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Button Mushroom Substitute

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Don’t worry if you want to make a wonderful and nutritious mushroom meal but don’t have time to go out and get a button mushroom. There are other excellent alternatives that will perform just as well. Try Cremini, often known as Baby Bellas, mushrooms. They grow in clusters and have crisp white gills as well as thicker stems than button mushrooms. While Cremini mushrooms are endemic to Europe and North America, they were found as Baby Bellas in Italy.


Butter Mushroom Nutrition Fact

Button Mushroom Substitute

What is Button Mushroom?

Button Mushroom Substitute

One of the most popular mushrooms is the button mushroom. The mushroom is a little white mushroom with a slender stem and a circular crown. Button mushrooms are soft and firm, and may be eaten raw or cooked.

These mushrooms are cultivated in controlled settings and are accessible all year. The most common button mushroom variation is the White Button, which belongs to the Agaricus family. Button mushrooms have a moderate taste and scent that is akin to a combination of citrus, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Their most typical use is in salads, although they may also be found in soups, pasta dishes, and stir-fries.

Tips for Cooking Button Mushrooms

One of the reasons I like white buttons is how easy they are to make. They have a robust taste and are easier to cook with than certain wild mushrooms. Put them through their paces!

When shopping for mushrooms, aim for fresh specimens with sealed caps and minimal bruising or sliminess.

Clean Because too much time in water might cause the mushrooms to get mushy, just rinse them or wipe them clean with a moist towel. Make sure they’re burnt before frying to make them crispier.

Storage Agaricus bisporus may be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week, which is longer than many other mushrooms. For storage, paper bags are better than plastic bags, and if you take the effort to wrap them in paper, they will last much longer!

Cook They may be used in almost any dish. As desired, use them in soups, stews, and stir-fries. Season meat, fish, poultry, or pizza with them. Grill the veggies on skewers after marinating them. By cutting them, you may make mushroom duxelles. Your creativity is the only limit!

The easiest method to cook them, though, is in a simple saut. You can make amazing tiny flavor bombs out of them by cutting them up and sautéing them in a high-smoke-point oil.

Substitute for Button Mushrooms

1. Cremini mushrooms are an excellent substitute for button mushrooms

The Cremini mushroom is an excellent alternative if you are in a hurry or just want to test a mushroom replacement. It’s a versatile mushroom that works well in soups, stews, and even burgers. While many items may be used in place of Cremini mushrooms, white button mushrooms are one of the finest. Both mushrooms are members of the same family, have a similar savory taste, and may be used in most dishes.

While cremini mushrooms are endemic to the grasslands of Europe and North America, they are not widely available. A button mushroom comes in helpful here. Buttons are often less expensive and a tasty replacement for mushrooms. Buttons are also high in protein, phosphorus, and B vitamins. In addition, button mushrooms may be used in salads, hummus, and sauces.

2. Shiitake Mushrooms

If you’re seeking for a mushroom alternative for button mushrooms, you’ve undoubtedly heard of shiitakes. These mushrooms resemble button mushrooms but have a stronger taste and texture. Shiitakes are also more easily accessible in dried form than fresh, making them an ideal option in a variety of scenarios. Furthermore, these mushrooms are much more common than button mushrooms. Here are some suggestions for using shiitake mushrooms instead of button mushrooms:

Shiitake mushrooms have a chewier and more toothsome texture than regular button mushrooms. They may be used in lieu of button mushrooms and offer a wonderful earthy taste to your recipes. These mushrooms may be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks. However, before using them, store them in a brown paper bag to protect them from drying out. Shiitake mushrooms may also be frozen to enjoy their taste for many weeks.

3. Oyster Mushrooms

The white button mushroom is a popular substitute for oyster mushrooms. This mushroom is also known as olive oysterling. It has a meaty taste with a short stipe and olivaceous cap. It goes well with sautéed foods and purees and has a taste and texture comparable to oyster mushrooms. This replacement is available both fresh and dried and is popular among chefs.

Oyster mushrooms are available in season and may be bought online. They do not need rigorous cleaning since they grow on wood. However, blanching or sautéing the mushrooms before freezing them improves their taste. Simply snip off the hard stem from the middle of the oyster mushroom, and the remainder of the mushroom will fall off naturally. The mushroom may then be sautéed or stir-fried to bring out its full taste.

4. Pinto Beans

Pinto beans are a button mushroom alternative that is used in a variety of cuisines. This legume has a lot of protein and fiber. You may boil them completely or serve them raw, but be sure to thoroughly clean them before using them in dishes. They have a unique taste that complements curries and sauces nicely. To make them taste like mushrooms, add some more components to your recipe, such as onion and garlic.

Dried mushrooms are also an excellent choice since they are less costly but have the same taste. To acquire the same taste as mushrooms, use half the amount in a dish. Experiment with various alternatives, since they may alter the taste of a meal. Always taste your dish as you go to adapt the recipe. Try another mushroom if you don’t like the taste of one.

5. Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes are a good alternative to button mushrooms if you want to eat something nutritious. Before being packed, these tomatoes are sun-dried and treated with sulfur dioxide. While they lose a lot of water, the powerful taste is worth the time, effort, and money. Furthermore, they are high in lycopene, a potent antioxidant. Sun-dried tomatoes, in addition to giving a meaty, earthy taste, may also protect your skin from UV radiation.

Sun-dried tomatoes are an excellent substitute for regular mushrooms in many Italian meals. Their taste is comparable to mushrooms, but with a stronger tomato flavor. Sun-dried tomatoes, like mushrooms, are simple to prepare and retain their texture. They’re also excellent for long-simmering recipes, because to their deep taste. They also go well with chicken, turkey, and fowl.

6. Portobello Mushrooms

Both mushrooms are edible, but portobello mushrooms have a stronger taste. They have increased amounts of riboflavin and niacin, two B vitamins that aid in the breakdown of carbohydrates and amino acids as well as the production of hemoglobin, insulin, and antibodies. Portobello mushrooms have a more delicate flavor than button mushrooms, and when cooked, the flavor may become more powerful.

Portobello mushrooms have a more unique taste than white button mushrooms. They are more tasty and more pricey than button mushrooms. Buttons are available in the same variety as portobello mushrooms in stores, although they are more costly. When shopping for portobello mushrooms, be sure you do it in the summer. They are also accessible in the winter due to their bigger size.

Some Famous Button Mushroom Recipies

Pancit Canton

By nature, pancit is a fast and simple noodle meal, and Melissa Miranda, chef-owner of Musang in Seattle, adapts it to whatever she has in the fridge. Miranda says that this is a refrigerated pancit. Carrots, celery, and any veggies you choose are always on hand. We’ve been trained to think that it must be cabbage, carrots, and other vegetables. But why not use yellow squash if you have any on hand? Why not add some peas if you have them? Mushroom broth is practically immediate yet considerably superior than any other vegetable-based soup.

Carbonara with Mushrooms

Mushrooms replace the customary cured pork in this vegetarian carbonara recipe, but don’t worry–the dish still has lots of flavor! A deep browning and the addition of garlic and shallots lift the humble button mushroom to new heights.

Stir-Fried Tofu and Mushrooms

If you have time, press the whole block of tofu for 15 minutes between two layers of paper towels and a couple of big cans before cooking this stir-fry. Taking off the excess water while the tofu cooks helps it become extra crispy.

Pot Pies with Mushrooms and Thyme

Brushing the bottom of the dough with egg wash produces an airtight seal for this pot pie recipe, enabling steam to force the pastry lids into a dramatic dome during baking.

Mushroom Broth with Black Barley

Soak grains immediately after buying them. They will cook quicker and more evenly once soaked, and the soaking liquid may be utilized in completed meals.

Sandwich with Browned Mushrooms and Grilled Cheese

For speed and convenience, nothing surpasses a great grilled cheese. The caramelized mushrooms provide a rich taste to this grilled cheese.

Stuffed Mushrooms with Cheese and Walnuts on Toast

For a food styling lesson, I altered this dish from a cookbook. The assignment was to mimic the look and feel of a dish from a magazine or cookbook. This dish is adapted from Gordon Ramsay’s book Healthy Appetite.

What Else can I Use in Place of Button Mushrooms?

When seeking for a button mushroom alternative, take in mind that cremini and portobello mushrooms are the same species. Cremini and portobello mushrooms are simply harvested at a later stage of maturation than button mushrooms; cremini mushrooms are comparable in size to buttons but are brown in color, and portobellos are bigger and have a richer texture. Each has a slightly different taste than button mushrooms, but they both work as a replacement.

Shiitake mushrooms may also be used in place of button mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms have a stronger taste and are chewier than button mushrooms, but they can definitely stand in for them.

Are White Mushrooms and Button Mushrooms the Same Thing?

They are both the same sort of mushroom. They’re all Agaricus bisporus, simply at various phases of growth: children are white button mushrooms, teens are brown cremini mushrooms, and adults are brown portobellos that are considerably bigger versions of their younger selves.

Is it Possible to Eat Button Mushrooms?

Button mushrooms are wonderful whether raw or cooked. At the market, look for mushrooms with smooth tops and no squishy patches. While many chefs assume that washing mushrooms causes them to absorb too much water, a brief rinse is OK as long as the mushrooms are promptly patted dry and not allowed to soak in water.


When it comes to mushrooms, not all of them taste or look same. If you’re searching for a button mushroom alternative, you can’t go wrong with the list we’ve compiled.

These mushrooms are all members of the Agaricus bisporus mushroom family, although they are at various stages of maturation.

They have a unique look and taste, which you will note in the next recipe that asks for button mushrooms.


Is shiitake and button mushroom the same?

Shiitake mushrooms are comparable in size to button mushrooms and have white or creamy stems, but their caps are tan or brown. Shiitake mushrooms have brown tops that cover white gills, while button mushrooms have white caps that cover brown gills.

What’s the difference between white cup mushroom and button?

You may be shocked to hear that white mushrooms, also known as buttons, cups, and flats, are all the same fungus at various stages of development. When a Swiss brown mushroom is allowed to develop, it transforms into a portobello mushroom.

What is the common name for button mushroom?

Agaricales: Agaricaceae, button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus.

Is canned button mushroom real mushroom?

Canned mushrooms are made by slicing fresh mushrooms and putting the pieces in brine. The cans are then sealed and put through a pressure canning process. Canned mushrooms are modest in size yet powerful in terms of health benefits. They are high in various vitamins and minerals.

Is button mushroom same as portobello?

THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME KIND OF MUSHROOM. They are all Agaricus bisporus, simply at various stages of development: children are white button mushrooms, teens are brown cremini mushrooms, and adults are brown and considerably bigger versions of their younger selves.

What mushroom is best for pasta?

What are the finest mushrooms for spaghetti?
White button: If it’s not mushroom season, button mushrooms are an excellent option.
Cremini mushrooms, commonly known as baby bella mushrooms, resemble white button mushrooms in color.

Which is better oyster or button mushroom?

They taste better than the button kind, have a high protein content (approximately 10% to 30% of dry weight), and are abundant in vitamins, minerals, and vital amino acids (such lysine and tryptophan) – all of which are reasons to try growing them at yourself.

Is Oyster & button mushroom the same?

Oyster mushrooms are more costly than white button mushrooms but less expensive than rarer mushrooms such as morels, and they need minimal preparation since they may be eaten whole or diced. They’re even utilized to build mycelium furniture and a variety of other items.

What is a button or cup mushroom?

Buttons are little, unopened mushrooms that sell for a premium price. Cups are button mushrooms that have developed to the point that the cap is opening and some gills may be seen. These mushrooms have a richer, more mature flavor.

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