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5 Delicious Mayo Substitutes for Egg Salad

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Although we love the taste of thick, creamy egg salad (prepared with full-fat mayonnaise) exactly like Grandma’s recipe, there are occasions when a few changes are required. One dish of egg salad has 200-300 calories, and replacing it with low-fat mayo saves 50-100. You don’t have to compromise taste or silkiness if you want a lighter version of this traditional Southern meal, or if you’re one of the rare individuals who can’t take mayonnaise.

Despite the fact that it is a basic and unassuming meal, egg salad is easy to go wrong. Proportions are important, which means using mayonnaise sparingly. Nobody wants sloppy, gloopy egg salad that drips all over the toast. Some folks, whether they claim to be fussy eaters or not, do not want any mayonnaise at all, hence egg salad without mayonnaise exists.

I use the Best Foods jar on a daily basis and can’t imagine changing it up except as an experiment.I can appreciate it even if I don’t comprehend it. Even though many like mayo to an alarming degree, others find egg salad to be overpowering (possibly because I adore mayo so much and constantly convince myself that a little extra can’t hurtpatently wrong). Mixing chopped eggs with other eggs may seem unusual at times, but that is essentially what mayonnaise is. Nonetheless, we reach for the Hellmans.

Here are Five Mayonnaise Alternatives in Egg Salad

5 Delicious Mayo Substitutes for Egg Salad

1. Greek Yogurt

Most health food bloggers advocate Greek yogurt as the first option for mayonnaise or sour cream for good reason. Greek yogurt offers various benefits, including replacing bad fats with good fats and keeping you satiated for longer. However, unlike mayo, greek yogurt contains a tang that will influence the taste of your egg salad. If you don’t want to do the complete 1-1 change, create your egg salad with half mayonnaise and half Greek yogurt. If you wish to use the full container of Greek yogurt, season it with salt and pepper and season your egg salad with a little extra mustard. Adjust the taste with little quantities of Greek yogurt. If you’re planning to take your salad to go, make sure you have a cooler handy.

2. Cheese Ricotta

Have you ever considered using ricotta in your egg salad? This light and fluffy cheese may become your new favorite. Because it is formed from leftover whey from other cheeses, ricotta cheese is softer than others. While it may not be thick enough to totally replace mayo in your recipe, you could liven up your egg salad by combining half mayonnaise and half ricotta or half Greek yogurt and half ricotta with a few seasonings. Some home chefs use cottage cheese instead of ricotta to minimize fat since it has less calories and creates a comparable effect. To prevent mistakenly skipping over your chosen texture, add the cheese in spoonfuls.

3. Avocado

Although avocado is not my favored replacement, a few folks swear by the recipe. Avocados are strong in healthy fats, so you don’t need mayonnaise to make a creamy egg salad. Yes, it will make your egg salad green, but if you’re serving tea sandwiches to experimental diners, avocado and fresh herbs are a sophisticated way to spice them up. For added flavor, add a full mashed avocado for every six cooked eggs, and season with Dijon mustard, fresh chives or dill, and cracked black pepper. If your egg salad needs additional liquid, add a squeeze of lemon juice or a drizzle of olive oil.

4. Hummus

Who’d have guessed? If you like hummus, you’ll adore this easy mayonnaise substitute. Chickpeas, tahini (ground sesame paste), lemon juice, olive oil, and garlic are popular ingredients in hummus. It’s a thicker binding ingredient that makes your egg salad hearty and spreadable while also adding a lot of flavor. To balance the texture, add another teaspoon of tahini or a drizzle of olive oil if the hummus is too thick or dry. Dip your egg salad in red peppers, crackers, carrots, celery, or baguette pieces.

5. Vinaigrette

If you want to turn the tables on egg salad, Martha Stewart suggests substituting your favorite vinaigrette for the binding agent. Of course, you may prepare your own using gentler oils like avocado, walnut, or hazelnut, then cutting the oil with acidities like red wine vinegar or lemon juice. To make your egg salad tasty, add spices, garlic, and fresh herbs, and mix in mustard. This egg salad will not cling together well, so use it to top a green salad or to create crostini.

How Long Should I Boil My Eggs?

It might be tough to time hard-boiled eggs, but we can help. We suggest steaming the eggs rather than boiling them, and we have a useful chart to help you (and us!) avoid the disaster of overcooked yolks.

What are Some Recipes for Mayonnaise-Free Egg Salad?

1. Mayonnaise-Free Egg Salad

Instead of the typical suspects, this refined version mashes the eggs with rich, soft, caramelized onions and garlic to replace the mayo. Learn how to make Egg Salad Without Mayo.

2. Hummus and Tahini Egg Salad

Hummus and tahini lend a milder creaminess and more protein to the eggs, while red onions and chives add a sharp punch. Learn how to make Hummus and Tahini Egg Salad.

3. Greek Yogurt Egg Salad

Another healthier alternative of the standard mayo-laden egg salad, this one adds Greek yogurt for the creamy component. If dill and celery aren’t your thing, try different ingredients.

4. Ricotta Egg Salad

This time, Greek yogurt is blended with airy ricotta, Dijon for zing, and a dab of sweet and crunchy red bell pepper.

What is the Shelf Life of Eggs? Also, Included is a Simple Hack for Testing Freshness.

There are a dozen methods to store eggs correctly, and the answer to how long these protein-packed ovals survive isn’t as straightforward as you may assume.

The shelf life of eggs is controlled by whether they are refrigerated or not, as well as when they are refrigerated. Then there’s the option of freezing them or keeping them on the counter (which in certain situations is totally safe).

How Long will They be in Place?

Refrigerated eggs have an extended shelf life. For the optimum quality, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises keeping eggs in their original carton and utilizing them within three weeks.

Of course, the printed expiry or best by date may be used as a quality indication, but eggs aren’t a time bomb, and they may easily survive the written freshness date.

More food for thought: Every carton of eggs sold in the United States has a three-digit identifier that shows the packaging date.

The information on the box may vary somewhat depending on the brand, but everything is there.

How to Keep Them?

Refrigerating eggs at 40F (4C) or below is recommended by the FDA. It is advisable to keep them on an inside shelf rather than in the entryway. (An interior shelf maintains a stable temperature, however the door may not if you open and shut your fridge regularly.)

Also, instead of utilizing the fridge’s built-in egg caddy, keep eggs in their original cartons. Keeping them in this packaging will provide greater protection, prevent aromas from pungent meals from seeping, and even prevent moisture from escaping.

Will you not consume all of your eggs before they go bad? They may be stored in the freezer for up to a year. (In this perspective, having your eggs frozen takes on new significance.)

However, before placing eggs in the deep freeze, they must be prepared.

The American Egg Board suggests removing eggs from their shells before freezing them.

4 cup of yolks.1 teaspoon of sugar or corn syrup for every 18 teaspoons of salt 1In a mixing dish, whisk the eggs just until mixed (be careful not to beat in too much air). To keep the yolks from thickening too much in the freezer, add 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Fill freezer containers halfway with egg mixture, seal, label with the quantity of eggs and the date, and place in freezer. Similarly, you would defrost milk (that is, place it in the refrigerator overnight).

How to Determine Whether an Egg is Fresh?

Your eggs will stay fresh if you use suitable storage procedures. whether you purchase eggs from a local farmer and want to know whether they’re fresh or if there’s a rotten egg in the group, Steele has an easy test for you: She claims that a fresh egg will sink to the bottom of a glass of water.

Test it out! Place the egg in a glass of water. If it sinks, it’s fresh. It’s not as fresh if it sinks but just stands on one end of the glass, but it’s still tasty. If it floats to the top of the glass, toss it.

What can I Use Instead of Mayo in My Egg Salad?

Yogurt and avocado are the most popular mayo alternatives in egg salad, according to Google searches. If you don’t like dairy or the concept of a sour egg salad, the yogurt may not be for you. The avocado works, but it turns your egg salad green, which isn’t great in terms of presentation.

Can you Make Egg Salad Without Mayonnaise?

Avocado is a tasty and healthful addition to egg salad, and since it has a naturally creamy texture, it may be eaten without mayo! If you haven’t tried avocado egg salad yet, now is the moment.

Is it Possible to Put Worcestershire Sauce in Egg Salad?

In a dish, combine the hard-boiled eggs. In a mixing bowl, combine the mayonnaise, salt, Worcestershire sauce, and mustard. Worcestershire sauce is my secret ingredient (or, at least, my mother’s secret ingredient). It adds a delightful salty taste that’s perfect for egg salad!

How do you Make Sour Cream Egg Salad?

In a mixing dish, combine the sour cream, lemon juice, mustard, and chive. Season with salt and pepper to taste and fold in the diced eggs. Half of the bread pieces should be topped with spinach, and the other half with egg salad. Top with a piece of bread and microgreens and chive.

Are Eggs Nutritious?

When ingested in moderation, eggs are a high-quality protein that benefits your brain, liver, and eyes, and they are a vital element of a balanced diet.

How Should Egg Salad be Served?

Egg salad may be eaten as a low-carb meal in a bowl, on a sandwich, pita, or wrapped in lettuce. Stuffed avocados with egg salad are also excellent!

What’s the Deal with My Salty or Bland Egg Salad?

When you refrigerate egg salad, the flavors combine and become more delicate or bland. Season with salt if desired. Always use kosher salt when it comes to salt for the greatest taste!


As you can see, there are many of excellent mayonnaise replacements available, whether you’re short of mayonnaise or wanting to minimize calories.

Experiment with some of the following alternatives to add a mayo-free touch to your favorite dishes.


What is a good substitute for egg mayo?

Greek yogurt may also be used as a mayo alternative in tuna, chicken, egg, pasta, or potato salad. You may replace all of the mayo if you’re ready for a significant shift, or start with halfsies and work your way up. It may also be used as a mayonnaise alternative in baking.

What is a good substitute for mayo in deviled eggs?

If you don’t want to use mayo or yogurt, sour cream is an excellent alternative. I adore the tanginess it adds to the finished product! The consistency is also quite close to mayonnaise. For the same reasons, you should try French crème fraiche!

Can I use sour cream instead of mayo?

Sour cream may be used in place of mayonnaise.

Sour cream isn’t only for nachos and baked potatoes—it may also be used as a mayonnaise alternative! Sour cream has a similar texture and taste to mayonnaise and will provide a creamy feel to salads and slaws. (Please keep in mind that this is not an appropriate switch if you’re searching for something light.)

What is a good substitute for mayonnaise in tuna salad?

What Can I Use in Place of Mayo in Tuna Salad?
Mustard from Dijon. Grey Poupon® Dijon is our favorite.
Mustard that has been stone-ground.
Juice of lemon.
The oil of olives.
Vinegar made from red wine.
Season with salt and pepper.

Is there a mayonnaise that does not contain eggs?

Soy milk (or aquafaba) and oil are the two basic components in vegan mayonnaise. As a result, vegan mayonnaise differs from traditional mayonnaise, which contains egg and oil. Despite the differences in ingredients, it is a good alternative for traditional mayonnaise.

What do vegans use instead of mayonnaise?

The Best Mayonnaise Substitute (Vegan)
Avocado. What exactly is this? … Hummus. Hummus is a famous Middle Eastern spread made with tahini, chickpeas, garlic, and lemon juice.
Dip with white beans. Blended beans are used to make white bean dip.
Ghanoush, Baba.
Tahini dressing.
Tapenade d’oliva.
Butter made from nuts.

Which mayonnaise is best for sandwich egg or eggless?

The flavor of your sandwich is determined by the mayo you choose. If you are a vegetarian, you may use eggless mayo. If you are a vegan, use nut-based vegan mayonnaise.

Does eggless mayonnaise taste the same as egg mayonnaise?

When comparing eggless mayo to mayo prepared with eggs, you will notice no change in look or flavor.

What can I use to hold deviled eggs?

ice cube trays or mini muffin tins

Set the completed eggs in tiny (or full-sized, if you have them) muffin pans, one deviled egg half per cup. Wrap loosely in plastic wrap and you’re ready to go.

How much sour cream is a substitute for mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is an excellent sour cream alternative. It may be used as a 1:1 substitute in baking and dips. You’ll lose some of the tanginess that sour cream provides, but it still adds moisture to baked products.

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