tomatoes that are midway between crushed and paste in flavor—smoother, thicker, and more flavorful than crushed, but not quite as concentrated as paste.

Can I substitute tomatoes with tomato sauce?

How to Replace Tomato Paste with Canned Tomatoes. Tomato sauce or puree may be made from the thin tomato liquid in canned tomatoes (diced, crushed, or whole). Use 3 tablespoons canned juice for every 1 tablespoon of tomato paste called for in a recipe.

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