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Cornichons are pickled cucumbers prepared in the French way, which has lately gained popularity. Theyre a must-have in the kitchen. It’s around 1-2 inches long, with a crunchy texture and a deliciously acidic and sour taste. They are often eaten cold with a spread of bread, cheeses, salads, and meats, but they may also be chopped and used in recipes such as tartar sauce.


While pickled cucumbers in the French style have made a comeback in recent years, cornichon substitutes are still needed in the kitchen. If cornichons aren’t accessible in your region, or if your supply runs out, and you’re the sort that spends a lot of time in the kitchen but a lot less time shopping, this article is for you. It covers all of the required answers to some of your most important inquiries regarding discovering the greatest baby dill pickle replacements.

CornichonsNutrition Facts


What is Cornichons?


Cornichons are made from a kind of gherkin that is smaller than the shop variety. Despite their appearance, the gherkins used to manufacture cornichons are not actual cucumbers. They are plucked while they are quite young, around an inch or two long, and have a rough texture.


The gherkins are first brined in salt overnight to drain some of the liquid before being steeped in vinegar overnight. When the vinegar has been brought to a simmer and cooled, the gherkins and vinegar are sealed in jars with herbs and aromatics such as tarragon, cloves, bay leaves, thyme, and pearl onions.


With a similar curing technique that employs the same ingredients but does not need heating, gherkins yield a firmer, sharper cornichon. But, referring to them as a garnish or condiment fails to convey how important they are to a typical charcuterie presentation.


Cornichon Uses in Recipes


Chopped cornichons are used in a variety of dishes, such as beef stroganoff and steak tartare, as well as cold dishes such as egg salad and potato salad.


Cornichons are an important component of the charcuterie sauce and go nicely with pig dishes like grilled pork chops. It begins with chopped onion sautéed in butter or lard, then adds vinegar and demi-glace, reduces, and is completed with julienned cornichons.


You may also serve them on toothpicks as part of a traditional relish plate, which is a cross between a crudit platter and an antipasto plate. They also go great with deviled eggs.


Cornichons Substitutes


Pickled cucumbers in the French style have lately gained popularity. Theyre a must-have in the kitchen. Cornichon substitutes are still necessary in the kitchen if none are available.


Cornichons are around 1-2 inches long and have a delicious acidic and sour flavor as well as a crunchy texture. They are often eaten cold with a spread of bread, cheeses, salads, and meats, but they may also be chopped and used in recipes such as tartar sauce.


Understanding the best cornichon substitutes is vital if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen but a lot less time at the market.




Cucumbers can be handled in the same way as zucchinis can. Both zucchini and cornichon are part of the Cucurbitaceae family, however zucchini is thicker and less moist than cucumbers.



Whether you want something tangy, sour, or sweet to go with your cheese and crackers, there are a range of chutneys that will tickle your taste buds and be a suitable partner to both basic and rich dinners.

White Vinegar


If just the sharp zest is required in a meal, some white vinegar may be added for flavor. Keep in mind the various textures and alter the recipe to account for the extra liquid.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is there a difference between gherkins and cornichons?


The term “gherkin” comes from the early modern Dutch terms gurken or augurken, which indicate “little pickled cucumber.” Cornichons are acidic French pickles made with pickled gherkins and tarragon in vinegar. They’re often accompanied with pts and cold meats.


Are capers and cornichons the same thing?


Capers are used in a variety of traditional Mediterranean dishes to provide a salty, aromatic, somewhat pickled intensity. Cornichons, on the other hand, are little pickled gherkins that are usually served with tartare, pate, and other French delights.


Is a cornichon the same as a cucumber?


Cornichons are pickled cucumbers made from a small cucumber variety. Gherkins are smaller in size. They are typically served with smoked fish or pig and are very tasty.



For a tasty meal, try these cornichon replacements. They’re worth a try. They must be stored in the kitchen to guarantee that the taste is not lost if cornichons are unavailable. Having these alternatives on hand when cooking would be useful, since one would not want to sacrifice the quality of one’s dishes.


What is the difference between a caper and a cornichon?

Cornichons are pickled French gherkin cucumbers with a crisp and acidic taste. Organic Capers (the edible flower buds of the Capparis plant) may be found in Mediterranean nations. They are gathered by hand and stored in salt or brine.

Are cornichons just baby pickles?

Cornichons are created from small gherkin cucumbers that are one to two inches long and picked before they reach full maturity for a sour flavor. You can’t go wrong with them for a crisp, acidic bite to balance off cheese, pâté, or cured meats – everything with ham and Gruyère embraces cornichons with open arms.

What’s the difference between gherkin pickle and cornichon?

Gherkins and pickles may be sweet or savory in flavor. Gherkins are usually flavored with garlic and dill, although they may be sweet as well. Cornichons, or French gherkins, are scented with dill and may include other herbs and spices such as tarragon or pepper.

What’s the difference between gherkins and pickles?

What’s the difference between a gherkin and a pickle? The only distinction is where you reside. Gherkins are called pickles in America, despite the fact that a pickle is technically any pickled vegetable.

What types of pickles are cornichons?

Cornichons. The French equivalent for “gherkin” is “cornichon.” Some gherkins are sweet, but this popular kind is brined with tarragon for a distinctively salty taste. These little pickles are often served as a side dish or on charcuterie platters.

Is a cornichon a pickled cucumber?

French cornichons are small pickles with a rough exterior that are around the size of your pinky finger. The flavor is tangy, and the texture is crisp. These potent tiny cucumber relatives are ideal for appetizer platters with smoked pork and seafood, as well as deviled eggs or sandwiches.

What is another name for cornichon pickles?

The French call them cornichons, and they are marketed in the United States under the same name, while the English call them gherkins. These tasty small pickles are fantastic on an appetizer platter, in deviled eggs, or on sandwiches.

Do cornichons taste like dill pickles?

What Does It Taste Like? Cornichons have a tart and sweet taste with a saline flavor that is enhanced by the herbs and spices used in the pickling process. They’re crispy and snappy, but not as acidic as dill pickles.

What makes a pickle a cornichon?

Cornichons, or “gherkins” in French, are acidic pickles produced from small gherkin cucumbers.

Do cornichons taste like pickles?

Cornichons are often seasoned with spices and herbs such as pepper and dill. Onions, sugar, salt, and mustard seeds are among the other components. They have a tart and sweet flavor that is typically briny and less salty than dill pickles.

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