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Can I use half & half instead of heavy cream?

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If you’re creating a dish that calls for heavy cream and discover a container of half and half in your refrigerator, you may wonder, “Can I substitute half and half for heavy cream?”

Can Whipping Cream Be Substituted f…

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Can Whipping Cream Be Used in Instead of Heavy Cream? Some Fascinating Things [2022]

You can, in fact, answer this question. Half and half is made up of half whole milk and half cream. Its texture is comparable to that of heavy cream, making it an excellent alternative in many recipes.

What is Heavy Cream?

Heavy cream is utilized in a variety of cuisines, including soups, sauces, and ice cream, and is therefore considered a fundamental component. It is also known as heavy whipping cream and is created from the high-fat component of fresh milk.

Heavy cream has a greater fat content than other types of cream, ranging from 36 to 40%.

Substitute half and half for heavy cream

Half and half

In recipes that call for heavy cream as a thickening, half and half may be substituted. Since it is half whole milk and half light cream, it may be used in place of heavy cream. You should use the same percentage of half and half as you would heavy cream.

Half and half, like heavy cream, may be whipped, but it must be ice cold since it contains less fat than heavy cream.

Half and a half with butter

3 times as much fat as heavy cream. By adding butter to half and half, the fat content doubles, making it a better substitute for heavy cream in most recipes. When blended with butter, half and half may be used in place of heavy cream in a variety of recipes. It is produced from whole milk and cream and includes around 1

In certain dishes, such as soups and sauces, half and half may be used to substitute heavy cream without the addition of butter.

When replacing half and half with heavy cream, combine 232 grams half and half and 29 grams melted butter.

Other Substitute for heavy cream

Milk and Butter

Heavy cream may be easily substituted by combining milk and butter. In recipes, this substitute will mimic the taste and richness of heavy cream. It will not, however, whip as well as heavy cream.


3 cups milk

1 cup (four cups) butter

Flour (optional) (optional)


Begin by collecting the materials. Following that, melt the butter in a skillet or in the oven. To help the butter melt quicker, chop it into smaller pieces. Since butter burns readily, do not keep it on fire until it has completely melted.

To avoid curdling, cool the melted butter before carefully pouring it into the milk while stirring. To thicken the mixture if using low-fat milk, add 1 tablespoon flour. Your heavy cream replacement is now ready.

Greek yogurt and milk

If you don’t require a heavy cream replacement that whips, this is a good option. To make this dish, just combine equal amounts Greek yogurt and milk. The outcome will give your dish the creaminess and thickness of heavy cream without adding a lot of fat. If you don’t have Greek yogurt, you may use sour cream for the similar effect.

Greek yogurt has more protein than heavy cream and is thicker, but adding milk thins it down and gives it a thickness comparable to heavy cream. This substitution thickens soups and sauces. It should not, however, be used for meals that need whipping.


1 cup plain Greek yogurt (2 cups)

1 cup of milk


Place the Greek yogurt into a mixing dish and gradually whisk in the milk.

Evaporated milk

In certain recipes, evaporated milk may be used in place of heavy cream. It has around 60% less water than ordinary milk, making it thicker and creamier. It is also a low-calorie substitute for heavy cream.

When cooking recipes that call for heavy cream as a liquid component, such as baked goods, using evaporated milk as a replacement is recommended. Evaporated milk should not be used in recipes that demand thickness since it is not as thick as heavy cream and does not whip.

Use evaporated milk in the same amount as heavy cream for the greatest results. This recipe works well in baked goods, soups, and cream-based sauces, but it does not whip.

Milk and cornstarch


This substitution is appropriate for those searching for a low-fat, low-calorie alternative to heavy cream. The cornstarch in this recipe is used to thicken the milk and mimic the texture of heavy cream. To lower the fat level of this dish, you may use either full or skim milk. This alternative is simple to use and highly beneficial in cooking, although it may affect the texture of baked items and does not whip as well as heavy cream.


1 quart milk

1 teaspoon cornstarch


Stir two teaspoons cornstarch into one cup milk until it dissolves. Before using, allow the mixture to thicken. The end product will be a low-fat substitute with the consistency of heavy cream. It will, however, be flavorless and will not whip.

Coconut cream/coconut milk

Coconut cream is an outstanding vegan and dairy-free replacement for heavy cream. It has a creamy, thick consistency similar to heavy cream and lends a tropical flavor to dishes made with it. Coconut cream also whips as heavy cream does. Coconut cream can be purchased pre-made. It is also possible to make it at home with coconut milk.

All you need to do to produce coconut cream is refrigerate a can of full-fat coconut milk overnight. The cream will separate from the milk and rise to the top as a result. Open the top and pour the milk out of the can, and store for another dish. The cream left at the bottom can be scooped out and used in place of heavy cream.

This heavy cream alternative can give any dish a tropical, coconut taste. As a result, while using it in your recipes, you should keep this in mind during cooking. When substituting coconut cream for heavy cream, use the same quantity of coconut cream as heavy cream. Coconut cream may be used as a dessert topping or to create coconut ice cream.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What is the difference between half and a half and heavy cream?

Half and half is made up of equal parts milk and cream, while heavy cream is just cream. The difference is in the fat content. Whereas half and half has between 10% and 18% fat, heavy cream contains between 30% and 36%.

Can fat-free half and a half be used in place of heavy cream?

Absolutely, it is possible. When replacing heavy cream, fat-free half and half may be used in the same proportion as regular half and half.

Aside from half, are there other substitutes for heavy cream?

Some heavy cream replacements include milk and butter, soy milk and olive oil, milk and cornstarch, and so on.


We’ve reached the conclusion of this subject, and I hope I’ve satisfied your curiosity and answered your query.

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