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Chili de Arbor Substitute

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Did you know that the Chile de Arbol is a three-inch-long spicy, thin chili? This brilliant red Chili de Arbol is also called as tree chili in Spanish. Other names for Chile de Arbol include birds beak chile. Some Mexican chefs refer to the Chile de Arbol as rats tail chile. The spicy chili has a heat index of more than 15000 Scoville units. Chili de Arbol is often used as a powder or dried chile. Its crimson tint enhances the appearance of the food.


What is Chile de Arbol?

Chile de Arbol is a common ingredient in Mexican cooking. These red chilies have the power to make you weep when you eat them. These very hot chilies are used in spicy sauces all around the globe. This Chili de Arbol is used in almost all Mexican salsa preparations. The Chile de Arbol is used in a variety of dishes in both European and Asian cuisines.

Chile de Arbol is mostly cultivated in various locations of Mexico. Mexico sells Chile de Arbol to many regions of the globe. Chefs in Mexico use Chili de Arbol powder in practically all of their recipes.

Initially, the Chile de Arbol is still green. Yet, when it ripens, the Chile de Arbol will become crimson. When contrasted to the green Chile de Arbol, the dried Chile de Arbol has a deep red hue with a rich flavor. Chile de Arbol is occasionally used to make chile wreaths.

If you order Chile de Arbol, you may store it in your kitchen for at least a year if carefully wrapped in cellophane bags. We warn you that eating the fresh, spicy Chili de Arbol with your own hand might be a terrible experience.

Best recipes that include Chile de Arbol

This hot Chili de Arbol is often used in Mexican curry preparations. To counteract the heat of the Chile de Arbol, you’ll need a lot of spice and fluids. A sprinkle of Chili de Arbol powder may be used to soups, stews, curry-based foods, and other cuisines.

Those who like tacos may add a little Chili de Arbol powder on top of the seasonings. The Chile de Arbol may be used to marinade a variety of meats, including chicken, pig, and beef. Chefs may sometimes add Chili de Arbol to fish.

Let’s know about the dishes which you can make with Chile de Arbol.

Chicken curry

This spicy chicken curry includes Chili de Arbol as well as other spices. Cardamom, pepper, cumin, ginger, and other spices are also used. Chefs add coconut milk and tomatoes to the dish to temper the heat of the Chili de Arbol.

Fish with cold walnut sauce

Ingredients like as walnuts, onions, and cheese are used in the dish. The dish’s main attraction is some freshly caught fish. It is roasted appropriately using the hot Chile de Arbol.

Chilli and peanut salsa

This peanut salsa has no oil. This salsa contains solely Chili de Arbol and Guajillo chilies.

Fish grilled with Chile de Arbol

The grilled fish complements the Chile de Arbol well.

Chile de Arbol substitutes

If you live outside of Mexico, you may not always have access to Chile de Arbol when cooking. As a result, you’ll have to replace alternative varieties of fiery chiles in your recipes for the Chile de Arbol.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper powder is widely accessible in supermarkets and on the internet. Cayenne pepper, like Chili de Arbol, is very spicy and fiery. This Cayenne pepper seems to be as red as Chili de Arbol. Home chefs may use this cayenne pepper powder in their regular meals if they like.


This fiery pepper is substantially milder than Chili de Arbol. It has a thick outer shell. The jalapenos have just a small hint of red. Jalapenos are available for purchase online. Unlike Chili de Arbol, jalapenos may be used everywhere. The heat of the jalapenos may be tolerated by both children and adults.


Paprika is somewhat fiery and has the same taste as Chile de Arbol. Paprika may be used in place of the Chile de Arbol. It is most often used in powdered form. Unlike the Chile de Arbol, the Paprika has a smokey taste.

Sweet bell peppers


Those seeking Chile de Arbol without the searing spice might go for sweet bell peppers. These fresh bell peppers are big and thick. The texture of sweet bell pepper differs somewhat from that of Chile de Arbol. Nonetheless, these bell peppers have the same taste and flavor as Chile de Arbol. Therefore you may use sweet bell peppers for the Mexican spicy chile.

Thai chilies

Thai Chilies are fairly fiery and will provide a terrific flavor to your cuisine. Thai chilies may be found in Asian nations. They are more readily available than Chile de Arbol. Thai Chilies may be found at any grocery shop.

Red pepper flakes

These red pepper flakes, believe it or not, are hotter than Chile de Arbol. Merely half a teaspoon of red pepper flake has the same amount of heat as a complete Chili de Arbol. You should absolutely include red pepper flakes in your recipes if you want some flaming spicy tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 What is similar to Chile de Arbol?

Paprika, chili flakes, cayenne pepper, serrano pepper, jalapenos, and other spices are comparable to Chile de Arbol. Despite the aromas and textures of these peppers differ greatly from those of Chile de Arbol, they provide consumers with a taste of fiery chiles.

 Is Chile de Arbol spicy?

Without a doubt, the Chili de Arbol is pretty fiery. These Chile de Arboles are bright red and extremely little. Yet, just one Chile de Arbol will enough to make a supper for the whole family. This Mexican spicy chili powder is often used to add heat and flavor to bland foods. Several spicy sauces now include Chili de Arbol flakes.

 How to use the Chile de Arbol?

Chile de Arbol is often used in meat and seafood marinades. You may also add some Chile de Arbol to your spaghetti and pizza. Chefs are already experimenting with Chile de Arbol in brownies and chocolate treats. Crushed Chili de Arbol flakes can enhance the flavor of any food.


Chile de Arbol can enhance the heat and flavor of your cuisine. Home chefs are increasingly using Chile de Arbol into their regular meals. We recommend that home cooks use gloves before handling the Chile de Arbol. When using this scorching hot chili, avoid touching your eyes. You may also utilize the previously stated Chile de Arbol replacements in your meals. Let us know if you enjoy these Chile de Arbol replacements in the comments.


Is chile de árbol the same as cayenne?

Chiles de árbol are milder than cayenne pepper (30,000-50,000 Scoville heat units), but much hotter than jalapeo peppers (2,500–8,000 SHU). They have a nutty, smokey taste that is improved by toasting.

Is chile de arbol the same as chile guajillo?

Chile de árbol is another variety of chili pepper often used in Mexican cuisine. It tastes similar to chile guajillo but has a little more heat. As a result, chile de árbol may be used in place of chile guajillo if desired.

Is crushed red pepper the same as chile de arbol?

Typically, crushed red pepper is manufactured from chile de arbol peppers. These peppers are tiny and blazing spicy, making them ideal for adding a rush of spice to recipes. Typically, the peppers are dried and then ground into a fine powder. This powder may be used to season and spice up a variety of foods.

What can I use instead of dried chile arbol?

Chili Pepper

Since chile de arbol is often used in dry and powdered forms, cayenne pepper powder is the most probable substitute. This spice, which is used to impart heat to dishes, is an excellent replacement for chile de arbol.

Which is hotter cayenne or arbol?

Scoville units for Chile de Arbol range from 15,000 to 65,000 SHU. Cayenne pepper has between 30,000 and 50,000 SHU. The Serrano Scoville units range from 8,000 to 22,000 SHU. Scoville units for jalapeno range from 2,500 to 8,000.

Is guajillo spicier than chile de árbol?

While both are members of the Capsicum Annuum plant family, the Guajillo Chile has a distinct taste profile (an acidic, smokier flavor) and is hotter at 2,500-5,000 SHU. The Japones pepper is commonly used in place of Chile de Arbol, while the latter may also be replaced.

Is Thai chili and chile de árbol the same thing?

Thai chilies are often three to four times hotter than chile de árbol (50,000 to 30,000 SHU). They may be little, but they carry a powerful punch. Before using, think about your recipe. Use just a quarter of the amount specified and adjust to taste.

Is chile de árbol a serrano pepper?

Chile de arbol peppers are comparable in size and form to serrano peppers. Both peppers are tiny, thin, and have pointy tips. The primary distinction between the two peppers is the amount of heat; serrano peppers are hotter than chile de árbol peppers.

What does dried chile de arbol taste like?

A dried chile de árbol has a smokey, nutty, and somewhat grassy taste. Again, roasting the peppers enhances all of these fundamental flavor sensations. Chiles de árbol are often used to add spice to dishes such as salsa.

What is chile de arbol called in english?

Chiles de Arbol is Spanish for “tree chili.” This pepper is also known as bird’s beak chilies or rat’s tail chilies.

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